Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 443


The knife and the fist collided, bursting out a shocking shock, and even the battlefield below was raging, and a large number of naval pirates scattered around.


Fujitora flew upside down, slammed into the ice and smashed a big hole.

But unscathed.

After all, it was a punch that was thousands of meters apart, even if it was punched by White Beard, a lot of strength was dissipated at such a distance.

The reason why he was knocked out was not because of lack of strength, but because he had no place to stand.

"Gu la la la" White Beard laughed triumphantly, "what's the new general?"

"Oh! Then I want to see how strong you are called the strongest man."

A hearty voice sounded beside Baibeard, and the green bull with a sloppy appearance came here while he was confronting Fujitora and attacked him.

Chapter 39 The General and the Five Shadows

No one can beat two generals in a row, and White Beard is no exception.

When Green Bull took advantage of his confrontation with Fujitora and killed him quietly, the worry in Baibeard's heart finally happened.

The attack was easily resolved, and even a slight upper hand in the subsequent confrontation.

The demeanor of the strongest man in the world is fully revealed at this moment.

However, after a few rounds of confrontation, Fujitora killed him, and the two generals joined forces to attack Baibeard.

For a time, domineering overflows, gravity chaotic, space shakes, sword aura spreads

The momentum generated by the clash between the three erupted into layers of air, which instantly destroyed the Moby Dick.


In a fierce collision, the three of them flew out of each other, wiping a deep gully on the ice.

"Bring me the horse!"

The white beard was so proud, holding the supreme sharp knife in both hands, Cong Yun cut and slashed, cutting out the shock wave that destroys everything.

The Fujitora and the Green Bull were not afraid, and they used their own means to kill them head-on.

Boom boom boom!!!

The roar continued, layers of air waves swept, the impact raged, and the ice shattered.

The entire navy headquarters was trembling because of the fighting of the three people, and the surrounding sea area was even more turbulent. It seemed that the island was tilted.

Not to mention the navy headquarters, even Chambord Island could feel the vibration from there, and the sea water was surging.

"Too strong, too strong, is this the confrontation of the top combat power in the world?"

People were shocked, awed, and frightened by the strength of the white beard and the general.

Boom boom boom!!!

The battle continues.

Although it was a one-on-two, the white beard did not fall behind.

But everyone knows that this is temporary.

Facing the two generals joining hands, Baibeard has tried his best, even desperately.

But despite this, he can only draw a tie with the two.

When the fighting time is prolonged and the momentum drops, the battle situation will take a turn for the worse.

The members of the White Beard Pirates wanted to help, but they were already in a disadvantaged position.

At this moment, Akinu stood up from the chair, and his serious eyes swept toward the most intense battle.


Feeling the sight cast from under the execution stage, Baibeard's heart became heavier.

The two generals are already desperate to contend in a short time. If one more general is added, the outcome can be imagined.

"Do you feel your own time of death?" The corner of Akakura's mouth raised slightly, "The King of Other Worlds has no signs of going to the navy headquarters. It seems that they will not come. Then, let me end this war!"


The red dog's arms were flowing with lava, and he punched out, "Breaking fire!"


A dozen meters of magma fist hits with majestic force, igniting raging flames all the way, dragging the flame tail, like a meteor falling to the ground.

The three people in the battle noticed the uninvited guest and jumped away.


The fist fell to the ground, and a flame of tens of meters rose, and a circular wave of air swept across and raged in all directions.

White beard, Fujitora, and Green Bull stared at the center of the explosion.

There, a middle-aged man in a red suit and navy cloak walked out.

It is the admiral Akadog.

After he hit the punch, he immediately jumped up, and plunged into the battlefield with his fist.

The red dog opened his hands and walked towards the white beard step by step, his expression calm and calm, as if he was holding the winning ticket, "This is a war, don't blame us for fighting more and less!"

"Gul la la la" White Beard laughed loudly, "a group of little ghosts, what if there are more people?"

"Faced with this kind of desperation, I still have no fear, and I am worthy of being the strongest man in the world." Fujitora exclaimed.

Green Bull shook his head secretly, "Perhaps it doesn't matter if he is holding on. As the captain, if he falls first, the White Beard Pirates will also be over."

"Then, let's go together!"

"Hmm!" x2

The three sprinted towards Baibeard.