Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 447

But that is a separate comparison.

If they cooperate, their abilities will warm each other, and their combat effectiveness will be doubled.

Not being beaten by one V does not mean that you will not be defeated by five V and three.

The five shadows stood side by side, with an astonishing aura, and just standing there felt very oppressive.

Cangji hovered about 10,000 meters high in the sky, and the reincarnated eye brought the entire battlefield into view, and found no strange arrangement.

"Is that guy Yim not here?" Kuroyoshi was a little curious. "They can't guess that I will participate in this war. Why didn't they see the response?"

Chapter forty-two are all gone?

The Tianlong people have ruled the world for more than 800 years, and they have long been self-sufficient and arrogant.

As the leader of the dragon people, Yimu did not have the brains of ordinary dragon people, but he took this arrogance more deeply in his bones.

Kuroyoshi kills the Tianlongren and flattens the Holy Land

This is a provocation to the Tianlongren, and it is shaking his authority to rule the world.

In addition, the ninja mercenary group’s actions without a stand will continue to challenge the bottom line of the world government in the future.

There is no possibility of peaceful coexistence between the two parties.

Therefore, before coming, Kuroyoshi had thought that Yimu would solve himself with the help of high-end naval combat power.

However, whether it was from the live screen or in person with the reincarnated eyes, I could not find the trace of Yimu and the Five Old Stars.

"Does this guy think that the navy alone can solve me?" Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sneered. "Or, I don't think I'm a threat and don't need to spend a lot of time?"

Either way, it is a stupid idea.

However, from a deeper level, after the end of this top war, the name of the Ninja Mercenary Group will be widely known and the business will be on the right track.

At that time, he will no longer care about the Shinobi world and go to the heavens alone.

In this respect, Kurayoshi does not pose much threat to the world government.

Could it be that Yimu is on the fifth floor and has already seen everything through?

Thinking of this, Kuroyoshi couldn't help being stunned.

This is, a wave of air spread to high altitude.

When Cangji heard it, he saw a golden Buddha standing in the sky.

Compared with the Great Buddha, Deidara riding on a giant bird was like a bug, and was ruthlessly overwhelmed by the impact of the vastness.

"Puff, Deidara is being watched by the Warring States period, which is too unlucky!" Kuroyoshi couldn't help but want to laugh.

He wasn't worried about Dedara.

Although there is actually a gap, this guy has a high combat IQ and will not easily lead a dog.

Moreover, among the many shadow-level ninjas, Deidara is the only one who is likely to defeat the general level in a one-on-one.

Although hope is slim, it is not zero.

Sure enough, under the shock wave, everything was annihilated.

When the shock wave dissipated, the sky suddenly cleared, and Deidara was nowhere to be seen.

However, the Warring States period frowned.

The big Buddha in his incarnation stepped on the void, stepped on a circle of air, floating in the sky like a jet, looking around.

Especially where the clouds are thick, it is even more inquisitive, just looking for it, but no one is seen.

"Really dead?" The Warring States period was a little confused.

Although the enemy seemed to have been resolved, his domineering experience did not remove the inner alarm.

The enemy is not dead yet, and must be hiding somewhere waiting for an opportunity.

The Warring States was about to search again, when suddenly a roar of air came in.

"the following!"

The Warring States suddenly changed color, and when he looked down, he saw that five strange birds with four wings broke through the sky and flew in front of him like lightning.


There was a violent drink from under the clouds, and the strange birds exploded one after another, raising flame waves.

However, before the smoke disappeared, the palm of the Buddha glowing with golden light poked its head out of the gunpowder smoke, like a mountain pressing down.


Space turbulence, energy shock.

In the gusty wind, the shock wave came fiercely.

A white eagle falcon carried Dedara from under the clouds, and a wave of energy burst suddenly rose behind him.

"Tsk, there is no damage at all, this golden Buddha is too powerful!" Deidara looked back at the big Buddha, who was about to attack from the air, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. One trick."

Suddenly, the shadow covered the sky.

Dedara was taken aback for a moment, then his face changed suddenly.


The shock wave fell from the sky.

Dedara kicked his legs and jumped out of the bird's back.

In the next second, the eagle falcon was swallowed by the shock wave, and the smoke disappeared.

"Don't try to escape!"

The Warring States yelled, stepping on the moon, and chasing.

Several long-range attacks failed to work. He had lost his patience and wanted to sack and kill him at close quarters.

The battle still needs him to go back and take control.

However, looking at the giant Buddha descending from the sky, Deidara showed a ghostly smile, "Then go to the west with my art!"