Blue Star Sea Diamond

Chapter 1 Distress

"Look at what you are now, can you still graduate?"

The teacher said to the girl in a humiliating tone, he didn't even want to look at her.

"Why can't I graduate? I only need to complete my graduation project."

The girl also knew in her heart that the teacher didn't like her, so she didn't accept him in her heart.

"No, you can't do anything. The papers written by people like you are either without any technical content or copied from others. I can even see who you copied."

The girl was very angry, but she was helpless. She thought that she had offended the teacher and she would definitely not be able to graduate.

The girl said: "Teacher Wu, you give me a chance. I will tell you when I have new ideas."

Teacher Wu sneered: "Dong Jiuyi, is it just for me to give you a chance? You are really ridiculous. Is there any student who would waste teacher's time like you?" Teacher Wu Ren was very angry, because the students came to him, just to talk directly The professional content of the graduation project.Where do students come to discuss with themselves whether to give opportunities.

Wu Ren said to Dong Jiuyi: "Dong Jiuyi, I am not kidding you, I only give you one week. If you still play this set with me, I will consider not letting you graduate."

Wu Ren, who had finished speaking, was also up and down, he had never done this before.All of his students can graduate smoothly. Although there are a few people who are entertaining, no one has such a bad academic performance as Dong Jiuyi.Dong Jiuyi has been playing games every day since he went to school, and he was shocked by the wastefulness of his studies.He was originally a top student who entered the school with high scores, but he failed in many subjects.

Wu Ren was about to go out, but Dong Jiuyi quickly stopped him, thinking that if he couldn't agree with the teacher about the graduation project this time, he would really not be able to graduate.

Dong Jiuyi whispered: "Give me a chance, I will work hard."

Wu Ren said: "Work hard? Your current mental state is not online, your studies are not perfect, let alone your professional level, there will be no drama at all. I will not take the initiative to give you the research direction of your graduation thesis. You need to think about it for a week. If you can’t figure it out after a week, you can only postpone graduation."

Teachers and students broke up unhappy this time, and Dong Jiuyi hurriedly left the office.Dong Jiuyi has to look for work with an unpleasant attitude.

Faced with the problem of finding a job, Dong Jiuyi was also very worried. He felt that he couldn't find any job because he knew nothing.She can play games, no matter what the game, she knows everything.There happened to be a game tester. She didn't even think about it. After seeing the game, she thought she could give it a try and threw out a resume.She glanced at it and saw a game company like Sand Table Game.

After hurriedly submitting her resume, she left the recruitment scene in loss, knowing that she was not looking for a serious job.

"Dong Jiuyi, what are you desperate for?"

Dong Jiuyi turned around and saw his schoolmate's name, Liu Chengyi.Although Dong Jiuyi has a good relationship with him, he has never liked people with weird thinking and perverse behavior.There are many times when I see him reluctant to say hello.

Dong Jiuyi said weakly: "What are you doing!"

Liu Chengyi has always liked Dong Jiuyi. Although she knows that she loves to play games, she has not disliked it, and even thinks that game science is an important trend in future development. Dong Jiuyi is precisely this genius.Liu Chengyi said to her: "Have you just attended the job fair? How many companies have you voted for?"

Dong Jiuyi said weakly: "I seem to have printed ten copies, and all of them have been voted. I guess there is no hope."

Liu Chengyi said: "Throw it out first. If it doesn't work anyway, don't go chanting. Try what's wrong."

Dong Jiuyi was still thinking about Wu Ren's affairs, and said anxiously to Liu Cheng: "What should I do? I can't even write my graduation thesis now."

Liu Chengyi said: "I can help you write, isn't it just a paper."

Dong Jiuyi said: "What do you know, you are not our professional, and writing a paper is also very laborious, even if you write, our tutor is not good at this level, I just want to have an idea."

Liu Chengyi said: "You can only learn cybernetics based on this. Anyway, think about it yourself, write what you can think of, and don't write what you don't know."

Dong Jiuyi said: "I don't know anything except playing games."

Liu Chengyi said: "Is there anything creative that others don't know? Isn't the essay just writing things that others don't know?"

Dong Jiuyi said: "The games I play, others must know, do you write down my experience of playing game consoles? What do you write? Is it the history of Chinese culture, the five elements and gossip?" Dong Jiuyi knows that Liu Chengyi often likes some gossip Zhouyi Things, deliberately used to tease.

Liu Chengyi said: "I am proficient in Chinese studies, and I am also a major in history, but what I want to write is the history of modern warfare, and I need to deeply analyze the principles of war studies. I am about to finish writing now. My tutor told me I'm satisfied with what I wrote. This is the inspiration I found when I was sitting outside with you that night."

Dong Jiuyi said, "Is it the inspiration for the two of us sitting outside nervously?"

Liu Chengyi said: "Of course, I thought about this thing all night. I have never thought about these issues so seriously. What did you sit and think about?"

A boy suddenly blocked the way of Dong Jiuyi and Liu Chengyi, and the two saw that it was Ji Dan, the monitor of Dong Jiuyi's class.Dong Jiuyi liked this monitor in his heart, but never told him.

Ji Dan said to Dong Jiuyi: "I have something to ask you, can I talk to you alone?"

Dong Jiuyi smiled and nodded to Ji Dan, and at the same time said to Liu Cheng sincerely: "You avoid it, I have something to say to the monitor."

Liu Chengyi knew that Dong Jiuyi liked Ji Dan, but he was not jealous because he knew that Ji Dan actually didn't like Dong Jiuyi.I knew in my heart that it would not be a good thing for Ji Dan to come to her this time.Liu Chengyi hid and didn't go far, quietly watching them two.

Ji Dan said to Dong Jiuyi: "Teacher Wu, just came to me."

When Dong Jiuyi heard this, he stopped smiling.Said to Ji Dan: "What do you mean? Let you tell me, can't I graduate?"

Ji Dan said: "He said so, but I think you have room for recovery. Teacher Wu gave me a task to do your psychological work."

Dong Jiuyi said angrily: "What do you mean? He said I have a problem in my heart?"

Ji Dan didn't speak, indicating that he was tacitly aware.