Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 444

Baibeard made his move first, holding Cong Yun with both hands to make a sweeping sweep and sweep out.

The Red Dog, Fujitora, and Green Bull jumped, blocked, or rolled, calmly defying the attack, and then launched a lore together.

Fist of magma.

Gravity knife.

Domineering fist.

Three directions, triple attack.

Even if it can block an attack in one direction, it will be hit by the other two attacks.

In addition, the triple attack blocked the dodge space for everyone in Whitebeard.

This is a lore, it is a mortal game.


The members of the White Beard Pirates roared in anger, trying to avoid the enemy and rescue them.

But don't say whether you can get rid of the opponent in front of you, even if you can get rid of it, it is too far, it is too late.

While White Beard was not afraid, Cong Yun cut into the side of the ice, hitting left and right backhands with both hands.


The space split, the majestic Weili took the gravity knife and wrapped the domineering fist.

But the red lotus fist directly in front was no longer able to resist.

Seeing that the white beard was about to die on the spot, a dark space door opened between the two, a hand burning with colorful flames stretched out from it, and grabbed the fist of the red lotus.

Then, forcefully, catch to death.

The fist of magma was crushed.

The sudden change shocked everyone's eyes on the battlefield, and unexpectedly stopped and looked here.

The same goes for Akadog, Fujitora and Green Bull.

They backed away, and after a certain distance, they looked at the space door warily.

Under the attention of the public, a young man surrounded by colorful flames walked out of it, followed by a large number of people one after another.

It was Kuroyoshi and the elite ninjas he led.

Oh, and the Straw Hat Pirates.

After all the people came out, the space door closed automatically.

Kuroyoshi put away Chakra from the Forge of Heaven and Earth and smiled, "Sorry, it's late."

"The King of Other Worlds!"

The Warring States period gritted his teeth and used the loudspeaker to question: "Are you going to openly prevent the justice of the Navy?"

"Justice?" The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth raised slightly, "What is justice? It's just the definition of human being's crown consciousness. Moreover, we are mercenaries and collect money to do things."

"Slave of money" Green Bull said with pity: "I don't have my own life pursuit, but just blindly seek money. It's really a poor group of people."


Deidara snorted coldly, squeezed it into a big bird, and then jumped up, "I will show you the art I am after."


The big bird flapped its wings and carried him to fly towards the deeper battlefield.

This is a global live broadcast, and he can't help but show his art to the world.

"Although the old man doesn't care, there are three generals in front of you. You just left without seeing it. Is this really okay?" Fujitor said, swinging a knife to cut out at Dedara.

But a figure entwined the thunder and lightning and came to him in a moment, with a heavy fist smashing it down with a mighty force, "The Five Shadows in front of you, you just ignore us, are you really okay?"

Chapter 40 Art is Explosion


The knife swung to Deidara retracted and resisted in front of him, blocking the fist that carried the mighty power.

A fierce gas explosion cloud burst out from the collision, and Fujitora was shaken out of a three-meter-diameter sinkhole.

Fujitor listened, with a solemn expression, "Thunder and lightning, even if it is covered with domineering, the body feels a little tingling. It seems that the five shadows are the title of high status and strength like the general!"

Lei Ying was slightly surprised and exclaimed, "I can still react to the surprise attack. Only after the general's strength can he see the horror in reality."

"Your Excellency is praised."

"No, I feel this from the heart."


The thunder was loud, the thunder entangled Lei Ying's body soared, and his hair stood upside down.

Fujitor felt the power coming from the opponent's fist and body became more and more powerful, and the pit under his feet cracked again and spread to all directions.


Fujitora condensed, and the gravity wave flew out of the blade.

Suddenly, the law of gravity was chaotic, Raikage's sense of direction was unbalanced, his body was unstable, and he flew out like a cannonball.

Gaara controls the sand to catch Raikage.

Tuying couldn't help sighing, "Really, I have seen the strength of the other party, and I am so impatient."

The reason why Kuroyoshi waited until now to enter the battlefield was not to create an atmosphere for his debut at a critical moment, nor to pretend to be forced, but to understand the enemy's abilities more clearly.

Many Devil Fruit's abilities are very buggy. If you don't know the information, even he may be killed by the first sight.

It's like the rusty fruit capable person.

If you touch him with both hands, your body will get rusty, and it's useless whether you die or die.

"The king of the other world, do you really want to take this trip to the muddy water?" The red dog looked at Cangji with a cold face.

"General Red Dog..." Kuroyoshi squinted and said with a smile: "Even if we haven't met each other, I can tell from my actions to kill the Tianlongren and flatten the Holy Land!"