Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 441

That would cost a lot of manpower, and they were not paid enough.

The main force against the navy is the White Beard Pirates.

They will take advantage of the chaos to rescue Ace.

But if the White Beard Pirates are vulnerable, can that person be saved?

"Da da……"

The clear sound of shoes stepping on the wooden plank resounded over the navy headquarters, and everyone was watching closely at the head of the Mobile.

The voice came from that ship.

Under the eyes of the public, a tall and stalwart figure slowly walked out of the cabin.

On the screen, people can only see the man's stalwart back, dressed in a navy cloak of justice.

It's just that the place where justice was originally written was replaced by a skull with crescent beard, which is the skull flag of the White Beard Pirates.

"Who is this person?"

Usopp asked, pointing to the person on the screen.

"White beard, the strongest man in the world." Robin introduced.

Kuroyoshi, Nagato, Gokage and ten others who were preparing to participate in the rescue mission also stared.

The white beard represents the pinnacle of this world.

According to Kuroyoshi, only Nagato can fight one of them, and none of the others.

They are about to confront the world's top combat power and have to pay attention.

On the execution stage.

The Warring States Period looked at the familiar figure with fear, and said, "White Beard, you are finally here."

"Goo la la la..."

Baibeard let out a strange smile, and said calmly: "Warring States, you didn't hurt my son!"


Ace also yelled with tears, "I am sorry for you."

"Ace, wait a while, father will save you out."

As he said, Baibeard pushed the knife aside, his body slightly bent, his hands folded on his chest.

With the force exerted, the muscles of the whole body bulged, the blue veins violently jumped, making a "quack" squeezing sound.



The whole person opened like a spring that jumped to the limit, and the power accumulated to the extreme exploded, the space suddenly twisted, and then "click" cracked.

The sea seemed to be affected, and the calm current became torrential.


The Straw Hat Pirates in front of the TV stared at this scene.

Nagato and others are also solemn.

With their eyesight, it can be seen that this is not a group of shattering the space, but squeezing the air with one punch, solidifying it into chunks, and then breaking it.

But it is almost impossible to do this with vibration and brute force.

The physical power of a guy who can do this can only be described as inhuman.

They also now understand why Kurayoshi said that only Nagato can fight with him.

In the face of such a guy, they have no means to defend against such a fist.


"What does he mean by this punch?" Deidara looked at the white beard who started talking to Ace again after punching this extremely shocking punch, a little confused.

Hearing Deidara's question, the rest of the people also woke up from the shock caused by that punch.


What's next?

Is it possible that your punch is to show your strength to the enemy, and you want to defeat the enemy without fighting?

"How is it possible?" Kuroyoshi sneered: "Keep your eyes open and watch it, the power of the world's strongest man is coming."


Everyone was a little confused, but didn't ask more, just stared at the screen intently.


"What the hell is this?"

The thirty-eighth battle

Tsunami is a tsunami.

Horses galloped on the calm sea, forming a tsunami that was not worth many meters in width and hundreds of meters in height.

The formation of this tsunami was extremely irregular, it formed from left to right to the middle, missed the pirate ship in the middle, and went straight to the navy headquarters.

This is too exaggerated.

The people of the Straw Hat Pirates group widened their eyes, and made a "forehead" sound from their throats as if they were pinched.

Nagato and others also watched this scene solemnly.

Ninja has huge chakras, and people who are good at water escape can also create tsunamis.

But a tsunami with a width of a few hundred meters at most can make a lake form in an area in a short time.

However, the tsunami caused by the white beard was enough to submerge the entire navy headquarters, which is the real power of manipulating nature.

"Relying on vibration and brute force to indirectly cause natural disasters, is this the strongest man in this world?" Itachi couldn't help exclaiming, his slight voice full of awe for that man.