Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower

External Legend: Operation White Day in Fuuka!?

A herbal field on one side.

A woman with a white dress and glossy dark hair, nestled in windy blue leaves.

A talented woman who has made herbal knowledge and healing skills into a former villain's warrant and these days has also become whispered [Virgin of the Moonlight] - Fuuka Hamilton.

Fuuka Hamilton was lost.

A few years ago - since the liberation from the aristocratic society of the swirling king capital of the number of manoeuvres by the hand of Miyako Florence, daughter of a regional nobleman who thought he was a rival to the uncluttered heavens,

covenant with all four great spirits.

A great adventure across the continent, enough to save one country.

Successfully cultivated legendary herbs and moonlight grass.

I've had days of turning adventures, such as...

Fuuka's knowledge and skills have increased, and Miyako's virginity continues day by day.

We are growing a lot more than we were once little daughters who had just popped out of the King's Capital.

That's all time went by.

(Yet, yet -)

That's right.

Fuka is lost for a reason.

Time flies, even as we grow, it should be noted that…,

(Why do you still like Miako so much!!!!

Huh, and Huka sighs.

That's right.

Bride War - I met myself while throwing myself into a fierce feud by my noble daughters to enter into a matrimonial relationship with a senior nobleman, hostile once as a rival who took the seat of the future Duchess from himself, … why did you take Miako's hand when he came to pick up his apoptotic self?

After a few days of escape between the two of us, full of twitching, mediocre, peaceful and unexpected little adventures, Miyako risked everything to help herself in distress by the nobles.

"I'm happy to be with Miyako."

That's what I was told.


Then you and I have been spending the whole time together.

Yet what's in Fuuka's mind is the feeling of "I like Miako".

I don't know where to stay.

No, rather.

"... I feel like I'm liking it year after year"

Ugh, and cover your face with both hands.

Feel the flames on your cheeks and make sure nobody's around you.

Such a sloppy face, I can't help but be ashamed if they see me.

Fortunately, the luminous moonlight grass was just shaking in the wind on one side.

"I got such a beautiful thing... it was so sweet."

From time to time, Miyako says strange things to Fuuka.

In February,

"Yes, Fuuka. Happy Valentine ♡ '

Just give me a sweet treat.

Now, a cutely packaged cacao treat is gripped in the hands of a hookah.

This cacao confection is processed from plants discovered by Miyako and Fuuka on their journeys, and is now the main product of the Chamber of Commerce run by Miyako.

If it's in your mouth, it's mellow and sweet.

Apparently, Miyako's hometown customs? Valentine's Day treats.

This is how they give it to their thinkers - in return for the treats they received on White Day in March.

"It was a waste of time eating them all, and I was getting a little bit of them... now you're done with the cocoa treats"

While carefully savoring the sweet, melting, bitter flavor, Fuuka riddles her fists with cumbers.

The look of kicking blue skies softens the strength of Fuuka's will, which he called a talented woman in the social world.

"White Day... I'll show you the reward for making Miyako melt! Miyako just gave it to me, and I can't dress it up!

I'll do my best. Yo! The screaming hookah went back to the mansion trying to cut the wind with his shoulders.

I've already done my research.

That night.

The blue sky is dusk, in the darkness at night full of twilight.

The bedroom door of the Great Spirit's Mansion gently opened.

"... Ah, Fuuka. Did you take a bath?

Miyako in her sleeping clothes gives a face to the signs.

- Then.


Standing there was Fuuka Hamilton.

Miyako's beloved, ex-villain warrant lady... but she is usually dressed differently.

I don't know... overall, he's adorable.

Usually, I prep, "It's a whore thing to do when you go to bed."

Such a hookah came to the bedroom dressed as a cutie at this hour of just sleeping anymore.

In that situation, Miyako feels her cheeks get so hot.

"… strange, I wonder"

"Oh it's not weird, but what's wrong with you, Hookah...... its a pajama that feels so cute and eclectic!

"Hey, Negrije. Wow."

"Negrije... and the ribbon on that head? Shh, so cute, but Fuuka, you don't wear that kind of ribbon or lace these days...?

"We'll be old enough. It's not about ribbons and laces and that kind of maiden decoration, it's about jewelry."

"So, but... what's that?

"Wow, I don't even... I don't dress like this outside. Yikes! This is... the... I've been thinking a lot about that."


"Ho... White Day... so, um, I read the book. So... here's what I do to thank my lover for his gift..."

Miyako looks out for a voice that is going to disappear now.

books, said Huuka. I don't know what book you read, but thanks, that book!

Because this, I mean...

"Maybe... the gift,"

Blocking Miaco's words, Fuuka mouths them gently on Miaco's lips as she had decided to.


"Yes, it is!... I am the White Day Gift!!

Large ribbon on head.

Pretending and adorable Negrije.

And a hint of cocoa sweets from the body of a hookah...... the smell of chocolate!

"Fu, Fuka......!

Unexpectedly hugs a hookah.

I guess I took care of it in the bath, nodded my nose at my hair and enjoyed the smell of hookah.

"What do you say, Miyako! I'm surprised."

"Yeah, I'm so surprised... I'm glad!

To Miako's words, a hookah that narrows his eyes satisfactorily.

I'm sure I've always thought about what I'd like in return for White Day...... it seems a bit of a rush, and it's the cutest, and I must have come up with this "gift" by kikun.

What the hell did he look like and do the support?

Oh, oh!

How can my lover be so adorable, Miako looks up to heaven.

"Fuuka, I'm gonna love you so much tonight"

"Huh! Ah, wah... Miyako?

"Thanks for the best gift, Fuuka. We'll always be together!

".................. Yep. Of course, Miyako."

- Sweet words, hookah cheeks dull.

Let's stick together forever - every time Miako says this to me, my chest softens and I get restless, and my dovetail hurts like a cunt.

For the sake of sealing his mouth, he tells the great spirits of the fire-water terroir who dwell in the hall to stay away from the bedroom overnight.

Not yet at night, coming up.

White Day payback is a huge success.

The gift is in the wrapping.

Even children know that.

(Lovely packaging full of ribbon and frills has to be cleaned out... right?

Whenever Miako accepts such strange behavior, Fuuka's heart melts sweetly.

Like a mellow sweet treat, like you're doing just a little bad.

Makes me feel that way.

"We've been together forever."

"Yeah, I promise."

With a smile, Fuuka gently dropped the light on the lamp.