Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 454

The green pheasant is more than three meters tall. For most people, it is elder and can give people a sense of oppression.

But at this moment, compared with the orange energy giant in front of him, it was extremely small.

But facing this giant who was countless times bigger than himself, the green pheasant was not afraid, and stepped forward.

From a high altitude, it looks like a praying mantis jumping up and trying to resist the advancing wheel, which makes people feel funny.



The two collided, bursting out endless waves of air, and Xiao Nan, who was about to rush up to help, was directly blown out.


Layers of ice shattered, and the orange giant leaned back and retreated, taking huge cracks every step of the way.


The tiny man actually bounced off the giant's sword in a head-on collision, causing the giant to retreat.

This picture is very shocking, even if the ice skates in the hands of a small person shatter in the collision, it is amazing.

That small

No, it can repel giants head-on, even if they are small, they are not suitable for being called small, they should be called giants.

Tiny giant!

At this moment, in Itachi's eyes, the person who was already taller than himself was infinitely elevated at this moment and became a true giant.

"The power of these people is too exaggerated." Itachi couldn't help being amazed when he managed to maintain Susano's body.

Although it was known from the very beginning that the people in this world had a huge gap in physical strength from the others.

But I never thought that a natural fruit ability person could rely on physical strength to suppress S-rank ninjutsu.

"You can only use the strongest force to make a quick battle." Itachi sighed helplessly, and immediately stared, as invisible ripples radiated from his pupils.

The orange giant became larger, the armor more complete and complex, and a pair of wings grew behind it, just like a tengu.

It swallowed the orange Chakra flames, and the air was soaring, like a god reborn.

The green pheasant felt the unprecedented pressure, and stared solemnly at the more powerful giant's eyebrows.

Itachi is also staring at him, "In this state, my body Chakra can only hold on for three minutes. If I can't solve him in three minutes, I will die."

Thinking, slashed with a knife.

The wind is surging, the air waves are surging, and the ice is squeezed by the air, and the ice is fragmented.

The sword is so powerful before it is dropped, what will it be like if it is dropped?

That kind of situation, if you think about it, is frightening.

Can't block it hard.

The face of the green pheasant changed abruptly, and his body was like a shuttle, turning into an afterimage and scattered.

The great sword fell, and the earthquake cracked.

The glacier, which is hundreds of meters thick, splits into two from the middle, turning into a dark abyss.

Many navies on the battlefield that were fighting with psychic beasts were affected by this sudden shock, standing unsteadily one by one, and then fell into the abruptly cracked abyss.

"It's so exaggerated!"

The green pheasant was in the air, looking at everything, a touch of jealousy flashed in his eyes,

"Can't let you act so recklessly, bursting into a childish mouth!" The green pheasant pointed at the orange giant with his right arm down.

The cold air erupted on his hands, condensing a huge ice bird, whose size was one size larger than the complete body.

"go with!"

The ice bird sings, spreads its wings and soars, engulfing the hurricane, and crashing into the orange giant with unparalleled momentum.

Wherever it went, the wind was blowing, and everything was frozen.

Xiao Nan, who had just stabilized his figure from the last impact and flew back to help, was attacked by the cold, but his body was frozen into ice and fell from the sky.


Half of her body was shattered, but she didn't want to look at it, and she stood up and looked at the sky.

The orange giant erected a buckler and stood in front of him.

A huge ice bird fell from the sky, like a meteor falling to the ground.


A huge roar resounded, countless pieces of ice flew out of the smoke, dust and cold air, and the entire glacier land shook again.

Xiao Nan's body that had just recovered was once again riddled with broken ice.

However, she is not worried.

In the state of the paper of the gods, her body would not be injured by a physical attack, and she would soon be able to recover with paper.

She stared at the center of the explosion motionlessly, eager to know the result of the fight between the two.

Before, when Akatsuki was organizing.

Although she knew Itachi was amazing, but she didn't expect him to be so amazing.Can confront the generals alone.

Some were surprised, as if they met for the first time.

She now hopes that Itachi can defeat the green pheasant.

Otherwise, none of them can hold the green pheasant.

At that time, two generals besieged Nagato, and they are bound to lose.

She didn't wait long before she saw it.

Without waiting for the smoke to disperse, a twisted and burning sword pierced through the clouds and stabbed the green pheasant.

This is a ten-fist sword, a sealing technique, and a spiritual weapon.As long as it is stabbed, it can seal people in the nightmare.