Mel, pointing to Cain, drew a lot of the king's blood, or bound a short, standing blonde hair behind her, and dressed in the same way as the others to face the battle.

Moreover, he was only a beastman, and he was militant. Maybe because he likes to fight and has a father to the king.

That is why we respond harshly to the weak.

However, according to Happiness, it was not convincing to explain that this boy who was the same age as himself was said to be the strongest in the Esfort Kingdom.

No matter how many people in the country testify, they have not actually seen it.

The Tiger Beastman was not believable for Mel, even though he was superior in the kingdom of the Kermes Beast, even if he heard that the boy in front of him was stronger.

"Mel, that would be rude to a guest who is coming to support us from an ally. Even if I didn't actually see what I was capable of. And so says Gandhal."

"Father! I only believe what I actually saw with my eyes!"

It's not a problem for Cain to actually show off his strength. I had already played against Gandhar, and it was only part of my strength.

I'm not going to hide it, and I'm going to use my power if there's a real danger around me.

However, as a superior aristocrat who could actually use healing magic, I didn't have to show it because I was going to the Kermes Beast Kingdom.

However, Mel was still not satisfied.

Mel, too, was a lion with the blood of a king. They are quite strong compared to other races from their lineage.

Still, there are more powerful men in this country than Mel. It was because it was an experience in age or because it was a technology.

In fact, Gandhar was stronger than Mel.

“It's no problem to actually show off your strength. However, please remember that I am only visiting this country as a healer (Priest)."

Cain began to speak as if he had given up until the conversation was over.

"I thank Lord Cain for his enthusiasm." Now, let's play against someone and show them what they're capable of. "

"No, I can show my ability here." I just need your permission. "

The king nodded deeply to Cain's words.

"I'll leave the method to you." I'll give it a try. "

And Cain nodded unto the words, as they spread unto this place of sight.

Of course, avoid the members of your own country who are accompanying you.

The air changes in an instant.

In an instant, Cain made everyone realize they were going to be mowed in an instant.

It is not the murderous intent of those who have not yet attained adulthood.

And the beasts that were in the midst of them blew bubbles, and crumbled down; and some flew behind them, and hid behind the pillars of the heavens, and trembled.

Mei also jumped back and folded his head's ears, shaking his tail with his crotch.

Even the Beast King might have jumped if he hadn't sat in his chair, but he was forcing his legs to quiver while sweating cold.

"... that's enough. I understand enough."

Cain diffuses his murderous aura into the king's words.

With the murder gone, the people who were at the scene finally relaxed.

However, half of them were already falling unconscious.

The sighing king sends his gaze to May, who is shaking behind him.

Mae, is this enough for you?

Hiding behind the king's words and frightened, Mae slowly approached Cain in silence.

And as he stood in front of Cain, he fell asleep, showing his belly.

"... eh"

I don't know what to do with Cain, who's throbbing as if he's obedient.

I looked around, but the beasts who were somehow conscious, including the king, were stunned.


Of course, the companions from the Kingdom of Esfort remained silent.

"... um, what should I do with this...?" erm..... "

I didn't know what to do with May, who was following me at my feet, but for the time being, I tried to stroke my stomach like a crouching cat.

Mei, who was being stroked, sniffed his throat in a pleasant way.

There is only one way to cough at such a time.

"--Mei... how long are you going to do that..."

A slightly angry voice echoed in the place where I saw it.

To the beast man, to lie down and show his belly, shows that he is obedient to the other.

Mei, the princess who had been eating Cain before, was the first to submit.

But for Mei, it was instinctive to be insane and obedient to the desperate murderous spirit that she had received for the first time.

In response to the king's words, Mae jumped back from Cain as if she had regained her sanity.


When I returned to the place where I was, my face was dyed bright red to make me feel ashamed.

"I can't help it." Let's get back to it. I don't think there's a problem with the strength I just received. There's nothing that's dependent on me. Talk to the practitioners about the details. My Beast Kingdom welcomes the help of the Esfort Kingdom with all its heart. "

After finishing the talk, the king left and was escorted to a guest room from the Esfort Kingdom.

Only Cain, however, is allowed into a more luxurious room than the others.

Cain, unlike the others, was a superior nobleman in the kingdom of Esfort, and was treated accordingly.

Sit on the sofa and think about the future.

"I'll have a meeting tomorrow, and I'll be heading to the front soon..."

Cain is supposed to go to the front, but only as a recovery officer.

Cain, a minor, is forbidden by the king to take part in the war.

He was allowed to use force only to defend himself, but Cain himself knew his status, so he understood that he could take the country by himself.

That's why I can't.

At that time, the door was knocked on.