Buy the Land And Cultivate in Different World

841 Plum wisdom and God of scholarship

Now that the plum tree has become a spiritual tree like this, I will report the results to the client.

To Sugawara Michizane.

In the meantime, when you planted plums that became the sacred tree of the world, and planted them on the grounds of the Tenmangu Shrine of the Otherworld, Daozheng came.

Aaahhhhhhhhhh!? You did it!!

The client is satisfied with the finished product.

I can tell just by feeling this holy spirit! This plum is definitely a spirit log! That's the best tree in the world! Good work, saint! I'm satisfied and satisfied with this!

"I hope it fits your glasses."

That's why I struggled.

Well, even if I rowed down to the finish line, I wouldn't be able to dispel my anxiety at all.

After all, the [Plum Tree of Wisdom] is already ready.

It was the "Tree of Wisdom" that merged with the plum tree.

Then you'll get the best-in-class spiritual formulas in the world compared to the world tree.

When I knew the episode of what the fruit of wisdom in the "Tree of Wisdom" caused, I was only anxious.

However, the "Plum Tree of Wisdom" planted on the premises was really stunning, and even though it was still winter, the landscape seemed to shine with a blooming plum blossom.

Plums usually have white flowers and red flowers on them... "

The white flowers are like powdery snow flying in the moonlight. And the red flowers were like a flaming Guren fire.

If it's true, it's not the season for flowering at all, but it seems that the tree spirit Onoko Ume has distracted me.

"I'm so excited to unveil it, so I'm going to baaaaaaaaaat!!"

I thought it would be amazing if I could bring the tree spirit into full bloom even out of season.

Inspired by the spectacular songs that do not seem to exist in this world, if you witness the people of peace, you will immediately mass-produce the masterpieces.

Plum blossoms, oh plum blossoms, plum blossoms

And he was actually the Dao Zheng who would read a sentence.

After all, the saints were wonderful gentlemen! A splendid plum tree adorned the precincts! Now I can't say that the cherry blossoms are more beautiful!! "

"Don't tell me to stand on the corner too much."

Anyway, I was relieved that Daozheng was pleased with me.

Although the "Plum Tree of Wisdom" is an element of anxiety, it does not trigger anxiety if you simply admire it and love the flowers.

It's just a beautiful, harmless tree.

Daozhen-sama also speculates that the main thing will be nothing because he loves the beauty of the plum blossoms...

All right, let's try the plum fruit too.

Haaaaaaaaaa!? "

But the prediction was quickly betrayed.

Do you eat plums?

The plum fruit that becomes a plum tree!?

The world tree has a special effect on the leaves to cure all diseases? This Spirit Plum must be effective against it! If this kind of spiritual experiment happens again, it will definitely have effects on the plum fruit!? If so, you must actually check it!! "

It is also available.

It has an effect.

As expected of a god of scholarship, it is good to think or reflect.

And with the help of an unusual sense of opposition to the cherry blossoms, you don't want to lose the aesthetic beauty of the world cherry tree that was spiritualized earlier, but also its practical efficacy.

... well.

Whether it is according to Daozhen's guess or his desire, it is possible that the "Plum Tree of Wisdom", which has been spiritualized, can also produce fruit with spiritual effects.

After all, the origin of the fused mythical trees is origin.

To fuse it with the plum tree, the teacher summoned the "tree of wisdom".

A tree that grows in Paradise.

And the fruit of the tree shall dwell in wisdom equal to God, and shall give the ultimate wisdom to him that eateth it.

According to legend, the first couple of mankind touched the wrath of God by eating their fruit. from Paradise.

The fruit of the plum tree fused with the [Tree of Wisdom] is already the fruit of wisdom.

- "The fruit of the plum of wisdom."

When it comes to plum fruit in the first place, it is rather an excellent edible fruit, famous for its dried plum.

It is salted with the leaves of the siso, and it turns bright red, sour and delicious.

Excellent foods that can be stored for a long time.

It could be said to be one of Japan's leading foods.

Such familiar and delicious food... wouldn't it be a big deal if it added such traits as "I can get the level of wisdom to touch the wrath of God if I ate it"!!

It is said to have effects such as fatigue recovery and digestion promotion, but it would not have survived if such a divine effect had been added!?

Definitely the world's disequilibrium!

The wisdom of being kicked out of paradise at the time of eating, the people of this world are wearing pom-poms!

In addition, when it comes to plum fruit, it is pickled in sake and enjoyed as plum wine.

Plum wine was once made on the farm.

But what if the raw materials were made from the plum fruit of wisdom filled with the wisdom of God?

Isn't that what makes a new sake that is spoken in other myths!?

If such sake comes out, the world will be in trouble!

So I definitely don't want this [Plum Tree of Wisdom] to bear fruit!

I'll take care of it! If you use my power as a tree spirit, you will be able to bear fruit immediately!!

Don't be superfluous!!

However, soon after I stopped, with the care of the tree spirit Onoko Ume, the "Plum Tree of Wisdom" immediately produced green plum fruits.

And more than one.

The bell ringer.

Oh! Wonderful! Ume-dried and Ume-sake will take a long time, so why don't you try them in sweet boil!

No, no, no, no, no!

As expected, I also have deep knowledge of the God of Science and cooking.

However, if it is actually eaten, it will not be recovered (there is a strong possibility that it will become an emergency), so it is stopped even if it is pretended to be in a hurry.

And I had no choice but to leave behind the secret of the wisdom plum that I had hidden.

The description begins…….

…… End of description.

What kind of man and woman were exiled for eating this fruit?

Yes! That's right!

I wanted to surprise you without informing you of anything, but I didn't.

In that case, as the next best thing, I'll have to talk to you about it.

'I will not be driven away from Paradise because I have just acquired wisdom.... there's a certain side to knowledge. The more you know, the more the world expands and your behavior becomes refined, but at the same time the wise man becomes arrogant. They will look down on those who have less knowledge than themselves as fools and create unwanted habits. "

"No, that's another story..."

I used to be that way. Rich in singing genius and leading to Tang Tianju's discipline, I was recognized as a scholar and emerged in the world. It was envied by uninteresting foolish talents, and received a mantra, and was finally banished from Kyoto. It might have been my discipline that was supposed to help me, but it was hunting me down. "

Something strange in common has been struck.

The first couple who ate forbidden fruits and gained wisdom but could not stay in paradise...

Shinji Sugawara was neglected by his surroundings due to his talent and busy life.

The woe was upon both of them, and they were banished from a place where they could not escape.

”... was I Adam from Hinomoto?”

"I don't think so."

[Whatever happens, the past intellect will destroy itself... it seems that it is a common thing between the East and the West. If so, it would be nice to scrape off the excess as much as possible and adjust it just fine...... "

Dao Zheng took his hand and said, "Uuuuuuuu...!" 'Remember.

Whether it is somehow effective, the spirits possessed by the plum tree...

Umeye! Umeyeyeyeyeye!!

I was tied up with my body.

It's disgusting.

"With this, the power of the fruit is transformed, and there is no wisdom enough to be mysterious just by eating. Even so, the circulation of the head gets better, the brain is activated, and the benefits of better memory remain."

So, you think it's been modified to make it as effective as a brain hood, which would make you smarter if you ate it?

The fruit of wisdom, in the broad sense of the word, is it a brain hood?

It's beautiful to look at! The more fruit you eat, the smarter you'll be! With all these advantages, our plums will not be defeated by the cherry blossoms! Hahahaha!! ”

Besides that, I'm in a good mood, Daozhen.

From my standpoint... it's good to be able to feel the season with beautiful flowers of any kind, and the dried plums and sake are delicious.

And I felt like another specialty would be added to the farm if I could get the brain food that was the subject of discussion.

― ― "Plum Tree of Wisdom".

― ― The wisdom plum that can be extracted from it.

This is likely to become popular again!?