Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 448

After the words were over, Deidara's body swelled at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in the blink of an eye he grew into a giant more than twenty meters tall, one size bigger than the golden Buddha.

"Huh, think you can compete with me when you get bigger? Delusion!" The Warring States hummed angrily, closing his fists, accumulating his strength, and killing him when he got close.

However, Deidara's body was still swelling, not getting taller or bigger, but bloated and swollen irregularly like a pustule, looking like he was going to expose himself.

The complexion of Warring States suddenly changed, his figure rolled, his body turned upside down, his legs stepped on the void, and he wanted to stop.

But it was too late. Although he braked in time, inertia still led him to fall continuously.

Looking at the approaching Warring States Period, Deidara laughed wildly, his eyes filled with madness, "Ahahaha, Marine Marshal, your death will surely sublimate my art. The so-called art is an explosion. drink!"

The body swelled to the limit, and it was about to explode when he saw it. The Warring States period closed his eyes, his body was covered with armed domineering, and the golden Buddha's body seemed to be covered with a layer of black metal.

However, just as the Warring States period was ready for a big explosion at close range, the huge body was dying like a flat tire.


Dumb gun?

The Warring States period felt different.

"Dumb gun?"

"No, this is my latest art, c4 Garuda!" Deidara stood on the ice on the ground, raised her head and laughed triumphantly, keeping her right hand in the state of Jieyin.

The Warring States period is not good, and the domineering and domineering experience has spread to the extreme.

Suddenly felt the tiny things floating in the air that the naked eye could not see.

They all cling to the Buddha's body, and many of them burrow into the body from the pores and mouth.

this is?

Warring States had a deeper premonition of unpredictability, and he observed more carefully and found that these things were very similar to the previous explosives.

"This guy wants to explode from me!?"

Warring States glared with anger, and released an impact all over his body, blowing away the tiny creatures floating around.

"It's late, ahaha" Deidara laughed wildly, his eyes filled with bloodshot eyes, "Although it doesn't cover every cell, it almost covers the whole body. Does your body have such a strong defense?"

"Don't think about it!"

The Warring States didn't even think about it, a shock wave hit Deidara.

Deidara did not hide, her right hand was printed on her chest, her face was full of madness, "Art is an explosion, drink!"


The shock wave fell abruptly, and the energy spread to form a ball, which spread out like a cover in the trembling ice layer.

Deidara was submerged under the impact, but after a tremor, the golden Buddha in the sky changed back to the original appearance of the Warring States Period, falling from the air with blood.

The blood was also mixed with visceral fragments.

Chapter 43 The Navy at a Disadvantage

"Didala defeated the Warring States Period!?"

Kuroyoshi collected everything on the battlefield from a high altitude, and naturally did not leave Deidara fighting with the Warring States.

To be honest, although he said at the beginning that Deidara was the only ninja in the movie class that could beat a general-level opponent.

But he didn't expect much.

In response, the strength gap between the two sides is a bit big.

Facing the Warring States Period, Deidara could only rely on the advantage of flying to hide in the clouds and conduct guerrilla warfare.

But his ordinary bombs are not broken at all, and bombs like c3 No. 18 are too conspicuous to detonate near the enemy.

His only chance of winning is c4 Garuda.

The tiny bomb, invisible to the naked eye, penetrated through the pores and detonated inside the enemy.

This is almost unsolvable first sight.

In the original book, if it weren't for the debuff of "Only I was restrained" by Kishimoto, Sasuke would never be an opponent.

In the battle with the Warring States, Deidara also knew that his only chance of victory was this Garuda.

However, he also knew that the masters of this world all possess a perception ability called seeing, hearing, color, domineering.

He didn't know whether the domineering and domineering experience of the Warring States period could observe Garuda.If the Warring States can observe it, it cannot be used at a long distance.

Otherwise, the enemy will be given time to react and then escape or destroy the bomb.

Deidara did not dare to take the risk to gamble.

The shock wave of the Warring States period can destroy bombs indiscriminately. If the enemy is not killed for the first time, it will be difficult for him to be vigilant.

Therefore, Deidara has always been unwilling to peek-a-boo with the Warring States period.

He knew that the Warring States period was the marshal of the navy and had no time to play peekaboo with himself.If the long-range attack is invalid, you will inevitably kill yourself close.

After all, he is a long-range attack type, everyone will feel that his weakness is close combat.

At least, he dared not use powerful bombs in close combat, which would blow himself up.

The development of the war is indeed as Deidara expected.

After several long-range attacks did not work, the Warring States chose to sack in close quarters.

And Deidara also took the opportunity to use Garuda.

At close range, even if the Warring States period discovered something was wrong, it was too late, and many mini-bombs had already penetrated his body.

Deidara worried that the Warring States knew the means of bombs in the body, so he tried to resist the shock wave and detonated the bombs in the Warring States.

And the final result is

Warring States wins.

Looking at the warring states who stood up swayingly on the ice, Kurayoshi felt sorry for Deidara.

People in this world are too strong in their bodies.

Like a white beard, his chest has been opened with two holes, and his head can still live for a while without half of his head.