Blood Crisis of PUBG

Chapter 1: Pans

The breeze passes through the mountains, and the sunny paragraph is unhound.

He tightly held the rusty pan, his hand, sweat. There is not far from him, a man in a gray shirt is squatting on the grass.

The gray shirt did not find the existence of Duan Duan. It was looked around. The paragraph bite his teeth and took out the map.

But the man is moving on the road to enter the safety area, if entering the security zone, it is bound to be alarm him -

"Alright alright……"

Duan said that only this person is killing, you can live a hope.

He slowly moved his body, a little bit close to the gray shirt in front, and he expect him that he could not find himself, he expect himself to shoot his dog head.

Thirty meter ... 20 meters ...

The distance is getting shorter, and the gray shirt still looks forward, but did not know the approach of Duan Duan.

Of the segment, when he thought, he suddenly sounded the voice of the dead.

A series of urgent gunshots slammed in the air, and whistling bullets suddenly flew to Duan Duan!

The paragraph was suddenly turned, and immediately turned his head, but did not see who was attacking himself.


At this time, the gray shirt in front also heard the gunshots, he was flustered and rushed forward, but he stood up and got a few steps, and the enemy attacking in the dark immediately found him, followed by the wind. Rainstorm average bullets, crazy slopes on gray shirts.


With a few sparsen, the gray shirt broke out on the body, and finally slowly fell on the ground.

Until at this time, Duan Dechang did not find who was shooting.

After the gray shirt fell, the gunshots still kept, the bullets were constantly falling around Duan, and the grass stone hit.

"It seems that this person's gun method is not very ..."

Duan Sail sounded, his body broke a bloody.

At the same time, his health is also fell by half.

"No, I will die sooner or later!"

Duan Mo hesitated, with his own weapons - flat pots to protect your ass, the bow started to move quickly in the bush.

This, completely exposes the location of Duan Duan, the enemy of the dark began to scream in the paramount, the bullet penetrates air, and the accurate hit on the fierce pan, splashed a flare.

"I don't want to die!" Dou Silear is straight, starting to fight for the escape, so there is a small house in front of the front, just hide in the house, it is temporarily safe!

Duan's breathing is rushing, as the front hut is getting closer and closer, the gunshots are more crazy.



It is also a faint blood fog splash. Duan's health is empty. It symbolizes the dangerous heartbeat sound immediately, and he is a blood red.

Duan Mo finally climbed with rolling tape, and shidder in the last instant to hide into the hut.

Duan Mo is bold, close the door, climbed to the window, panic, panic.

"Rely, Laozi is really aunt ..."

Duan Mo smashed his own status bar, the backpack's storage bar air, without any drugs that can be used to restore health.

Duan said, then I went again in the window, starting to search for who is attacking him.

However, until a cold voice sounded, he remembered that when he rushed into the room, he did not check if someone in the house.

"do not move."

"Rely on ..." Duan Dai has died, thinking that he is really going home, how can someone in this wild hut?

He slowly put down the pan of sweating, raised his hands.

"Other weapons?

"Nothing ..." Duan Mole has a mouthful of mouth, wants to turn it.

"Don't move." The cold voice sounded again.

"You are ... Female?" Duan Mo listened to it, and people behind him were a woman. "Girl, don't shoot, I really don't have other equipment!"

"Well, hold hands, slowly turn over."

"Well ... don't shoot ..." Duan Mo has promised, twisted his body at a little bit.

A tall girl standing in the center of the house, holding a ten, word,, is cold and frozen.

Ten, the word, the arrow of the is open to cold light.

"Women, I really don't have a weapon, really!"

The woman looked at the paramour, and the mouth was slightly picked, "see it."

Duan Mo hooked at the hands, squatting on the ground, only one white four-corner underwear is wearing it, there is no weapon at all.

And the woman seems to be much better than the paragraph, she wrapped a white shirt, shrewd the plump body, the lower body cowboy shorts could not hold the slender thigh, and a pair of boots under the feet were more prosperous.

"Women, then you can don't kill me, kill me, you can't get any equipment!"

"Rolling." The woman picked Duan Mo's only equipment - pans, and screamed to squat.

"Good, I roll ..."

After the opening, the woman immediately leaned over the window, slightly sideways, and walked to the outside.

"People chasing you, what weapons?"

The paragraph was suddenly stunned, and he quickly replied, "listened to the gun, probably rushing, front, gun ..."

"Several people?"

"May ... one?"

"Hey, don't play." The woman repeatedly, then put all the attention in the distance.

Duan Sailong has tone, it seems that this girl does not want to kill himself ... he looked around. This cottage only had an exit. It was blocked by the woman. If she wants to escape, she must be discovered by her.

Duan Mo also looked at his own status bar. The health is still in red - this means that the woman will be gently hammered to be a punch, and they will die immediately.

Since you can't escape, Duan Silear will all hopes that you are in front of this woman - I hope she can kill the outside enemy, and then put their own horses.

Although it is ... this may be a lot.

The enemy is dark, and they are trapped in this cottage, let alone the enemy has a miniature rush, front, gun, and this woman, only one ten, word,.

"Do you want - I block your head with a pan? Be careful to take a shot of the people outside." Duan Mo is cut off.

"To shut up."

"I think we can rush out of the house with the thunder, it is careful, according to my careful observation, there is a slope in the southeast direction. As long as you turn over the hillside, the enemy can't see us." Duan Mo said, one side Smashed the past.

"I said, shut up." The woman's eyes stared at the window. The horizon side faces under the sun, and her waist hangs the famed pan - the pot is covered with a bracket.

"In fact, there is also a forest in the northwest direction, the bushes are very lush, or you can hide." Duan Mer quietly raised his hand and stretched into the pan-

At this moment, the woman slaughtered the trigger like the green onion.

A crisp, suddenly felt in the paragraph, full of angry arrows, and scratched a cold light in the bright sunshine.

"The player drunk dreams use ten, the word, the blasphers kill XXX, the rest of the number: 76."

"Rely, head!" Duan Meng jumped up, dead staring at the prompt in the status bar, incredible. "*! Two hundred meters! No auxiliary sight! Head!"

"I finally said, shut up."

The woman took out a arrow from the back, and took the bow on the bow, and the shiny arrow finger the default.

"Well, I shut up!" Duan Mo hurried down and held his hands.

The woman narrows his eyes and glances on the wilderness outside. "You go to the bag, I cover you."

The paragraph refers to his own mouth, "Ha? I?"

"Go Go." The woman gently acts at the hand of the trigger.

Duan Mo quickly promised, even rolling out the house and went to the wilderness outside. "Oh, oh, okay!"

"Take something, hurry back - I have seen it for my gun method." The woman said faintly when they were out of the section.

Duan Mo's face turned immediately - I thought about the equipment of the dead. I didn't think that this woman was savvy, I immediately saw my trick.

He ran while looking around, I was afraid to come out of an enemy, so I was very quiet, and there was no wind blowing.

After running these two hundred meters away, Duan Mo really saw a square-square wood box on the ground, he quickly climbed down and opened the box.

However, the result is a great disappearance.

"UZI rush, front, gun"

"9 mm bullet 60"

Bandage 5 "

"This is gone ?!" Duan said that this is too poor. ! Is there any clothes? !

, the movements of Duan Dead are very good. He is very spared to pull it into your own backpack, then start using a bandage, restore yourself to see the life value, by the way, don't escape the end - - The woman is not as good as it is, although I have never been able to kill yourself, but I don't want to see money for a while?

However, when I hesitate to hesitate, a whistling arrow, squatted on the land before the paragraph, crowded his fantasy.

This arrow wiped the scalp flying, scared him almost jumped. However, Duan Mili immediately understood that the woman was scaring himself, he did not doubt, if you dare to run, the next arrow will penetrate his head.

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