Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 449

Deidara's Garuda is indeed powerful, and his tactical layout has indeed reached the Warring States Period. However, the strength gap is too large to allow more micro-bombs to penetrate into the Warring States body and can only damage his internal organs.

This kind of injury is almost mortal to the ninja, but it is only a serious injury to the Warring States period.

You can recover after a period of recuperation.

He covered his vomiting blood and staggered towards Dedala.

The shock wave just now

Because the bomb was detonated in the body, the middle section of Li Dao, although it still looked amazing, did not have enough stamina to kill people.

He wanted to make sure that Deidara died.

Otherwise, with this bomber flying in the sky, this war would be impossible to fight.

As he approached, the Warring States saw Deidara lying in a pool of smoke and blood.

The clothes were ragged, scarred, and blood splashed all over, looking miserable for everyone.

However, the slight ups and downs on the chest told the Warring States that the enemy was not dead.

"Sure enough, I didn't die!" The Warring States coughed up to learn, picked up a piece of diamond-shaped crushed ice and walked towards Deidara.

Coming to Deidara, the Warring States condescendingly looked at Deidara, his eyes indifferent, "Don't blame"

Halfway through the conversation, the Warring States face suddenly changed.

Because he saw the frantic smile on Dedara's face, and the big mouth on his chest chewing up and down, and the bare skin was full of black lines.

"Damn it!"

The Warring States did not hesitate at the moment, turned around and fled.


Deidara laughed wildly, "This is my ultimate art, tremble in front of my art, fear, and then go"


The violent roar interrupted Deidara's words, and the ice trembling violently, tilted and collapsed.

Dedara's body slipped uncontrollably.

He was seriously injured and his body was unable to move.

But his expression was open-minded and he couldn't see the slightest fear. On the contrary, he was a little relieved, "In this way, more people will be buried with my art, and more people will remember my art, Kuroyoshi, you did not lie. Me, my art is shown to more people."

Suddenly, a black shadow burst out of the fault, and the whole body was gushing cold, instantly freezing Deidara into ice, and the black line spreading around the body stopped.

The black shadow fell beside the ice block and shook his head slightly, "Although I don't know what you are going to do, but dangerous elements like you should still sleep in the ice block!"

As he said, he looked at the Warring States where the icicles were stuck on the edge of the fault, and couldn't help sighing, "I didn't expect you to be so embarrassed by a random person among the enemies, the situation is beyond control!"

"Green Pheasant, I was injured by a bomb in my body." Warring States yelled at him.

The green pheasant was shocked when he heard the words, and hurriedly walked over to check it with his knowledge, and then used his ability to freeze the injuries in the Warring States body.

Although this will make him feel cold and reduce his performance, it can effectively prevent the injury from worsening and maintain combat effectiveness in a short time.

Sure enough, when the green pheasant finished freezing, the Warring States no longer vomited blood, and the body recovered some strength.

He asked, "What's the situation like?"

"We are about to lose." Aoshima sighed: "The leader of the Ninja Army, Nagato, rushed to our rear position and divided the troops into two pieces. I was worried that the pirates would turn their heads and the Ninja Group to encircle and suppress the troops in front, so I came down. The front troops turned around and the rear troops surrounded the ninjas."

Hearing the words of the Warring States Period, his face was pale.

If the pirates get out of the battlefield, and the white beard goes crazy, one person can sink the navy headquarters.

"Things are not that bad."

Seeing through what the Warring States period was thinking, the green pheasant said: "Whitebeard and a few ninjas are at war with the Blackbeard Pirates, and the scientific troops ambushing outside the bay also came out to intercept the escaped pirates."

"In other words, it's a time war, right!" The Warring States period was serious.

Was it the pirates who broke through the siege of the scientific force first, or the navy first wiped out the ninja mercenaries, and then caught up with the escaped pirates.

If the pirate breaks first, leave the battlefield.

When White Beard vacated his hands, the navy headquarters would be finished.

"No, it is the right to chase the Shanghai thieves before the ninja mercenaries wipe out the large forces." The green pheasant said with a serious face: "Although there are only a few ninjas, each of them is very strong, and they all control a large scale. The ability to kill."

Chapter 44 The Scorpion Targeted by the Yellow Ape

In fact, when Nagato rushed into the rear battlefield with people to divide the battlefield, the Qing pheasant also ordered the front army to turn back and unite with the rear army to first destroy Nagato and others, as the Warring States thought.

However, the strength of the Nagato team is beyond imagination.

Time passed slightly forward.

At the order of the captain, the pirates retreated and fled.

The navy chased him in desperate pursuit. For a time, guns rang and screams for killing all day long.

Suddenly, an ice crystal appeared in the Navy's sample formation.

A beautiful young man walked out with a strong man and red-haired youth.

The red-haired young man looked indifferent, his pupils with annual ring patterns scanned, and the invisible repulsive force waved out, sweeping the entire battlefield, dividing the formation into two.

The navy's pursuit was stagnant.

Lieutenant General Mole noticed these three enemies who had broken in suddenly, and immediately gathered a group of masters to kill.


Nagato looked at the big man beside him.

Huang Tu nodded, forming a seal with both hands, and then pressed it against the ice surface, "The earth moves the core!"

Suddenly, with the sound of "banging", the ice layer vibrated endlessly.


Cracks appeared on the ice and quickly spread to the surroundings.

Finally, when the crack spread hundreds of meters, the ice layer finally broke, and the seabed rock layer was drilled out, forming one after another.