Blooming America

Chapter 1 Transformed in 1,960

She looks like a year old, a little face is cute, long gauze is a long hair, a pair of blue big eyes are very focused.

She is wearing a black ballet dress, white trouse socks and foot shoes, holding a hand drum in hands.


Music sounds.

The little girl is biased.

Emma Edson and Bruce Edson were excited to sit down at the stage and looked at the daughter's performance.

"Oh, Kate." Emma grabbed his mouth.

After all, this is already the final.

At this time, the little girl made a high difficult post kick, the left leg kicked the head, and touched the right-handed bell drum, sitting in the front desk. He nodded.

The little girl performs is the ballet man in "Esmirda", with a total of more than 80 seconds.

A series of movements, the little girl wrapped around the scene, then raised the hand drum over the top, and then started kicking. Her first kick, let the audience are shocked, even if the professional ballet dancers are treated from 90 degrees, the higher the last few, but the girl starts from the first kick, until The final ninth kick is slightly more than 180 degrees, more valuable is that it can still maintain stability and height, but it is rare to keep it stable and high.

- "

After the performance, the stage is a palm, and the girl gave a gift to the audience, and then walked down.

After the end of the performance, the little girl did not have a doubt that I got the champion.


If you want to ask me after eliminating subjective gender factors, a beautiful woman is better or handsome guy, I will choose a beautiful woman.

But if you say that there is really through and reborn this, I will choose to be a man.

I am in an opposite sex, and the beauty of fantasy women will cause me to secrete.

To put it bluntly, in fact, many fantasies become a beautiful woman, is just a hunting psychology.

It is probably seen more unbearable novels, but how do you feel that the woman is cool than a man, so I also feel that women seem to be better than men.

If it is true, it doesn't matter.

But I am not sure if I have such an impulse after becoming a woman.

Moreover, the pretty woman is a few, really crossing, who guarantees that you can become a beautiful woman?

And after the woman is forty, it began to become old, and the man is at this time, but is the charm of the glamor.

If there is a beautiful woman and ugly man, I will probably choose to become a beautiful woman, but if it is an ugly and ugly man, or a beautiful woman and handsome guy, I will estimate that I will choose a man.

When I was young, I hate it, I grew up, I also hate it.

I didn't want to live forever, but I hate the feeling of aging. If you can have a person's life, people look at the ages and three or forty years old, then it is perfect.

In fact, the so-called crossing and rebirth, I am just in my heart, because I am an idiotist. Even if someone told me that the water of Nice is the pet from Mars, probably being true than the Lord, and Laozi.

My thoughts may really take the gods, or if a god wants to use the way to let me believe in their existence.

Obviously, they succeeded.

I started suspicion, when I went to the church, I will devoutly bow my head, I will see the monks, I will go to the hands, if I can go to see, I will probably go to the fragrance, then I will wish.

It is probably possible to be an alien masterpiece, they see that I am a "loyal atheist", so I gave me an experience opportunity.


Going home, Catherine put the trophy on the table, then full of tired back to the room.

Although wearing a foot shoes practice more than the past two years, she is still unbearable about this shoe.

I suddenly looked on the bed, and the girl was idiot and looked at the sky.

How do you say that you have come here for 12 years?

The calendar is 1960, calculating the time, I have been studying ballet has been 8 years. Hey, who is a mother is a ballet? Although it is no longer performed after birth, but hopes hopes in your own body.

Her parents are immigrants, and they are all heliness of the World War II - two people are also met. The mother has the British and Nordic blood, and the father is the mixed-blood mixed by the Jewish, "hybrid advantage" is full of performance, although it is only 12 years old, but it is so cute and beautiful.

"Total to do something ... um, say 'that' is almost the same, should it be sent?"

As a born person -, , Catherine thinks what you must do. Her home is in the suburbs of New York, the middle class feels. However, this life can not be like this, even now I am a little Loli, but what can be done.

Lying for a while, she sat up again and then start massaging her feet.

Although the ballet looks beautiful, the incorrect method will make the calf and the eight feet, and often in the pointers will lead to toes deformed. Although Emma used to be a very professional ballet dance, and the New York Ballet School, the New York Balletics, which is also a very professional ballet, School-of-American-Ballet, referred to as SAB, is part of the Lincoln Art Center, and The famous Julian Conservatory of Music is in the same building and the artistic atmosphere.

Although Catherine has not self-violent, Catherine is not self-violent, although the United States who reborn into the 5, and the United States is really hard to agree.

At this time, Emma turned into the door of Catherine.

"Kate, there is Mr. Robert to find you, he said he is a volunteer of the Paper Book ... Kate, what do you?"

"Kate" is "Catherine" nickname, at home, Catherine is called like this.

So fast? !

Catherine's surprise, I didn't expect myself to have a talent. Although most of the plots can be "reference".

"I wrote something a little." She excitedly jumped down and opened the door.

Paper Publishing House Publishing Company is the oldest and largest publishing company in New York.

Lei said that the publisher should first send a letter, and then call an appointment for a time, how can I find it directly?

When Catherine came to the living room, I saw a young man who was about 20 years of young people who were uneasy to sit on the chair. Catherine probably understood.

"Ah ... Oh ... you ... you are Miss Catherine?" Robert looked at the little girl and became incredible with his face.

This appearance of young people who have just arrived, was scared by Catherine's age.

"Harry Potter".

Yes, Catherine "written" is this novel, and she wrote three times in one time, and then sent it together.

After all, she is uncertain in different era, whether such a novel is popular, nor is it true whether the other party really has that.

However, it is clear that her plan seems to be feasible.

After all, the magic tide of the "Magic Rings" in the past few years has just been blown up, and after ten years, "The Rings" has once again triggered a high-speed CHAO.

It can even be said that later dragons and dungeons series and various types of video games have been affected by the Rings. What orc, the elf.

But the modern background of "Harry Potter", but the editing of the Paper Publishing House bright.

Such a novel, such a story, clearly subverted the magical world created by Tolkin, and opened up another new world.

Catherine's choice of this novel is because the "Harry Potter" series is barely, it can be counted, and this age is written, and it is not too powerful.

"You have not guess, sir."

Catherine's words made Robert feel uncomfortable.

Is your first business actually deal with a twelve-year-old little girl?

Open ... I am joking?

He also thought that this book is a middle-aged woman who has emitted his mother's charm!

"I think, you must come for my novel?" Catherine looked at the other party, she couldn't see it.

"Hey ... ah, yes!"

Robert took a document from the briefcase.

"We will provide 10% of the taxes and 50,000 dollars, but we want to buy all the copyrights of all the books ..."

The so-called royalties refer to the division of retail books, such as 10% of the tax, a book of 50 US dollars, one book, one book, the author can get 5 dollars.

In the 1960s, the Golden Period of the United States has not collapsed, and the United States is still a golden position, US gold, US dollar, that is, the dollar is strong.

Catherine really doubts how this is the interview. To know that the contract file is written on the contract file, it is written with 7% of the tax and 20,000 dollars. The other party has reported the bottom line ...

After all, 10% of the taxes have been much more.

When you encounter such a head, Catherine laughed naturally.

"Kate, Oh, God, Kate, you actually wrote this novel?"

The mother of the side of Emma looked back at Catherine.

In fact, Emma had already confirmed that Catherine is a genius. She has been admitted by the Grier-school, although only more than 300 people in Grier-school, although only more than 300 people, but it is indeed a hundred people in the United States. A certain strength is not.

When Catherine was just enrolled in Catherine, Catherine showed an amazing "talent", AR (ELerated-Reader-Test) up to 120 points.

AR is a reading test, and the third-grade student can get about 20 or so - this is the highest, even if it is fifth grade, there is not much more than 120 points.

At that time, Catherine chose "Children's Bible."

In fact, if she is better at the time, he even considers reading "Capital On".

The teacher's recommendation to Emma is to transfer her to the city talent student school (Talented-Student-School), which is a school that specializes in students with more than IQ145. At least at small Bush cut high-tentative student's expenses used to educate the education as yourself, such schools are very perfect and excellent. The education of the United States is very responsible, at least in most places, especially in the 1960s, this is the US golden ten years, everything is flying and changing, education is also the first year of this year.

However, Catherine has a self-knowledge, she just knows first, to be high IQ ... huh.

So Catherine refused this plan.

After the end of Robert, after the monk of Emma signed the contract, she reacted.

"What novel did you write?" Emma asked.

"Harry Potter, a story about the magic."

Emma nodded, and children usually like fantasy some rare strange things.

"Well, I really look forward to it, talk to your father."

Europe and the United States's education has some heuristic meaning. Parents sometimes talk to their children's meaning, and then use encouragement to encourage children.

"Of course, I am a genius." If the prophet has been in the history of more than 50 years, he is not self-contained.

In the last life, although Catherine is a college graduate, the things he studying is software professional, and this world is a world that has not born in a personal computer, and even the famous Intel's founder is still in Xiancan Semiconductor. Working, such a world, what is the use of your own expertise?

So, after coming to this world, Catherine has never fallen to learn, and she is also a small "genius" with the prophet.

Catherine's goal is to earn 200 years before the age of 20, and then squander 50 years.

Anyway, I have become a woman, how do you say that you try to "new strange"? Of course, she will never touch it.