Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up

One story. I was reincarnated with a cat.

I, Cage Murata, have one cat.

A female cat named Misha who turns three this year.

The hairs are black.

I thought I'd name it Cro, but I felt like I was out of my mind, so I made it Misha.

It's a cat I had at the same time that I started my salaried life.

I got to work in a region where I didn't have the edge or the itch because of the company I got the job from.

Of course I don't have one of my friends.

I mean, sometimes the calls you make at work are even hard dialects to hear.

Yes, it was a dimension that I didn't even understand the words.

Snow accumulated dozens of centimeters in winter. I even had a shipwreck in the neighborhood of the house.

I've thought many times about quitting already.

Still, I could go on because Misha was there.

Really, Misha was my only friend.

It bothered me so loud for food, but it got on my lap as strangely as it did when I was depressed at work. He's consoling me.

One day in the winter, Misha snorted in front of the front door.

This is a signal that you want to go outside.

Cats hate to be cold, but that is highly individual.

Misha doesn't like cold either, but she prefers to walk close to ten minutes.

When it comes to walking, I hold it in my chest.

I had a slightly poor vision with the snow that day.

Moreover, the road surface is also frozen.

"There's a lot of car slips on a day like this."

Be especially careful with the truck......

Winter accidents really skyrocket when it comes to snow.

Sometimes cars that are usually stopped are not stopped.

- And the truck slipped and came this way.


Misha rang in surprise, too.

But I was calm.

Do you get hit by a truck so lightly?

In spite of the magnificence, I jump bigger in the column.



It was on the bridge there.

There's a river running pretty low on water down there.

With all the momentum, I fell off the bridge.

Every Misha was struck by a river......

◇ ◇ ◇

"Hey... you're a great way to die..."

I noticed there was a goddess-like person in front of me.

"Immediate death from truck evasion...... Besides, it's rare that cats die too... I think they usually die covered in cats..."

"Even if you're so frightened..."


"Ah, Misha's here too!

Right, you even let Misha die because of me...

"Honestly, I don't care about you, but I'm a cat lover in the goddess"

You're being too honest, goddess.

"Because of this, let me reincarnate you with that cat"

"Thank you! That's great!

Blah, blah. Any hell you have Misha.

"Then make it a course to reincarnate with your cat in the hero's strongest setting!

"Thank you!

The goddess reaches this way.

Me and Misha's body are starting to glow.

All you have to do is wait for reincarnation.

But somehow the look on the goddess's face clouded.

"Oh, wrong..."

Wait a minute.

Now, goddess, what did you say?

"The left and right settings are the opposite...... Well, no. I'll keep doing this!

That very disturbing word became the last I heard there.

◇ ◇ ◇

When I noticed, I was in front of a large summoning circle.

"Oops, looks like you're out alone again"

A man with strong arms stood like he was partitioning there.

"This is Mayley, king's capital of the Kingdom of Gartred. There will be other people like you in this summons circle."

You don't even ask, but you tell me.

Well, you can't possibly know this without asking.

"But it's rare to come out with a cat..."

I have a proper Misha in my arm.


All right, all right, I can do anything with you.

She said the goddess made a mistake or something, but that doesn't seem to happen, especially.

Then the man gave me leather armor and metal swords.

"Just about to leave, so put that on"

"Where's the departure?

"The newcomers are supposed to be out in a dungeon near Wang Du. This is a kind of charity. I'm not on edge at all, so I'm gonna have to show my strength and live."

Indeed, I was tormented by being a salesman in a land I had no ties to.

The man says that if we achieve good results in the dungeon, they will hire us in the country as it is.

There are monsters in the dungeon, naturally, so it's hard just to move on with this.

As a country, you can also get good military personnel, so I guess that means it's beneficial.

"Well, people from different worlds usually have high status. Assuming the average person is LV1, it's normal to have about LV15 that you can do as an adventurer. Well, there's no military escort in the country, so maybe it's just as good as that."

Well, the goddess suddenly made me do some targeted cheats that were LV100.

"Status can be seen if you think about showing your status."

I was a little excited to think about it.



Occupation: TBD

Health: 9

Magic: 2

Attack: 6

Defense: 5

Fastness: 5

Intelligence: 8

Skills: None

Other: I have a cat.

"This, you ordinary man!

Goddess, you're making a mistake! This will kill you as soon as you go into battle!

Dungeons You should stop going......

You're going to die thinking like this normally.

And Misha walked out of my arms.

"Hey! You're gonna get lost!

Misha finally stops.

Before that, the carriage, written in the words "to the dungeon" and its world, has also stopped.

"You're telling me Misha should go."

This is also a guide to something.

I decided to take the carriage.

I was briefly briefed in a moving carriage.

The dungeons are at their lowest, very deep like there are up to thirty levels underground, and one guideline seems to be to go down to the hierarchy, usually as far as the level.

For example, if the level is 5, you can usually go up to about 5 levels underground.

And then he says if you go into the dungeon and go back to the carriage, he'll give you 3000 gains as a reward. Apparently, in Japanese yen, it feels like 30,000 yen.

You mean live for a while with this money?

If we go to another 15 levels underground, they'll give us 15000 gains. Did you get the impression that he was so promising?

150,000 yen in Japanese yen? Not bad as funds for the time being.

but you won't be able to do it with LV1......

I was in a carriage with him. A man from the Adventurer Apprentice spoke to me.

"Hey, why don't we go for fifteen layers together? We've already talked about the four of us going together. I don't care how many people go into the dungeon."

"I appreciate the conversation...... guys, how many levels are there?

It's LV14.

This is LV13.

It's LV16.


Look, I'm stunningly focused on the LV15 or so.

"I'm LV1."

"Hey, stop joking like that because you don't like going with me ~"

"It's true..."

When I said it with a serious face, I was seen with a merciful eye.

As an adventurer I guess it's already over...


Misha rang without even worrying about the air.