Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 453


The dense ice spikes pierced through the clouds and mist, exploded out with lightning speed, and shot at the three of them.

The scorpion's fingers jumped, and the three generations of Fengying puppets erected a wall of sand and iron in front of them.

With a wave of Xiao Nan's wings, countless torrents of paper shot out and the ice spikes clashed in the air.

And Itachi used the technique of crow substitution.

Although it can be blocked or avoided by reaching out, he has very few Chakras, and there is no need to waste too much physical energy.

But are there crows on the sea too?

The scorpion hiding behind the wall of sand and iron couldn't help but complain when seeing this scene.

"Be careful!"

Itachi's reminder sounded above.

Scorpion's heart tightened, his fingers flicked, and the three generations of Fengying Puppet's arms ejected a sharp blade and a chainsaw, and turned to cut behind him.


The hands of the green pheasant turned into ice caught the sharp blade, and the high-speed rotating electric saw kept cutting ice slag from his hands.

&ime freezing moments!"

The green pheasant's eyes condensed, his hands released an astonishing cold air, and the sharp blade was quickly frozen into ice, which quickly spread to the body.

Scorpion was shocked, his index finger hooked, and the hands of the three generations of Fengying Puppets fell off, and then quickly backed away.

"Where to escape, Ibsp; Ba hockey!"

The green pheasant raised his hands, and the cold air gushing out, forming frost, instantly freezing the three generations of the wind shadow man puppet and the scorpion beside it into ice.


The air roared, and an orange giant bone palm swept across.

The green pheasant had just finished his move, and it was when his strength was old, he had no time to escape, so he could only take the initiative to element.

During the period, he expanded his domineering vision and color to the extreme, observing the opponent's attack trajectory, so that the body can change position in the elementalization.


The bone palm sweeps the parts above the legs of the green pheasant into pieces.

Itachi stood inside the skeleton giant, his right eye glared, blood dripping from the corner of his eye, "Amaterasu!"


The black flame ignited out of thin air, quickly burning those legs to ashes.

However, that is not the body of the green pheasant.

His body is in a fist-sized crushed ice.

At the moment it hits the ground, it quickly exudes a cold air and condenses a human-shaped ice sculpture, and finally returns to adulthood.

"Good risk, good risk. If it is burned by that flame, it will really be over." The green pheasant patted his chest with lingering fear, and he didn't know whether it was really scared, or pretended to be a mockery to blow morale.

Itachi did not speak, it was just that the skeleton giant on his body grew flesh, and even put on the armor, the Siamese shape became even larger, and it was very oppressive just standing there.

"Do you ninjas have many abilities?" Green Pheasant asked curiously.

"Who knows?" Itachi responded faintly, and the orange giant condensed a long sword in his hand, which was slashed at the green pheasant.

In an instant, the wind and clouds stirred and the world changed color.

This sword is not a ten-fist sword, but a weapon that Itachi's Suzuo Noge brings with it, with an orange flame burning on the surface.

One sword has the power to divide the world.

Of course, this is recorded in words.

As we all know, the word records in Hokage are more fierce than each, and the actual effect is that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise.

However, even bragging.

But it can be blown up as a divine sword that divides the world, and it has some decent power in itself!

The fact is also true.

The green pheasant looked at the giant standing between the sky and the earth, and the nearly ten-meter-long giant sword fell, creating the illusion that there was only oneself and the sword between the sky and the earth.

It seems that this sword cannot be avoided, it can only be hard-wired.

Once it is hard-wired, it will die.

This is of course an illusion.

The green pheasant has rich experience in combat, so he understands that the enemy's attack has brought too much pressure to him, and thus has such an illusion.

This is a sign that human instinct has been awakened.

People rely on the five senses to collect information, and the brain makes instinctive responses based on the collected information.

Therefore, people will have fear when encountering unknown terrible things. This is instinct and nature.

But people can overcome fear by becoming stronger through practice.

It stands to reason that as a general, the green pheasant has experienced unimaginable practice and battle, and has already defeated instinct. Even if it faces a stronger person, it will not have fear.

But at this moment, Itachi's sword awakened his instinct that had already been defeated and had become unfamiliar.

"It seems that my practice is not enough!" The green pheasant ridiculed himself, and tossed the cloak behind him, twisting it into a long strip.

Then, let out a cold breath.

Suddenly, the cold air surging, wrapped the long strip of clothes, making it solidify into an ice skate.

"Ice Saber!"

The armed color spread to the extreme, covering the entire blade.

The green pheasant did not hesitate and went up with the sword.

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