Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 452

In other words, Nagato now has a healthy body, reincarnation eyes, and nine-tailed human pillars.

His strength is not inferior to that of the reincarnated spot.

His reincarnation eyes can see through the actions of the yellow ape. In the tail beast chakra mode, his body functions skyrocket and can compete with the yellow ape.

He also has a lot of ninjutsu skills to support

Although facing Huang Yuan, he can only passively defend and counterattack, but he has no pressure at all.

The sword palms intersect.

Huang Yuan pressed down hard, trying to crush Nagato in strength.

However, Nagato's right palm was immobile, as stable as Mount Tai.

"Not only the appearance has changed, but the power response has become stronger." Huang Yuan's eyes widened slightly. "You ninjas seem to have a lot of abilities. It's terrifying!"

"Let's go with each other!" Nagato also repeated these words, activating the Hungry Ghost Dao's ability to try to absorb the lightsaber.

But found that the lightsaber did not move, nothing unusual.

It's really useless!

Nagato knew clearly.

Although it was known from the beginning that Devil Fruit and Chakra are not the same thing, in the final analysis, people are lucky.

If Hungry Ghost Dao's ability can work, then this battle will be much easier.

"You are distracted!" Huang Yuan reminded him. At the same time, a laser beam shot out first.

At close range, this should have been a must.

But Nagato avoided the opening of the film one step ahead.

He looked at Huang Yuan indifferently, and said: "For decades of continuous fighting, my body has formed an instinct. Even if it is distracted, it will not hinder my action.

"It's terrible!" Huang Yuan said that he didn't know how to repeat it several times, but he didn't stop. A laser sword kept cutting, cutting, sweeping, picking, and stabbing.

Nagato was not afraid, and opened a pair of large Chakra hands to fight with him, without losing the wind.

When the battle was fierce, he suddenly used the power of the eyes of reincarnation to sneak attack, wanting a fatal blow.

It's a pity that the domineering sex is too restrained against sneak attacks.

Unless someone is distracted or distracted, it is almost impossible to be attacked with the domineering look of the general level.

It seems that there is no way to divide the victory or defeat in a short time.

Nagato sighed inwardly, put aside the use of his power to catch his unexpected attention, and concentrated on the enemy.

Itachi and others saw that Nagato was not letting go against the yellow ape, so they decided to join forces to kill the blue pheasant first, and come together to fight the yellow ape.

Itachi and the green pheasant faced each other, with killing intent on their bodies.

Xiaonan circled in the sky looking for loopholes in the green pheasant.

The red sand scorpion was rescued by Nagato, and led the puppets around.

Bai's strength cannot intervene in this level of battle, so he has been standing by several kilometers outside, ready to rescue at any time.

On the other hand, Huang Tu constantly uses soil escape to change the terrain, and cooperates with the psychic beasts to divide the naval battlefield and prevent the navy from intervening.

Chapter 46 The Siege of the Green Pheasant

Looking at the enemy surrounded by it, Itachi's brain quickly turned, thinking about countermeasures to defeat the enemy.

According to the past style, he must have thrown out an illusion.

However, the ninja's illusion is to disrupt the operation of the chakra in the enemy's body to affect the operation of the facial features.In the face of enemies without chakras, illusions won't work.

Of course, there are illusions that can be used without chakra, and Itachi also has this illusion.

But that is mostly a kind of low-level illusion that implies inducing.

It's okay to deal with ordinary people with average mental will. If you want to deal with admirals, you think too much.

"It can only come step by step."

Itachi sighed, with the same hands, the eight kunai shot from different directions.

Kuwu collided with each other in the air, changed the trajectory, and finally sealed all the escape spaces of the green pheasants, killing them from eight directions.

"You look down on me too much for this kind of thing!" The green pheasant sighed slightly, exhaling cold air from his body, and instantly shot down Kuwu.

At this time, Xiao Nan seized the opportunity and raised his right hand. Countless papers fanned out from the wings, deformed and folded into shurikens in the air, densely covering the green pheasant and the surrounding area tens of meters like a rainstorm.

Boom boom boom!!!

Ding Ding Ding!!!

The paper shuriken fell down and burst into bursts, and the sound of metal collision was heard from time to time in the smoke.

Seeing that the paper shuriken rain's offensive was about to come to an end, the scorpion flicked with five fingers on his right hand, and the three generations of wind shadow man puppets controlled the sand and iron to form a high-speed rotating iron cone and smashed towards the position of the green pheasant.

In an instant, the earth shook, the ice and rocks broke, and the roar continued, and it lasted for a long time before it calmed down.

The wind blows away the smoke and dust, revealing diamond-shaped ice cubes with dazzling luster.

The green pheasant not only melted into ice on its own, but also froze a diamond-shaped ice block with a diameter of seven or eight meters on its body, with paper shurikens densely inserted on it.

At the top right of the crack, there is also a huge sand iron pointed cone.

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

Itachi knotted his hands and opened his mouth to spit out a ball of fire.

The fireball with a diameter of three meters burned blazingly, dragging the heat waves and melting ice marks to hit the diamond-shaped ice block.


The fireball smashed into the ice, and a terrifying wave of air erupted, and a more blazing flame soared into the sky, making the surrounding air distorted.

"Is it done?"

The three of them stared at the center of the smoke and dust, eager to know the result.