Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 455

Although the green pheasant didn't know the specific function of this sword, he had seen and heard the domineering madness warning and told him that the sword was dangerous.

Therefore, he did not choose to fight recklessly, pedaling his legs in the air, turning the direction and flying away.


The long sword swept across, tearing the sky apart.

The remaining smoke of the explosion was swept away, and a gou jade was condensed on the orange giant's long sword, which was swept away with the big sword.

Looking at the flying Gouyu, feeling the majestic energy contained in it, the green pheasant only felt frightened.

This thing does not need to see or hear the domineering warning, just look at it to know the degree of danger.

If you are hit, you will not die or be disabled.

The green pheasant stepped on the moon step, ran and ejected in the sky, brushed and avoided Gouyu while opening his hands at the giant, "Ibsp; Ba ice ball"

Five frost and cold air spurted out, and the green pheasant tried to freeze the full body of Susanenhu into ice.

It was just that with a wave of the orange giant's wings, he flew up at an extremely fast speed, easily avoiding the frost attack.

"Such a heavy body with such speed and agility, what a monster!" The expression of the green pheasant was unprecedentedly solemn, and his hands opened left and right, ready to freeze the surrounding air.

But after hearing a loud bang from the upper side, a large amount of broken ice and slag fell, and the glacier continent also kept shaking.

Everyone on the battlefield was unsteady and stopped fighting one after another, grabbing nearby companions to stabilize their figure.

The green pheasant looked up, but the previous gouyu fell through and hit the glacier pillar above, causing the pillar to crack and the entire glacier tilted.

Suddenly, the corner of the green pheasant's eyes reached a touch of orange, his face changed abruptly, "Asshole!"

While screaming, he stepped on the moon step to chase.

It's just how this skill of walking in the air can compare to real flying.

Itachi controlled his entire body to reach the crack of the icicle, and then severely slashed it on the crack.


The ground shook and the mountains shook, and more ice scum fell.

The crack in the icicle spread a little, but it remained stable.

Itachi did not hesitate, and cut the second sword again.

"This can't be done!" Huang Yuan noticed the situation here, immediately turned into a light, and flew to stop it.

No, a huge suction force was born from behind, even if he turned into light, he couldn't escape.

"Vientiane Tianyin!"

Chapter 48—A Battle of No Victory

Gravity can distort light and make light annihilate. It is one of the few forces that can restrain the shining fruit.

Although Nagato's Vientiane Skylight cannot annihilate the light, it is still possible to pull the light.

Huang Yuan was led by this trick, so he had to change direction and hit Nagato directly.Under the acceleration of gravity, the light becomes more rapid and amazing.

But Nagato seemed to have expected Huang Yuan's interruption long ago, and he slid slightly to hide.

He looked at Huang Yuan who had turned a little gloomy, and smiled softly, "We haven't decided the winner yet, don't run in a hurry!"

Hearing this, Huang Yuan's face became darker.

After the opponent realized that his abilities were almost impossible to defeat, he kept the surplus to fight.

The goal is not to tell the winner, but to delay time.

Because, unless they decide the outcome of a move.

Otherwise, it would be too difficult to decide the outcome.


Itachi slashed on the pillar again with a sword.

The ground was shaken and the mountains were built, the cracks on the pillars spread farther and deeper, and the glacier above was swaying slightly, and it might fall down at any time.

"Ice Age!"

The green pheasant released cold air at a distance of kilometers, and the air suddenly became very cold, and the cracked pillar was frozen again by the ice.



Itachi went down with a single sword. The crack had not been recovered by the air-conditioning, and it exploded again, deeper and wider than where it recovered.

However, no matter what, the green pheasant also prevented the icicle from breaking in this blow.

And, in this moment, he has come under the icicle and will not let the enemy attack the icicle again.

This glacier was created to resist Deidara's C3 No. 18. It is not only several hundred meters thick, but also covers almost the entire battlefield.

Because the pirates retreated and the navy pursued the situation, the navy was completely under the glacier.

If this icicle breaks and the glacier collapses, even if the navy is not completely wiped out, there will be heavy casualties, with few remaining.

The green pheasant will never allow this to happen.


The wind is surging and the mountains are whistling and tsunami.

Itachi seemed to have long eyes behind him, controlling Suzuo Nohu with a backhand sword to cut down at the flying green pheasant.

On the bright side, I want to cut off the icicles, but in fact I want to distract the enemy.

When the green pheasant focuses on preventing the ferret from destroying the icicle, its defense against itself will be reduced.

This is a common trick used by ninjas, and it works very well.

This blow exceeded the expectations of the green pheasant, and hurriedly blew out air-conditioning in front of him, condensing the ice wall.