Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower

Prologue - Positive Heroin: Miyako

Nineteenth birthday.

In this country, I'm like, "You're not getting married yet?" In the morning, when I was old enough to be asked.

Miyako, the youngest daughter of a regional aristocrat, had been summoned by her fiancé, Klaus, the eldest son of the upstream aristocrat Reinhardt family.

And all I was told was one word.

"- I decided to destroy my engagement."

Originally, it is a different status engagement.

Miyako doesn't have the right to say no.

"Yes, Miyako is aware of your service with the divestiture of your engagement... Good day, Master Klaus"

To a unilateral proclamation Miyako lowered her head deeply, beautifully tying her black brown hair, leaving the Reinhardt family.

pitiful gaze from the servants around him.

'Because of this, I was engaged to kick down the Count's warrant,' someone whispers.

Miyako doesn't move one eyebrow in such a voice, and gets into the carriage that was parked in front of the mansion.

The carriage runs.

Run. - Run.

And when the Reinhardt family was completely out of sight.

Miyako shook her shoulder - screaming.

"Hey hey whoa whoa!!!! Now you're free ~!!!

Hooray, Hooray!!

Engagement Discarded, Hail!!

Now you are free!!!

Gatspaws at all costs. - She is. Miyako is a reincarnator who once came to this world.

This world, the reincarnation destination, is the world of maiden games played.

It was a long time ago when I was obsessed and played, the night I used to shrink myself every day as a company animal.

I fell asleep thinking, "Oh, no more," and when I woke up in the morning, I was awake as the 17-year-old positive heroine in this world.

Long live urbanism!

"Heh heh... this will make my many years of ambition come true"

Miyako shines her characteristic matcha brown eyes.

Miyako, who was playing the game, also has characters he couldn't really flag.

And the character is also Miyako's first love who took his heart away.

It is Miako who has worked so desperately to attack that character... her (...) to this day.

That's right.

marry (...) about (...) break (...) abandon (...) to (...) and (...) also (...) et al. (...) to (...).

"Mr. Ogi!

"Yes, why not? Lady."

He rides himself out of the running carriage window and speaks to the man who manipulates the horse.

The chilling morning breeze stroking my cheeks is pleasant.

It seemed to herald a heartbreaking day, starting now.

"Change of destination. Hurry up and come to Countess Huuka Hamilton!

Fuuka Hamilton.

It's Countess Reiki, who grabbed Miyako's heart while playing the maiden game.

"Master Fuuka. I'll make you happy!

- And of this world, she is a villain's maid.