Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 457


The knife suddenly appeared, and the blood line soared.

The cigar in Xiliu's mouth fell, and her trembling pupils stared wide, as if she couldn't believe what was happening before her.


The famous knife slipped from his hand, and Yuzhixi fell unwillingly.

Liangping took a deep breath and put the knife in the sheath behind him.

Behind him and nearby the bodies of the members of the Black Beard Pirates, there were knife marks with deep bones left on their bodies.

Kakashi, Kay, Yu Mujin and others looked at Ryohei with a touch of fear and surprise.

Yes, everyone here was killed by Ryohei.

Kuroyoshi used to prepare Ryohei to participate in the battle against Kaguya

Although the plan was shelved because of her strength in the end, there was nothing less for Liangping.

The sword of sentiment and emotion that cuts off physics and energy, the ethereal cloak that can move instantaneously with the mind, and the large barrel wood crystal that strengthens himself.

There is also the writing wheel eye Wanhua mirror that Kuroyoshi once used

These things are all gathered in one body, and only Nagato can compare Liangping's strength.

But in the case of a master against the Pirate World, Ryohei's advantage is definitely greater than Nagato.

No matter how powerful the sight and domineering, facing the ether cloak, which can move as fast as you want without moving forward, without CD, will be tired of coping.

No matter how powerful the armed and domineering, they can't resist the double sword of love that can cut off all physics and energy.

At the place of the battle, Liangping relied on the suddenness of the equipment to instantly kill the poison Q and Rafit that could threaten him.

Then they shuttled through the battlefield and cooperated with their companions to attack and assassinate their opponents instantly.

When the Blackbeard Pirates reacted and became more vigilant about teleportation and the ability of the Undefended Sword, they had already died two-thirds of the people.

However, in the face of mysterious and indefensible attacks, unless they are crushed with absolute strength, no matter how vigilant and responding, it is useless.

In addition, Liang Ping demonstrated an amazing front-to-face combat ability in the subsequent battles.

This undoubtedly accelerated the demise of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Liangping ignored the gaze of his companion, but looked at the white beard who confronted Blackbeard indifferently, "Whitebeard, according to your request, the goal is left to you."

"Goo la la la" White Beard raised his head and laughed, "I didn't expect that there will be a monster like you under the king of the other world. It's really not to be underestimated, g la la la"

Liangping did not respond, but waited and watched from a distance.

The white beard didn't say much, turned his head to look at the black beard with sweat on his forehead, with a grim smile, "Titch, if you take the devil fruit and leave, it's fine, but you shouldn't kill your companion. , It’s time for our accounts to be settled."

Blackbeard gritted his teeth and laughed loudly at last, "When the thief started, I expected that there might be such a day, let me go, father, it is not always certain who loses and who wins in this liquidation!"

"It's good if you have enlightenment!" The white beard slowly walked towards the black beard with a calm expression, and the anger that was about to explode was hidden in that broad body.

Gulf Center.

It was originally the place where the three pirate ships of the White Beard Pirate Group emerged, but they became the outermost periphery due to the battlefield migration.

At this moment, it has become the battlefield of the Five Shadows against the three generals.

Yes, it is the battlefield.

Although it was only a battle of eight people, the damage and intensity caused was more severe than the offense and defense of 100,000 people.

Thunderclouds and yellow sand all over the sky.

Gaara has become a small guarding crane, manipulating endless sand to attack, defend, and save people. It is the best field control.

Lei Ying carried the earth shadow on his back, and the figure shuttled back and forth between the three generals.

There are soil shadows to reduce weight and increase weight.

As a result, there was a huge gap between Lei Ying and Xiao Li, and the power of each punch was dozens of times stronger than usual.

To illustrate with the actual effect, Lei Ying's fist, which is usually full of thunderous force, cannot break through the green bull's armed domineering.So after Tuying's ninjutsu blessing, it can be penetrated.

And not only the cooperation between Earth Shadow and Raikage, but also water shadow, Naruto, Raikage, and Earth Shadow.

The earth shadow uses the earth to escape through the glacier, making the water see the sky again.

Shui Ying immediately controlled with water to escape or carried out a large-scale attack.

Although the magma will evaporate every time, or the space will be distorted by gravity, causing the sea to float or flow backwards.

But when they deal with the water, Tsunade Tukage and others can also take the opportunity to attack.

Even Dokage consumes a lot of chakras using Dust Dune, and it can be enhanced by Tsunade's proud supply.

Chakras with different attributes, ninjutsu with different functions

Complementarity can be carried out on too many occasions.

On the contrary, although the three generals are strong, they have a single ability. Although they have developed many different usages, they can also cooperate with each other in some places.

But the effect is far less powerful than the coordination of Five Shadows.

Besides, the range and power of the five ninjutsu combo attacks will be increased several times.

Originally, the shadows whose individual strength was different from that of the general actually matched the general, and even slightly prevailed.

This is a situation that no one on the navy side expected.

"Oh oh, why haven't you seen Yimu yet?"

Above the sky, Cangji held the live phone worm in his hand, and looked slightly bored.

This was snatched from the navy.

When the authorities got out of control, the Navy prepared to pinch off the live broadcast.

Of course, Kuroyoshi did not allow this to happen, so he took the live call worm and snatched it.

But, other than that, he didn't intervene anymore, so it was very boring.

Although the following battle was fierce, the scene of Guan Gong and Qin Qiong also satisfied some of his interests.