Civilization Game


Moderate daily life.

It is a happy thing to have ordinary everyday life that repeats itself every day. No strong stimulus, no minor hazing, just adjusts to the flow of water every day.

And the people at work thought to themselves, "You have to hit this company fast! 'When we leave the company,' we cry, 'we later realize how happy it is to be dressed and loaded on a busy subway in the morning, and how important it is to be a member of society to contribute.

In that sense, Hodginship was valued for his daily life. The process of preparing for a path to becoming an adult, often with part-time, moderate play and being like your peers at this age. He considered this time to be the golden age of his life.

But now, he was experiencing death.

'…… What is this?'

I don't know about the cause of death, but his distance from Seung Seung Seung. And the ominous yet absolute premonition that seemed to have crossed the irreversible line reigned in my mind. However, it seemed that it wasn't dreaming anymore.

At that moment, I began to feel a little body. I still don't know where the hand is or where the foot is, but at least I know what the eyelid is. He slowly opens his eyes.


Without a ceiling, there was an open black space. The floor that was lying on was like white marble, but it was a hard yet cozy feeling.

Wait, what if it's like this pattern? '

The stiff head of Jinsung starts to return fiercely. You think you're dead, but you can still think and move your body. And I fell into a new space.

Ah, this was a flow so familiar! Even if you've never seen a movie before, if you've been through a process of a healthy boy and girl who've seen a novel somewhere, that's the kind of flow that anyone can see! This is what we call a cliche.

And according to Cliche, the goddess of the party had to come out and give it to me. And she said, "Get up, warrior! The world is in danger! '

Jinsung raised his torso wide and looked forward, filled with anticipation and excitement.

"…… ugh?"

Although it was an unfamiliar place made of black and white, sincerity had to drop into a creepy familiarity. Depending on the clothing branches lying flat on the floor, empty snack bags, dented beer cans, dusty furniture, and adhesive tape, I saw a rustling Western actor photo, and a trash can that burst.

And in that environment, there was a woman who tied her hair back with a hairband and wore a puffy pink tee and short shorts. She looks at the screen floating in the air, giggling, putting potato chips in her mouth regularly every five seconds and chewing her hands off.


I lost my words and looked at him with my mouth open.

"Oh, you're here."

She later found out the truth and said, Jinsung said without even knowing it.

"…… Did you lose your mind?"

"Hey! There's nothing you can't say!"

She screams for drain.

"…… Who are you?"

"Don't you see? It's the goddess! Ahem."

She raises her chin and tries to turn her hair upside down, but all she forgets is that her hair is tied up.

Jinsung said with a big smile.

"The world has changed, but the image of the goddess I know is too different."

"Shut up, asshole! Why don't you come sit down?"

Jinsung shrugged his shoulders and headed to a chair that was just right on the ground. Then something slips under his feet. She growls.

"Hey, watch out! That's the autumn statue!"

"…… It's usually the wrong person to throw clothes on the floor of the room."

The sincere muttering casually walked away from the clothing branches and sat down in a chair. And for a moment, I fell into a state of mind without saying anything. The vision of the goddess and the fantasy of the afterlife were shattered and I wanted to recover my mind.

After a while, Jinsung said.

"…… May I ask the goddess's name if you don't mind?

"It's Isis."

"Yes, Isis. So what do I do now?"

When I looked at her on the screen, she blinked and looked at the truth.

"... Oh, this must be a strange situation. So calm." Where do you usually live? Am I dead? Don't you think it's time to start yelling at my family? "


Jinsung smiled and said.

"Nowadays, when boys go through this situation, they say, 'I summoned the other world! Where's my hero?' They're going around everywhere."

"…… Ugh, what is that? I'm scared."

"Then I'll be on my way. Where are we? I don't think this is it..."

"That's right. It's a whole different dimension than where you live. I called him."

The blurry eyes of Jinsung flashed again.

"Oh! Does that mean the world is in danger of evil and needs the strength of a warrior from Earth like me?" So that's how it works, huh? "

"…… not at all. You like that setting, don't you?"

Jinsung blushed his face in embarrassment and slightly turned his gaze. She giggles and laughs.

"Well, that happens sometimes. What good would a kid like you be if he didn't know how to do anything?"

'... Sadly, I can't argue with that.'

Since I had a vague memory of the impact I was having here, my sincerity was briefly reminiscent of my profile.

He was twenty-four years old, left in South Korea and is currently taking a short leave of absence and stuck in his study room earning money for hobbies. Hobbies are virtual reality games. Specialties are virtual reality games.

Well, in a word, a hundred. I wasn't a great enough warrior to do what I thought was right.

"…… Then what did you call me for?"

"Ah, you know what?"

She spins her fingers and starts the story.

"One of our gods dozed off on duty."

"…… Yes?

"But while she was sleeping, the world that she used to manage was in chaos. In the end, that world became a place where only one life could live."

"How sleepy can you not know the destruction of your world?"

"About 800 years."

"…… Aha."

I nod with a dull face. The scale is too big. Here.

"Anyway, one world is erased, and we need to rebalance the universe, and now the gods are creating a new world."

"That must have been hard."

"But the problem is now. The gods quarrel over this new world. It's been a new world for tens of thousands of years, and they're burning their eyes out. Of course I am! That's why, according to our old rules, we decided to call it the Temple of God!"

Jinsung nodded.

"Hmm, that's a familiar painting. So you're saying that fighting amongst omnipotent gods is either too risky or too risky for a man like me to be chosen as a representative of the gods?"

"Wow, that's a nasty fit. Anyway."


Sincerity paused and thought. With an honest heart, I didn't feel bad. Humans should fit in with the fun of the gods and break the life they had already been satisfied with. I still had a lot of virtual reality games to play at home

"Do I have the right to refuse?"

"Of course I do. If you want, I'll erase your memory and send you back to the world you belong to. If you force a psychiatrist, it's a fine."

This is just a fine! '

Jinsung was troubled, looking up at the black sky again.

"Uh, well. Honestly, I don't like it... but the gods are opening it up, so there's a lot of rewards, but I'm living my life well satisfied."

"Hehe, really? The event of the temple that we will give...."

A deep smile appeared on her mouth, pausing.

"… even Chaoswald, the game you loved so much?"

"…… four?"

Jinsung suddenly woke up.

"Th-that's, that's what I know, right?"

"Yes, that's right."

Chaos World, the leading hitter of Virtual Reality Gaming Corp. Lantern.

Unlike the RPG-style games that have recently developed characters that have become commonplace, 50 players will gain access to virtual worlds in real time and become the kings of each of their own unique fantasy countries. It is a survival type 'national war game' in which kings of foreign countries compete intensely in parallel with war and diplomacy and write the history of the continent until a unified empire is born.

For country-run games on a scale, significant breaths and deployment, personality traits and incredible freedoms caused a huge blast among gamers. Two years ago, beta tests were broadcast live around the world and enjoyed the explosion of popularity that developed into festivals enjoyed by gamers as well as people around the world. However, due to suspicion of human experimentation, the game was abandoned before the full open service, and the producer, Lantern, was also dismantled and dispersed in the air.

Although they could not play directly, the gamers who watched the live broadcast and were relieved until the formal opening were quite disappointed at the futile conclusion. Jinsung was also one of them.

Sincerity struggled to suppress her trembling heart and said.

"Haha...... Are the Almighty Gods going to play a game made by Humans? I guess the gods really have nothing to do with this."

Oops, I'm so nervous, and a horse with thorns pops out. I apologize sincerely, but she nods purely, her eyes wide open.

"Yes, there's nothing to do."

"… Ugh?"

"I understand. It may not be fitting for a mortal like you to think of it as the playfulness of the gods...... but we are desperate, too."

Her eyes were a little sad when she said that.

"… desperate?"

"Don't you mortals eat, breathe, sleep and live? We don't need that kind of life support. You don't have to eat, you don't have to sleep, you have to be. But we do need one thing. That's what 'Yuhui' is. The pleasure is imminent."

She twitches her jaw saying so.

"... Eternal life is more painful than I thought. Our gods have lived indescribable years, and we must live more than that. The Creator entrusted us with the mission of creating the world and maintaining the balance of the universe, but He did not give us the means to relieve the void and loneliness that would last for a long time."

She pauses and sighs.

"We had to fight endless emptiness. So to somehow have a little bit of fun, to get a little bit of practicality and satisfaction that we're alive in the universe. They behave like humans, they eat human food, they watch man-made movies, they play man-made games."

"Uh... Well, I don't know about hard, but I think I know what it feels like."

She smiles faintly.

"I don't expect empathy from mortals. The god that I told you about couldn't overcome the emptiness and had to watch the world through to the end before he abandoned his duty and snuck into hibernation with the other gods. As a result, the whole world will perish."

"…… I see."

The playfulness of the gods was not a sport of time, but a last means to endure their emptiness. I was able to understand a little bit of her feelings of desperation. And I thought I was sorry I misunderstood her.

She smiles brightly and claps her hands together! I hit it.

"Here! The depressing story ends here! So, are you in? Are you going or not?"

"I, uh... I just need to ask you a few questions."

"Yes. Ask me anything."

"Is Chaos World proceeding in virtual reality, like the original?

"Oh, no way! It's called the Temple of Nam. How can it be so small? We will create a new world based on Chaos World systems and worldview. And to familiarize you humans, the laws and regulations of that world will be replaced by the Chaos World system. The Commander-in-Chief window you used in the game and the player to player communication system remain intact. There won't be a big difference."

I felt like my heart was going to burst because my heart couldn't beat. No matter how long you've waited, no matter how many times you play the beta test video, what you have to watch on TV is implemented in the real world!

"Oh, so death in Chaos World means my complete death?"

"Hehe! Don't you see too many cartoons? You think we're so ruthless? If you die in Chaos World, your memory will be erased and you will be sent back to where you lived. That's the rule. You're not supposed to be in that world."

Jinsung nods. She goes on and on.

"And the one who survives until the end will grant one wish and become a 'tuner' of the new world. Of course, you can refuse to be a tuner."

Jinsung nods again. I wasn't sure what the tuner was, but wasn't really interested. If I had won, I would have wished for it and refused to be a tuner.

"What do you think?"

"…… to be honest, the conditions are so good that I'm curious. Is there some kind of risk?"

"Hmmm, what a risk…."

She thought for a moment and said,

"It might be hard to bear if you participated before you decided to play purely as a gamer."

"…… Yes?"

"A world modeled after your games, one that is also not virtual, but is real. The Temple is originally a ritual to recruit qualified humans to be coordinators. In the future, you will be tested for the qualities of leadership, strength, wisdom and courage as a king and leader over Humans. You're going to go through a lot of trials, and if the bowl is small, it might be difficult to survive as a human being. Are you ready to face that kind of pressure?"

Her blue eyes flare. The gentle tension that flowed through my spine swallowed my saliva.

"…… well, I haven't been king and I don't know what that trial is, but I don't know if I should be prepared."

I already have a lot of fire in my heart, and I don't know if I should hesitate to listen to such things as trials or heavy pressures. Sincerity made a firm decision and said.

"I am prepared to live my life to the fullest as a king or as a human being in the world."

I've made up my mind. It's time to break the routine.

Her body is a pot! Then he disappeared and suddenly appeared in front of Jinsung. Then he reached out his hand and said,

"Hojin, will you make me a god?"

She smiles and asks. It was the first real goddess I saw. Jinseong smiled and held her hand.

"I'll do my best."

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The worldview is partly the same as my masterpiece, The Game of Kings, and not the sequel. The protagonist and the genre have changed. If you don't know the art, you can enjoy it at all.

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