Blooming America

The first six hundred and eighty-seventh chapter Alice training time

Alice took a step, it took a while, then stepped out another step, but her knees were shocked, and the chest was fluctuated, and it quickly lost his balance. w w. V o D t W. C o m↖↖diǎn ↖ ↖ ↖, .. o

"No, no, no!" Mary said, "This is not good! You have to keep your hands behind!"

Alice is somewhat shame to avoid the eyes of Mary.

I am a bad little horse, she thinks, although she doesn't know where the idea is coming.

"It doesn't matter," Mary said with peace of mind, "Let's try again!"

Alice has tried again, but no matter how hard she works, she can't keep her balance. This diǎn is not a counterfeit, this body Alice, or Catherine is replaced, did not have it, usually They are all used to help themselves, and now they don't apply these specific powers, just in the body of an ordinary person, she has not fully grasped this balance.

She worried about her manager. But this time, Mary didn't say anything, she just stood there, if she thought she was the chin.

"I have an idea," she said, "I have something to help you keep your hands and turn it."

Alice turned around, Mary was launched together, pulled them together on her back, then grab a leather belt to wrap the love of her wrist.

Alice breathed, wanted to look back and see what the manager did, but Mary smiled and comforted Alice: "I believe me, I will take care of you."

At this time, the white-haired clothing manager has also gone, it seems to come to things, she told the full body of Alice, said: "Yes, wow, you are really good. God, I hope I hope I have a body like you! "

Alice looks down at your body. Under the reflection of the latex clothing and posture, it is a bit embarrassed, but the clothing manager not only doesn't make sense, but it praises her, so she is slightly happy.

"Now let's start again." Mary said.

Alice took a deep breath and then started, saying, "Catherine" and herself, she didn't believe that she had no way to balance. Although it is the thinking of the branch, Alice is actually part of Catherine, she does not believe that she can not do anything with the help of helping the brain.

When she lifted her legs, butterflies and machines began to vibrate, she trembled, she worked hard, but her knees were constantly hitting, her heels slipped. But Mary has helped her and let her avoid harm.

"It doesn't matter," she let Alice have replaced another feet and slowly carry it. Then I continued, "I think you may need a diǎndiǎn help, what do you think?"

Although it is necessary to help have diǎn shame, Alice is still diǎn Diǎn head.

Mary read the meaning of Alice. She comforted: "Oh,

Don't worry, the little foal. Need help is not wrong, more importantly, you know you do it! "She continued to add:" This is the manager is responsibility, and the excellent pony does not understand, and you do very well. "

After that, Mary turned to get something, Alice turned around, but she was a little curious, but Mary saw immediately: "You stay there! When the manager leaves, the horses Should stand in place! "

Alice had to turn around waiting.

After a while, the manager carried a black leather and came back. This leather collar was very long, Alice stared at it, and the eyes were a complex look. She didn't want to be put on her neck. One thing.

"This is just helping you." Mary comforted her after seeing Alice's restlessness, Alice did not believe. However, she did not say, let Mary wrapped the hard leather leather on her neck, this leather looked at her chin, under the bottom of her clavicle, Alice's neck almost bend.

"Good girl!" Mary said, cordial kneading his head of Alice.

Alice closed his eyes, she was in response to the other party, and her heart was very happy. But then she slammed his eyes and shook his head. What is this? How can she make this strange woman treated her as a kind of animal for the so-called happiness?

But now she is used to it a little habit of this very hard collar, which supports her chin, let her make her head easily raise.

"Now," Mary said, she took a few steps, unlocked the belt, then bypass the ceiling, caught in her own hands, and said again, "Now bring you to help you."

The double binding of lens and belt let Alice want to scream, but she wants to walk, let her make an appointment, finally, she admits that I like this.

She took a deep breath, lifted his knee, and she shot her, she almost fell, but her body relied on the belt, Mary was firmly kept firm, and then Mary put her. The feet are put down and then lift her right knees.

With more and more confidence and pleasure, Alice stepped more and more, her hands tightly tightly, Mary firmly pulled the belt and remained upright.

Alice continues to move forward. Her chest is undulating, because she is breathing, her cheeks become red.

A sudden stinging pain, Alice almost hit it, she hoped, only saw Mary holding a black whip, she shouted: "Lift your knees ,girl!"

Alice must maintain her knee height during each step, sting and happiness make her inhibit the sound of the mouth.

"Good girl!" Mary shouted. "You are a good girl, a good girl. Good Pony."

"Now," Mary said, "Beginning!"


Millett's office, Yuri is interested in watching the report.

And before that aquare, this time, respectfully stood in front of the other party: "The owner, the other party has already found out that Catherine Edson's daughter, but the father is ominous."

"That is fine." Yuri's face showed a smile.

"But if this is the case, will the Ark Group will have trouble?" Mulei asked again.

Yuri shakes his head: "No, this is our chance, we can make brain brain on Alice, then we can control a part of the Ark Group, the Ark Group is a super-consortium in the United States, once mastered the Ark Group It means that we control the United States! "

Although especially the original purpose is not this, random strain is performed according to the situation, which is the ability to have the ability to have.


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