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Title: Chen You old dream

Author: Liang A slag


A young master in Jinling Fuji's home.

A simple prone to Chengdu rebelly retired.

Two identity backgrounds, other men, each with a remember of the new life, far away from his hometown to this towns, and the Yin Yongshang lives.

So, the beautiful new life becomes the period of the week ...

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Wedge Chengutian Town Ten Dynamic Shape Junsheng God is now true

Chen You Town is in the southwest of Jinlingfu.

The town is sitting along the river, beautiful and rich, and the people are simple.

After the town of the town, I went straight to the diam and went straight to the place, and there was a market, and people called "Fortune".

The Fortune God originally refers to a house in a house located here.

This house is dusty for more than ten years, and the year is closed. But even if a high wall is accepted, you can spy a few points from the exquisite flying eaves of the wall.

There is a large vast space in front of the house gate, and the air land is round to the hospital wall, and it is facing the river. There is also a row of poollet bench in the House of Hostel, which is located in the Linhe. The Zhu Zhi of the chair has already been brushed by Chen Jutong's rain, revealing the yellow log, and it is coming to the championship.

I have been lively in front of the goddess house. I have never known the owner of this house.

The rumor has been a home producer of a big person in Jinling City.

Initially, there was a child curious. I want to turn into the wall to go in; I have adults to scare the bobbal children, and the road is in the house, can't live!

It is a , but it has turned away from the public, and it has become a rumor. It became "lives in the house."

It is expected that the people in the town, the people on the town, are surrounded by the open space in front of the godsmen, and sell some homemade pastries.

The Fortune Government is in the middle of Chen Dan, and there is a passage of the South Launa. Under the premise of the passenger flow, it is misunderstanding that it has formed a centralized business model of the diet area, and the business is very natural.

But everyone does not understand the logic, the truth is the beloved, and the rumor of this "God of Fortune" is more crazy.

The story to tell, happened in Shunde's 16th year.

In the eve of the eighth year of September, the evening of Chen Tao Shenfu, people put their own business as usual. But I saw a shadow that built a beautiful young man, and she rodeed a big black horse back. She walked away.

Chen You is not big, and the parents who have been in the year are nothing more than that of this wife. There is a dog, and it is possible to taire the sake of the fine.

So Tang is now in the man's vision, quickly annihilate the bustling sound in front of the god of the gods, and the eyes are sitting, and observes the people -

I saw the young people who had a dark eye and a darkness of the dust, and they stopped in the market.

After turning over the horse, after standing in Zhang Wang film, I touched a crumpled map from the broken cuffs, I was a fat girl who sold the burning fish next to the body, and I asked the strange township: "Hey, please listen to you, Xiao Xia I don't know here ... what is it? "

The party's twenty fatigu did not understand what is "" is what is called by the sound of the sound. I only know that this is eight feet, and I will talk to myself, and I will be red and diligently. I took a closer look at the map in your hands.

After a while, you lift your head: "Little official, what do you do with this?"

Youth: "My home."

"...?" Fat Gu closed again, "your home?"

Youth: "My home."

"your home?"

Youth: "Yes, my family."

Fatun got a moment of a moment, looking back at the God of Wealth: "Just here ..."

"Thank you!" The youth looked up at the moment, took the horse and went forward, smashed the lock hole of the sand, touched the key from the waist, and turned a circle.

This dusty house is in a dusty dust, it is pushed away.