Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 446

However, although the people were fine, all the facilities of the Navy Headquarters collapsed, revealing the spoilers hiding behind.

A giant several times taller than a giant, a strong man with two horns above his head, a tall woman, a swordsman in the warden’s uniform, and

A group of black beard pirates who just became Qiwuhai.

"this is!?"

Countless people were shocked and confused.

Why did Qiwuhai's team members hide behind the navy headquarters after the war began?

Why do these big, oppressive weird men in prison uniforms get mixed up with the Blackbeard One Piece?

"Hiliu of the Rain, Abarro Pizarro of the evil government, Catalina Dimei, the giant battleship San Juan, the Great Wine Basque Bridge"

The Warring States period looked at these people, his face pale.As a wise general, he thought of many bad things, "Blackbeard, what are you guys doing?"

"Thief hahaha" Blackbeard laughed wildly, "What are you doing? Of course you are watching the battle!"

"The building is gone, there is no way to hide and watch the battle anymore!" Basque said drunkly.

"Is your plan going to fail?" Xiliu said with a cigar in his mouth, with a smile: "If the plan is to go bankrupt, then let's plan ahead!"

"Are you trying to betray the captain?" Lafitte held on to the brim of his hat, his narrowed eyes revealing murderous aura.

Xiliu disagrees, "The premise for us to get together is that his plan can succeed. If it fails, there is no companion, and naturally there is no betrayal."

"Sure enough, it's better to kill you."

"Thief hahaha" Blackbeard laughed boldly, "Everyone is a companion, don't say so badly, I will definitely succeed."

The words were full of confidence, and the two stopped arguing.

"What happened?"

Deidara hovered thousands of meters in the sky. His sight was blocked by the rising ice. He didn't know what was happening below, but he heard the noise faintly.

But he doesn't care much about these, he is very angry now.

The first gift he gave to the world was blocked, and he decided to put another big move.

"Huh! The general is really amazing, but if you can't fly, don't want to stop me." Deidara laughed, putting his hands in the clay bag, biting the clay.

Suddenly, a shadow fell.

Dedala stiffened and felt an unprecedented sense of crisis in his heart.


Deidara drove the giant bird flying at high speed, and he left behind. Under the sun, a golden Buddha wearing a navy cloak exuded a bright golden light, and his right arm was tightly closed behind him, "You are too dangerous. I must reject you!"

As he said, a palm shot out, and a vast shock wave erupted in the palm.

Deidara's pupils dilated, "When did this guy come up!?"

"Can you send me to Blackbeard?" Baibeard asked Kuroyoshi and the others, looking at the white beard Pirate Group and the others excitedly.

"Father!" Ace looked at White Beard in surprise.

"I'm going to kill the traitor, mum la la la"

"You don't have to go personally!" Kuroyoshi said helplessly: "Marco made three orders with us, one is to rescue Ace, the other is to ensure the safe evacuation of the Whitebeard Pirates, and the last one is to kill the Blackbeard."

"Of course, because he accepted Luffy's mission to rescue Ace in advance, there are actually only two orders from Marco, but for Blackbeard, just leave it to us."

"No, that guy must be killed by Lao Tzu. I will never allow any guy who betrays his companions in my White Beard Pirates."

"Huh, there's no way." Kuroyoshi sighed: "Itachi, Kakashi, Kay, Yukito, Ryohei, you go with Whitebeard, don't interfere in his fight with Blackbeard, but don't let it Others intervened in their battle."


"I'll go with you." Ace looked at everyone firmly.


Luffy looked over in surprise.

Ace looked at him sincerely, "Luffy, this is a war that started because of me, and I have to end it."

Looking at the decisive eyes, Luffy understood, "I must come back alive!"


Kurayoshi ignored Ace, but looked at Whitebeard.

"Just like Ace said, this is a war caused by him, so we should understand." Baibeard said.

Kuroyoshi shrugged, "There is no way, but if he gets caught again, we won't save people."

"Don't worry, even if you die, you won't be caught again!"

"Then go!"

Kuroyoshi waved his right hand to open the space channel.

White beard will step in first.

"If there is no one else, you didn't put us in your eyes at all, breathing out fire!" The red dog shot a magma fist toward everyone.

Baibeard only glanced slightly, stepping into the space door without hesitation, and Ace followed closely behind.

Gaara manipulated the sand to tightly wrap the magma fist, and then led it to the distance, erupting a fierce roar.

When Kakashi and others saw that it didn't matter here, they followed into the space door.

Kuroyoshi smiled and rose into the air, "This mission is to declare your power to the world, so do it yourself!"

"To understanding."

Nagato watched Kuraki fly into the sky, and immediately retracted his gaze to look at the three generals, "The three generals will be handed over to Gokage, Xiaonan, Scorpio, Bai, Huangtu, and Ryohei. Let's divide the battlefield and let the Whitebeard Pirates People evacuated safely."

"To understanding."

Bai condensed an ice mirror, grabbed a person in one hand, and rushed to the center of the battlefield.

The three generals deliberately stopped, but Wuying stood in front exuding a heavy sense of oppression, making them afraid to act rashly.

Indeed, the combat power of the shadow is not as good as that of the general, and even the gap is very large.