Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 445


Akinu closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then opened it, bursting out a sharp gaze, "If this is the case, there is only one battle."

As he said, he looked over the Ninja world and looked towards the white beard who was breathing slightly behind him, disdainfully chuckles, "The so-called strongest man in the world is just a coward who can only hide behind others."

"Gu la la la la la..." Bai Huo sneered and said, "Aka-inu kid, you are a hundred years earlier than I used the radical method!"

"Am I wrong?"

"of course!"

Baibeard cut Cong Yun aside, his hands claws, and a void grip, as if grasping the space, then he yanked.


The sea boils and the island tilts, like a candle in the wind, and swaying like a flat boat in the wave, as if it would be overturned at any time.

Everyone on the island was unsteady, stumbling, slid out of the ice and fell into the sea.

The red dog lowered his center of gravity, stabilized his figure, his face turned pale, "You bastard, do you want to die together?"

"To the end?" Baibeard laughed wildly as if he heard some joke, "Gu la la are the only ones who die."


Everyone was puzzled.

But seeing a piece of ice mirror condensed and formed on the side, a beautiful boy took Ace out of the starting line



Except for Lu Fei, who was overjoyed, everyone else was shocked. They looked at the execution platform one by one. The two executioners had fallen silently, and the prisoner had long since disappeared.

The Warring States on the side also had a pale face, "Asshole, I sneaked away Ace while I focused on the sudden appearance of the king of the alien world."

Kuroyoshi created a key to open Ace's sea-building stone handcuffs, then looked at the Straw Hat Pirates, "Luffy, I have kept my promise and rescued your brother."

"Well, thank you uncle."



Ace was also extremely moved, as if tears were rolling in his eyes.

"This is not the time to relive the old days." White Beard walked out and shouted loudly: "Little ones, Ace has been rescued, and everyone retreats."

"Oh oh oh!!!"

"Don't want to run away!"

The pirates evacuated with cheers, and the navy followed them.

Bullets, artillery fire, a large number of figures fell or were blown up.

"The whole army is attacking, don't let them leave the battlefield, otherwise the navy headquarters will disappear from the map!" Warring States commanded with an amplified phone worm, his voice a little anxious.

The navy had long been informed that Marco had visited the King of the Other World, and they had anticipated the possibility that the Ninja Mercenary Group would be incorporated.

Even the ability of the alien king to move in space is counted and prepared.

But he didn't expect that in addition to the king of the other world, there was another person who could teleport over long distances.

The King of the Other World that they had been staring at was just a bait, and it was the beautiful boy who really saved the lives.

White beard is the strongest man in the world.He stood in the center of the continent and used his power with all his strength. The earthquake and tsunami caused by it could destroy the world.

Ace is not only a bait to lure the Whitebeard Pirates, but also a hostage.

As long as Ace was in his hands, White Beard wouldn't dare to fully urge his abilities.

But now that the hostages were rescued, if the Whitebeard Pirates were to get out of the battlefield, then Whitebeard would use all his strength to sink the entire navy headquarters.

The marines also heard the anxiety in the words of the Warring States Period, and one by one, they madly killed the pirates, even if they didn't want their lives, they would not let the other party escape.

Ten of the giant lieutenants also took a step forward, rushed into the enemy line, and swept a large area.

"Sure enough, it's not that simple!" Kuroyoshi shrugged helplessly, "Then follow the plan and perform the mission of the White Beard Pirates!"


Riding a big bird and hovering high on the battlefield, Dedara, after receiving the order, exhaled a ball of detonating clay from his mouth with a look of excitement, "Let you see my art!"

Soon, a doll that looked like Guanyin was pinched out with his arms around his chest.

"Inject the highest scale chakra, c3 18th, use you as the original art to make this world remember!" Deidara threw the clay doll towards the navy back in excitement, with his right hand vertically printed in front of him .


The doll grew bigger as it fell, and changed from what was originally provided at home to the size of a shrine in the temple, with a little light from it.


"See my art. The so-called art is explosion."

"Ice Age!"

A figure plundered, spraying cold air, and instantly frozen the doll into an ice sculpture.

Dedala's face still smiled, "It's useless, don't underestimate my art, drink!"

The light became more and more prosperous, penetrating the doll and the ice. The terrifying energy contained in the doll was released at this moment, forming a terrifying high temperature and explosion.

The vast impact spread wave after wave, the execution platform was blown away in an instant, and the navy headquarters also collapsed with a thunderous sound.

Chapter 41 Division of the Battlefield

I don't know how long it took, the island no longer trembles, and the silent air was filled with gunpowder smoke.

A gust of wind blew by, taking away the dust and smoke.

When the immersive people saw the exposed scene, they exclaimed one by one.

A thick layer of ice was supported by icicles, like an open umbrella, protecting the navy from the explosion that spread to the entire island.