Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 442

Regardless of whether he is a pirate or whatever, anyone who can master this level of power is worthy of awe.

It's just that Itachi's admiration was not heard. They watched the screen nervously one by one, wanting to know whether the Navy could resist such an attack.

The tsunami came.

Looking at the sea water that even the sky was about to cover, the navy swallowed their saliva one by one, looking extremely nervous.

But this is just the reaction of the ordinary navy.

Above the lieutenant general, Qi Wuhai, the generals looked calm and calm.

It's the fact that Doflamingo and Moria have been talking about monsters with a weird smile.

Suddenly, a figure flew out from under the execution stage.

The green pheasant was hung in the air, with his hands open left and right, the frost mist formed by the cold air erupted, forming a slender ice mass and inserted into the tsunami.

Suddenly, the rushing tsunami instantly became an ice sculpture.

"Ice Age!"

A slightly lazy voice resounded across the sky.

The figure with the white beard looking at the sky gritted his teeth slightly, "Damn green pheasant kid."

"Two thorn spears!"

With a wave of the green pheasant's right hand, the two ice spears gathered beside him, and then shot at the white beard.


Baibeard snorted disdainfully and punched backhand.

The air condensed and then shattered, as if several cracks had been punched in the space.

The shot spear was shattered and fell into the sea along with the green pheasant behind.

The navy was worried, and the pirates cheered.

But without waiting for them to go further, the bay and the sea near the island were all frozen into ice, tying up the three pirates, making it impossible to escape.

At the same time, the 43 pirate boats that were approaching the island were prevented from boarding the island for the first time.

The two clashed for two rounds, but they were shocked everywhere and involved a lot, and the people in front of the screen were shocked.

"Unexpectedly, it can freeze such a large area of ​​the sea instantly, this green pheasant also has the strength that does not belong to the white beard!" Tsunade couldn't help exclaiming.

In the past month and a half, they have borrowed many commissions, and the ninjas often rushed to fight in the war.

Although there are also failures, most battles can be won with good quality and equipment.

Even the team of the Four Emperors, except for those high-level cadres, seems to be nothing extraordinary.

But now, the fighting between the four emperors and the generals made them thoroughly understand the power of this world.

"When will we be there?" Nagato asked.

Hearing that, everyone in the house can see it.

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, and said, "It's coming soon."

Everyone in the house stopped asking questions and watched the live broadcast attentively.

The war at the top is in full swing.

The members of the White Beard Pirates used the ice as a pedal to fight against the navy headquarters.

The seamen were not to be outdone, and killed one after another.

For a time, the sound of killing in the bay shook the sky, and the silence of killing could be felt across the screen.

Among them, the masters have also shot.

Eagle Eye slashed at White Beard across the battlefield of 100,000 people, Diamond George physically resisted and threw the sword light into the sky by the way.Huang Yuan wanted to capture the thief first, but was kicked off by the phoenix Marco.

The other captains of the White Beard Pirate Group also showed their magical powers and slaughtered all quarters.

It seems that the scale of victory in the war began to tilt towards the White Beard Pirates.

But none of the people who came back would think so.

Because, the Navy still has three generals who have not done anything.

Even White Beard was uneasy.

Standing on the bow of the ship, he looked at the three generals sitting firmly under the execution stage and the Warring States period above. His expression was unprecedentedly dignified, and his heart became more and more anxious, "Did the king of the other world let me dove out?"

"The war continues like this. I don't know how many more people will die. You still have to take off the white beard first." Fujitor stood up from the chair, and suddenly drew a long sword with his right hand and threw a dark sword light towards the sky.


The white beard, who had been paying attention to the general's movements, was a little confused and couldn't help looking towards the sky.

Seeing and hearing color domineering heard the rumbling roar.

In the next second, the burning meteorite broke through the clouds and smashed down at the three pirate ships in the bay.

"Another tricky guy, hum!"

White Beard snorted coldly and punched the sky. Several cracks spread in the space. The shock spread along the air, smashing the meteorite at an altitude of several thousand meters.The gravel is scattered everywhere like flower rain, like a meteor shower.

Boom boom boom

The rubble fell and bursts of shock erupted. Countless naval pirates were affected and died on the spot.

"Can you even do this kind of thing?" Fujitor frowned, his closed eyes trembling slightly, "This is not the result I wanted."

"Don't care too much, war can't be without sacrifice. Your actions may have saved more soldiers." Aka Dog said aside, and the plain tone couldn't tell whether it was comforting or simply expounding the facts.

"Even so, I don't want to kill innocent people."

After speaking, Fujitora fully kicked, and the whole person ejected like a cannonball.

Target, the bow of the Mobile, white beard.

"Kill it head-on, and look down on people too much!" Baibeard raised his head and laughed, and then smashed out with a punch in the air, as if it shattered the space.

Fujitor drew his sword and cut horizontally, the dark to purple domineering has long been attached to the blade, and he cut out with a single knife, like a ghost howling.