Mr. Makabe was stunned. As a response from the Oda army, they naturally closed the gate and thought that someone would do something to stop the deception.

However, the gifted storehouse that holds the Branch Castle is tired of just opening the gate and waiting without even a guard.

It is unavoidable to stand in the "Gifts of Sakai", which is named after the master of spears, after receiving the stem of the clan known as the "Demon Shinabe" (nicknamed "Adana").

"I see that you're going to be a child." I declare that Satake, Hitomi Hitomi and Makaba are the ministers. First of all, I would like to thank you for the battle! "

"If you don't stand up to the challenge of [Demon Makabaki], you'll break the fame of the warrior." Regardless of whether you win or lose this battle, we can guarantee the safety of everyone but Makabe. After getting enough rest, you can come anytime as soon as you are ready! "

"Excessive consideration, painful, no need to worry." This Makabe will be your opponent in no time! "

"That's a good mood!" Then let's fight in a quarter of an hour. Until then, rest for a while. If you need anything, please let us know.

Saying so, Gionzo held the floor guards sitting down on the side of him and pulled them up to the east side of the stage. Inevitably, the Makabe group would move to the west of the stage.

Soldiers from Oda's army came to the audience, surrounded by both the east and west factions, and the impromptu arena began to heat up at once.

The Makabe faction was surrounded by enemy soldiers, but since it was prepared to step into the dead end, it was not only shrinking, but opening up again.

The Oda soldiers were unarmed, and the castle gate remained open, so it was like a match venue surrounded by strange tensions.

It was Mr. Tsubaki who made the first step to the stage. Enter the stage without waiting for a quarter of a century, and wave the tochigi stick in your hand to test your hand.

On the other hand, Shizuko's handmade hourglass (30-minute total) stood up leisurely after watching it fall off.

Well, now that we're at the limit, are we ready?

"(and) it's made of cyanosis." I have to compete with you! "

That's right, Mr. Tsuji put a Tochigi stick on his shoulder. In response, Gionzo held the spear in his hand at the lower level of the clan's trunk.

(kh...... it's hard to do)

Mr. Shinken thought as he squeezed his feet into each other's distance.

The Tochigi stick in the clan trunk is twice as thick as a gifted spear, and the strikes from the clan trunk's rigidity boast unblockable power.

If the Tochigi stick and the spear meet properly, the spear side will be disadvantaged in terms of weight and power, and it will not be a good match.

That's why I put my spear in the lower stage to stop the opponent from stepping in to close the gap. No matter how much you're shinning, you can't move if you're pierced by the tip of a spear.

If this happens, the clan's trunk will not be able to position the Tochigi stick in the upper stage, but will have to gently lower the tip of the Tochigi stick so as to hold the lower spear.

The Tochigi rod, which was no longer in a swinging state, was slow to swing due to its weight, and was killed by its merits. It was a master's action that sealed the movement of the opponent with just one stance.


The first thing I set up was a gifted storehouse. With the spear in my hand, I slashed from my ankle to my knee, lifting it from below.

In response to this, Mr. Trunk did not want to be separated by avoiding it, but instead stepped in and slashed the Tochigi stick into the ground and played the slash of the genius.

While spinning his spear, Celestial Zodiac anticipated being played, and released a spinning kick with the opposite leg.

Mr. Sensei could not sense the kick coming from the blind spot of the flowing posture by playing the spear, and he was staggered by a sharp kick that punched through his torso.

The audience cheered as both sides took a wide distance again after being kicked.

"What... is this a kick?!"

In the fight between the spear and the Tochigi stick using long objects, the distance was narrower and it could not be a decision hit, and the kick that was released until it took the risk of taking one foot off the ground shook the common sense of the clan trunk.

Although it was off the stone of spear technique, the kick of the gifted man weighed down made Mr. Shi's trunk impatient.

Mr. Shinken then took the lead and swung the Tochigi stick sideways, launching a storm-like blow that utilized the huge distance and weight.

On the other hand, the genius reads the distance of the Tochigi stick and avoids it. He slashes the Tochigi stick that passed behind him with his spear and greatly breaks the clan's trunk.

After taking a big blow, the clan's trunk, which was further increased with a spear, was exposed to a deadly gap.


The gifted man who returned the spear in his arm pushed the opposite stone collision (izuki) into the trunk of the clan who swam sharply.

The blow unleashed by the master, Tenzo, approaches the lacquered body composed of curved surfaces to escape the impact, and causes a large crack to occur.

In response to the impact that pushed from the abdomen to the back, Mr. Tsubaki made a big step backward, and held the Tochigi stick at the front to prevent the pursuit of the talented.

(Gah! What a blow, my stomach would have been torn without my armor...)

Mr. Trunk throws up blood from his throat to his mouth and throws it up, then wipes his mouth with his sleeve and battles.

We could understand each other's power differentials with just two meetings. It's a pity, but Mr. Ozo is at a height beyond the reach of his trunk, and he has no chance of winning a skillful battle.

Still, Mr. Trunk did not give up. In this one-ride battle, not only does it carry its own weight as a martial artist, but it also carries the weight that only determines the end of the main house.

If your moves are not enough, you will have to abandon yourself and take the victory.

At the same time that Mr. Shinkansen decided to be prepared, the gifted storehouse unleashed a sharp thrust like a thunderbolt.

By holding the Tochigi stick short, Mr. Takigi lowered the center of gravity backwards to make it easier to handle, and defended against the rapid thrust released by the talent store.

"Oh dear! Why, if you just prevent it, you won't be able to reach something (that's what it is)?"

In his mouth, he was a talent who was inciting Mr. Trunk, but in his heart, he was stunned by the strength of Mr. Trunk and his unbreakable heart.

Even Shizuko was said to be a master of spears, and it was rare for a talented man to be able to compete so far.

Even if you receive a kick from outside your consciousness, you won't even fall down after receiving a thrust with the strength of your body. You will remember the battle on the trunk of your club's trunk, where roots have grown on the ground.

In addition, in response to the distance being separated, I was admired for the technique received by the Tochigi stick, which was inferior in number, by adding the rotation released by handling it in my hand.

(Ugh... what a heavy thrust. If you can keep this up, you won't be able to take it... then you'll be alive in the dead!)

Even though he was playing with the Tochigi stick, which was important and was supposed to win, his trunk was wrapped around his tongue as the shock of numbness was transmitted to his hand.

The willed clan member's trunk was pushed by Waza and Giongzo, pretending that his posture had collapsed.

Without overlooking the gap exposed by Mr. Shinkansen, Gionzo released a beating from the diagonal upper section.

Those who have no knowledge of martial arts will not die from being slapped with a spear, but this is a mistake.

Indeed, if the tip of the spear was stabbed, it would be strong enough to kill the opponent with a single blow. However, it was difficult to hit an opponent who was moving around violently with a dot attack.

In contrast, the attack of the line that benefited from centrifugal force and gravity, even if it was a completely amateur, caused the opponent to suffer a concussion from above the helmet, and it was a blow that quickly broke the cervical spine.

In fact, the spear blows released by the talent store had the power to dent the metal armor and break the opponent.


If he made a mistake, Mr. Tsunezo's stem, which leads to death, stepped forward without defending at all and took the blow.

Then, the thunderous flame was thrown out, and the blow from his body was thrown into the gifted spear. The blow that put the life of Mr. Trunk at risk broke the handle of the spear, which was supposed to be terribly tough, from half to half.

However, the price was by no means small.

I received the master's blow without defending it. Although I staggered my points, I was numb from the waist of Mr. Trunk, and I wasn't even sure if I was standing right now.

I thought maybe my hip bones were broken or shattered. Even so, he took the opponent's weapon and filled the gap to capture the genius within the range of the Tochigi stick.

It was the interval between the first encounter and the special encounter. Mr. Shinken unleashes a final blow, a downfall from the upper level, with the momentum of his own fall.

It was a special blow that could not be defended or evaded.

Should I describe it as slimy? With a strange movement that had no reserve movements, such as the extreme beatlessness of martial arts, Gizo avoided this desperate blow.

This was a movement that was stolen from Hua Ying, a person rumored to be both a heavenly warrior in the Shizuko Army. Although it was not yet fully usable, it made it impossible to concentrate on death.

Avoiding a waterfall-like blow while stepping in front of him, Gionzo trampled the clan trunk's Tochigi stick from above and fixed it to the ground, and pushed the collision of the spear that had been broken from the middle into the clan trunk again.

The Gifted Zang's blow was a deadly blow without any restraint.

However, what kind of mischief was destined for, the collapsing clerk's trunk's posture subtly shifted the points, and the armor's body was shattered and scattered.

Mr. Shinken did not get up when he blew backwards as if he were kneading a cone.

After a moment of silence, the audience's cheers exploded. Mr Trunk sees his servants rushing by.

Mr. Ozo was relieved to see that he was answering while his trunk was being held back.

It would have seemed that the talent store was overwhelmed by the sidelines, but it was an impressive victory to follow the real thin ice.

In the long life of a talented martial artist, he had never had his spear smashed and broken.

Even though the Tochigi stick is heavy and the clan's trunk is rigid, I can't believe that it can be folded to aim at the handle of a spear.

As a talented artist, he was relieved that he had won a single battle that he could not be beaten, and he wanted to re-fight with the clan's trunk in order to reach a higher level as a martial artist.

"It was the first time that the battle of the 'Demonic Mahjong Wall' had been fought in contradiction to the rumors, and it was brilliant. And the wound shall not come to pass immediately, but thou shalt abode and heal it.

"It's painful to be a loser." Let me spoil your words. "

There were martial arts who fought each other with all their might. Satake would probably cut his helm to peace by cutting this.

We're breaking up with our enemies now, but one day we might be fighting side by side.

If Makabe-sama's wound heals, I'll apply for a rematch.

"What a chance to be humiliated by snow!" If you do, let's dream about that moment and encourage you. "

The warriors who recognized each other broke up without telling much.

Shizuko went to the technical town of Ogari and was facing the researchers.

The subject of the research was the crude oil of the "burning loose water of the overpass".

Crude oil is a mixture of various substances, and various extracts can be obtained by distillation using the boiling point of each substance.

He had originally studied distillation equipment for alcohol, and for some reason he had a lot of knowledge about distillation equipment for crude oil, so he rowed down to the stage of prototyping small items.

"Hmm, if you try to make this bigger after all, it will be a huge facility..."

What troubled Shizuko and the engineers was that the oil refineries were about to become enormous facilities.

Its size exceeds the scope of distillation equipment, and it is appropriately called the earliest distillation tower.

The prototype currently in front of Shizuko is about 30 centimeters high and 5 centimeters in diameter.

However, it was unimaginable that equipment for the full-scale import of crude oil from Echigo and the mass production of petroleum refining substances such as petrol, which is demanded by Ashigamoto, could be used.

In terms of the strength of the available materials, it is expected that it will not be possible to build at the same ratio, which is comparable to a castle 30 meters high and 10 meters in diameter at the design stage.

"Besides, smoke exhaust is a problem... sulphurous acid gas was definitely the cause of [Yokkaichi Asthma]."

Unlike crude oil from the Sagara oil field, which was originally expected, crude oil extracted from the Kurokawa oil field contains a large amount of sulfur. Therefore, the exhaust smoke discharged from the prototype distillation system emitted a strong irritant odor.

It was confirmed that it probably contains a lot of sulphite gas (sulphur dioxide), and there is no doubt that it will cause pollution if dripped.

At the same time, however, a solution to this problem has been proposed from the perspective of sufficiency. At the scale of the prototype, it was possible to sufficiently remove sulfur by creating a filter with activated carbon (hereinafter referred to as desulfurization).

In addition, sulfur adsorbed can be recovered in the form of dilute sulfuric acid by reprocessing activated carbon. For the time being, research is being carried out using this method.

"If you use ammonia, you can absorb nitrogen compounds, which is excellent, but the operating costs are heavy..."

Activated charcoal can easily be obtained from the fact that the main domestic fuel of ordinary people is charcoal and firewood.

However, processing this into activated carbon requires cumbersome processing. It is necessary to wash, crush, dry and then treat it with "activation".

There are three steps in the pre-preparation stage, and chemicals such as calcium chloride and sodium hypochlorite are required for activation.

If you don't care about accuracy, you can substitute lemon juice, but you can't prepare enough lemon juice for industrial applications.

In addition, electrolysis is indispensable for the production of the former chemicals, and we will show the end of the story that it is necessary to build a large-scale power generation facility in earnest.

Still, the various substances refined from oil were attractive.

Not to mention light oil, heavy oil, kerosene and gasoline, but even tar and asphalt, which are residues, are useful, so the dream is spread.

Specialized equipment is required, but polyethylene (so-called polybag) can also be produced if the ethylene gas obtained in the distillation process can be additionally polymerized.

If you can process even polyethylene terephthalate, you know that pet bottles are not a dream either.

We might need to plan a railroad from Ogari to Echigo.

Shizuko said that and turned to the model of the steam locomotive displayed in the corner of the laboratory.