Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 451

"Hey, is the body a teenager?" Huang Yuan was a little different, "I thought it was a middle-aged man in his 30s. It's really terrifying."


Xie snorted coldly, his five fingers beat, three generations of Fengying spit out sand and iron, forming a closed fortress around him.


Huang Yuan smiled lightly, raised his hand and pointed out, the laser beam burst out.


The flames skyrocketed and the heat wave raged.

Under the explosion, the sand iron fortress stood still.

Scorpion breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It seems that you can't break my fortress. If you can't prevent it, then I have to admit my fate."

Chapter 45 Nagato VS Huang Yuan

"is it?"

Huang Yuan smiled lightly, his fingers flashed with bright light and another laser beam shot out.

But still failed to break through the sand and iron defenses.

Scorpion smiled lightly, "It's useless, as long as I can't break the defense instantly, I can reorganize."

"It's hard to say." Huang Yuan said, another laser beam shot out, then the second shot, the third shot, and the fourth shot.

Huang Yuan shot and looked at the area flooded by the explosion with a smile, "You have to organize your defense, if you break through, you will die."

In the smoke and dust, the scorpion hid in the sand-iron fortress, and his complexion was a little gloomy.


I thought that even if that kind of light wasn't a killer-level ultimate, it would cost a lot!

But this guy does not want money to shoot.

If this goes on, sooner or later, it won't hold.

No, this is not the problem.

The problem is that it can't be prevented, can't dodge, can't keep up with speed, and can't make effective counterattacks.

How can such an enemy be defeated?

"Damn it, the personality is too bad, if you deal with that ice cube man, you won't be so passive." Scorpion regretted saying that he wanted the corpse of the green pheasant.

If you didn't say that, you wouldn't be the first to be targeted by this guy.

In fact, Huang Yuan's abilities have a good appearance no matter who he is facing. If he wants to deal with him, he can only surpass him in hard power.

The scorpion itself is not as strong as the yellow ape. It is impossible to defeat the strong with the weak.

Even Deidara’s Garuda and Feidan’s curse are useless. The Yellow Ape is a fruit-powered person in nature and can be elementalized.

Just when the scorpion was about to use the core golden cicada to escape from its shell, Nagato launched five small missiles at Huang Yuan.

This missile is not a technological creation, but a thing derived from the abilities of the Asura Way, and its power is not proportional to its size.

Five small missiles exploded under Huang Yuan's feet one after another, setting off a fierce heat wave, and flames rose from the center of the wave like a blooming red lotus flower.

After the explosion subsided, only a bumpy pit remained on the ice, and the yellow ape was no longer visible.

Suddenly, light came from everywhere and condensed into shape.

Huang Yuan slapped the smell of gunpowder around him, looked at Nagato floating in the air, and said, "The missile fired on his hand does not look like his body has been modified. It is a monster!"

Nagato laughed at himself, "Speaking of monsters, let's each other!"

"Then see who is the monster!" Huang Yuan folded his hands up and down, condensing a light mirror, "Yata Mirror!"

In the words, Huang Yuan turned into light, absorbed and projected by the mirror, and turned and refracted many times in the air to be behind Nagato, raising his right leg, leaning on his side, and kicking out.

But Nagato had already seen through his movements and used Shen Luo Tianzheng in advance.

The moment Huang Yuan came and was about to kick out, the repulsive wave broke out.


Huang Yuan was shocked and flew out. On the way, he turned into light again, unloaded his strength, plunged into a nearby naval position and set off a shocking explosion.

In the smoke, a ray of light shot out.

Nagato's body was covered with scarlet chakras, his bodily functions improved in all directions, his head slightly deflected, and he dodged the slightest difference.


The laser set off an explosion in the distance behind him.

Nagato slapped a palm in front of him without turning his head.


The palm that wrapped the Chakra collided with something, and a burst of gas exploded.

In the smoke and dust, Huang Yuan's figure holding a laser sword appeared.

His speed is too fast, faster than the speed at which the eyes can transmit the sight to the brain, so there is a delay in the picture before him.

Without the perceptual ability of seeing, hearing, color, domineering, it is absolutely impossible to keep up with this speed.

He hadn't tried his best in the battle with Scorpion before, but at this time he went all out against Nagato.

However, Nagato has reincarnation eyes.

Even if Huang Yuan stopped paddling, he could keep up.

Moreover, the tail beast Chakra is sealed inside him

Mitsuo was released when the Ninja World was unified.

This is Kuryoshi's promise to Mio.

The tail beast in Nagato was created by Kuroyoshi using the yin and yang escape technique using the chakra contained in the elixir.

The chakra contained in it is comparable to nine tails.