The fifth 10th temples continue to talk to the young people in the teenager

This virtual shock almost took Lin Wei to the soul.

As a result, this doctor did not open the doctor, only smiled and laughed: "You don't worry, the Ding point is not. Previously, the blood in the skull has been clean, and now Tang Gongzi is very strong!"

Lin Yun's brow is three points, but still asked: "How do he don't have end nosebleed?"

Tang Gongzi is a bloody age ... he looked at what thought of, how can he know - this nosebleed is only good health, the Yang fire is full of life - Tang Gongzi is time to find a wife. "

Lin Hao listened, slowed the anxiety, and didn't help but laugh.

After sending away the doctor, the two lie back and lied back, Tang Yushu took Lin Yun's back to him, said: "I am strong like a cattle, you are afraid!"

"I am afraid that you are dead, I am busy alone." Lin said is tough, but arched into Tang Yushuhuai hugs: "You think I will be reluctant!"

Tang Yushu has long been a problem that is in the heart, only to tease him: "The Yang fire is a scorpion mean? How to save?"

"Do you mean!" Lin Hao is still tough, but he lifted his head to kiss to Tang Yushu.

I said "death" on my mouth, but people still have to "save".

The specific rescue process is not described here.

And said the next day, Jinling City Hua lights. Linfu gathered a group of people to drink tea gossip.

I haven't come back since I haven't come back. Lin Master's book is asked, replying that the Lantern Festival is not going back.

After reading the letter, Lin Master squatted with the dragon and said: "This wild! It is the dead outside, and the Laozi is angry!"

It's , the corner of the mouth, almost, I have to have the ear of the ear.

Guests ask: "What is your business?"

Lin Ye did a very annoying school, but the words were showing off: "Hey ... what small breakwar! Buying is very good ... this is not, the big year will run back! This Lantern Festival I don't want to come back - say that business is busy don't start! "

It is awarded the topic to turn the topic.

"Invest in dining in this year, your family has eyes!"


"Speaking of the catering industry, do you know? - King's children in Jinling, open a greece! Light is relying on the land, Chen Tan has risen the number of tourists during the Spring Festival this year!"

"Is the" point lip "? -" Jiangnan Moon News "is written. I heard that the library was opened in a home, there were dozens of acres before and after, and the table was full of Dangdang, and more guests greetings. But come ... "

"When you mention the little lip ... The old man is just borrowed, providing someone in the position -" Lin Master looked at the sound, the original is the original Hongyu Temple, Qiu Qiu, only listening to him slowly said This so-called doorway: "Last year, Chengdu is overcome, and the home of the people of the people will become the most concerned about the court - encouraging the people to live in the future, reproduce the brilliant brilliance of Chengdu City. I will encourage them ... "

- This is the responsibility of Hongyi Temple: monitoring and studying public opinion, and then use public opinion to guide people's livelihood development.

For example, during the betrayal war, establish a character of 'Jiao General Li', telling his legendary story, and spreading the story, it is an effective means to encourage people's heart ... and now the stage of retraction, The legend of Jiao General has already turned over. The court needs to be entrepreneurial stories to encourage people's livelihood - 'Point lip' is now typical by Hongyi Temple in the eyes. "

After Lin Master's cause, he also studied a few books after school. If you can listen to the autumn, there is still a misty water, so you mean what you mean? "

The autumn people smiled: "The brothers want to do investment, I will take my hand early -" Legend of the God of Fortune ", the Hongyi Temple has been prepared, and it is expected that this year will be in the street lane. People speak this. The story of the lips'. "

Regardless of Lin Master heard it, the spectators who have been specializing in speculative is listening, immediately standing up: "This library is as big!"

The autumn of the autumn looked at the face of the flower, "" laughed out, only turned the head to Lin Master, repeated the words of the flower adult: "This library is going to be big - this means."

Flowerner's nature of the people who were present were argued: "Don't grab the public! I will listen to my son-in-law mentioned the library - the shopkeeper of the library, like the old friend of my son-in-law - you want Where is it, Gusu is still Lin'an, I can't help it, but Jinling, I will say it! "

Lin Master's eyebrows: "Your son-in-law - scent of the little child? How much do you plan to invest?"

Flower is not awkward: "One thousand two!"

Lin Master shook his head: "No, you want to vote, you will get this date at least in the early stage!" Said than a five.

Flower people ridiculed Lin Mildew: "Lao Lin, you are confused, how do you earn money? Is it necessary?"

Lin Master gave a bite of tea: "To cast a lip, you must first order - Linfu Zhengmen, the building, just shout, just in the city, and Zeng Qin Huaihe, I see Choose where it is right - Site is already so luxurious, then you can't pay 5,000? "

Flower adults continue to laugh: "Lao Lin wants me to give him a little lip at home - so that he can eat it in the day!"

Lin Master was repeated, and there was no unhappy. He wanted to eat: "I can't eat on the day - I don't mention it. You spend the big people even five thousand and two. ... I think you Poor. "

Flower adults: "How is I pitiful?"

Lin Lao said: "I missed my son such a good son-in-law, and I got the old Shenjia, I was the first poor; I missed the lip of the lip, such a good investment program - this is the second poor "

"How to ... Lao Lin, do you want to compete with me this case?"

Lin Master gave a mouth, a "regretted" for you, looked at the flowers shook his head; then looked to everyone, a "hate iron is not a steel" expression, the clouds are light: " Coincidentally - this lip, is a dog and he opens the brother. "

Everything is full.

Of course, Lin Master is very exclamated.

After the last day of the first month, it was a closed day of the lip.

Chen Bo is behind the kitchen night soup, in the courtyard, sing songs in the yard, Tang Yuhu returned to the Western chamber to take a shower, Lin Yu settle the account, and smashed the temple before the account case.

Said to be fun - Tang Yushu said when he listened to the house yesterday, I like to play some birds, today, I went to Xishan, I went to Xishan, caught two mountain pigeons. One hand is holding a neck, and I have a hand in Lin Gui.

Lin said was shocked, and he learned that it was laughing and laughed forward; the ultimately people decided to stew soup.

I have said that I have to go back tomorrow to go back to Jinling. At this time, Tang Yushu is sitting in the bath bucket, how to deal with Lin Hao, how to deal with Lin Hao, seeing tomorrow. That Dynasty turned into the Xixiang house in the mountain pigeon soup, seeing him, asking him what happened?

Tang Yushu is in vitious: "You are scary."

Lin Hao "" laughed: "Where is he scary? ... Say really, I listen to the inner sessions, he still likes you, just like a bull who blows his son, My son, he put the brother '- later sure, it was "I did my son' ... Don't be afraid."

Tang Yushu is lowered by the eyebrows: "Really?"

"Really!" Lin Wei put the hot soup on the table: "He didn't send you a baby that I sent to him? -, I'm thinking of it, fast! Take a look what?"

Tang Yushu stood up from the bucket, and his body was running in the room, and he ran Lin Zai also chaotically. I saw him picking up a lingerie. I touched a golden shack in the pocket of the front, handed it to Lin Yan.

Lin Hao disassembles the bag, there is a small wooden box inside; then disassemble the small wooden box, there is a small bag inside; then open the blast, it is a flaky wrapped in a cloth; The cloth strips on the sheet were disassembled. I saw it in a full rust-"blade head?" Lin Zenessed; Tang Yushu found the mystery: "On the cloth Have a word! "

Lin Yanyi has twisted the cloth, looks carefully - I saw that the way was too long because of the age. Lin Hao is closely identified, reading it all by words: "Darger ... Let my child ... is ... Hisdom ..."? ... What is it ... Old ... ...... Pixabay ...... Your dog's eyes ... broken your dog ... leg cut ... your dog ... egg? "

Tang Yushu was frightened and retired, touched the body side of a stack of clothes.

"This is the treasure you left to you ... Baby? Is your grandfather?"

Lin Yan smiled, the table is too gas, and the mind is imaginated in the mind that his father will get this "treasure" in his hands.

After smiling, I quickly hurried Tang Yushu: "I've been holding it in your hand - that is new clothes, I will take it to me, I will wear this set when I see me tomorrow."

Wipe the body, after the surprise, I will change the new clothes he bought by Lin, Tang Yushu frowed: "If you don't dare to see you!"

Lin Hao came to replace his collar, looked at Tang Yushu, still couldn't help but laugh, smile and smiled, and couldn't help but hold Tang Yushu: "Very spirit, my eyes are really good!"

Tang Yushu nodded: "This dress is very picked!"

"Stupid!" Lin Hao, touched tone, but also turned soft after a moment: "... I am talking about the child's eyes."

Forget the widal light of the sheared light, so the flames are awkward.

Under the fire, Lin Hao is looking for Tang Yushu.

Since he looks at it, Lin Wei recalls the day of the beginning of Chen Jian again.

At that time, I left Jinling City, and the route in my memory was suddenly moving forward, and I was helpless.

Standing in front of the courtyard of the goddess, he was inexplicably wanted to drop his tears. He pushed the door. There is only this cold ice home.

How to pass the next day ... Lin Hao is in the mind, no matter how many plans are doing, and they still don't want to think about it.

"Take a step by step ..." Lin Yan mysterish.

Back to the small town of fireworks and gentle sunset. He closed his eyes, and he pushed the dream between the war.

A "- -" Incoming the ear.

I would like to have a clear and lonely homes, I have already been given a teenager by fate.

I saw that the amount of red headscarf was in front of him, and there was nothing, and it was standing in the wooden barrel.

When a while, the wind passed through it, and the tail end of the teenager's head tilted, the clear and clear scorpion fell on himself.

The old dreams of Chen You, finished.