◇Lucy's Perspective◇

"Hey, Takatsuki Makoto, take this with you."

What's this?

"It's a magic tool for communication."I could sneak through the strong barrier and talk about it.Share your information if you can afford it.If you need help, we can head for reinforcements. ”

“Thank you. I'll be in touch.”

"Oh, don't push yourself. If you're in danger, run."

I'll be careful.

General Gerald and Makoto are talking with a serious expression on their faces.

Wow, it's fluffy and warm.

"Hey, Aya. Whatever you do, the down jacket won't move?"

“It's okay, it's okay, I'm getting worse when it's cold.”

"Ahh... it was because of your constitution."Anyway, that magic jacket has plenty of protection against the cold, but its defensive performance is no different from normal clothes, so be careful. "

Roger that, Olga-chan.

It's loose, you're going to fight the Ancient Dragon King (Ashtarot), right?

Takatsuki-kun is here. There's room to spare.

"Don't be alarmed." Look, I've put together some magic tools to take with me here. "

Over there, Olga handed Aya her gear and items.

Dear Lucy! Please confirm the spatial transition (teleport)!

I'm surrounded by the Fort Blackbarrel staff team.

The Destiny Goddess taught me about the Ancient Dragon King's hiding place.

From there, I predicted the demon king army's formation and planned to enter from as few enemies as possible.

I stare at the map.


It's a place I've never been.

"Besides, my spatial transition often deviates from my destination..."

I squish and scratch my cheek.

I was sure that Guren's Witch (Mom) and Daisen Sensei would be able to transfer it accurately.

I'm a little nervous.

"It's okay, Ru-chan!"

"Yes, yes, if you have to, you can just run away."

Aya and Makoto were listening to me.

Don't worry, he cheered me up with his face.

Always with Aya who is reliable.

From the moment we met, Makoto remained calm.

(Well, if it were the three of them)

Let's go!

I grabbed Makoto and Aya's arm.

Let's go.


Makoto and Aya grab my arm back.

"Best of luck."

"Don't be naughty!"

"" "Be careful!" "

Delivered by General Gerardo, Olga, and many of the soldiers of the fort, I transferred to the home of the ancient dragon king of the demon continent.

Is this... your destination?

I heard Makoto's voice.

I was looking around.

"Wow, it's getting cold after all..."

Aya looks cold and disgusting.

The area is surrounded by mountain ranges with rugged mountains.

The rough rocky skin spreads everywhere.

The scene is consistent with what the soldier told me in advance.

Probably not that far from the destination.

“Let's find a place to hide.”

I made a suggestion.

The demon continent was a demon kingdom.

The view is too good here.

The enemy will find us soon enough.

It was then.

... zzzz, and the large rock (...) was (...) motion (...) (...).

No, that's not a rock!


Ancient Rock Dragon, Takatsuki!

"Shit! You've already found it!"

We have to shut him up before he calls his people!

Aya seemed to think the same thing, and Makoto stopped her trying to get ahead of me.

"Wait, Lucy. Saiu-san."Looks like this is the enemy barrier. "


Makoto's voice stopped me and Aya from moving.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The atmosphere trembled.

I thought it was the roar of the rock dragon in front of me, but it wasn't.

When I looked up at the sound of the wind blowing.....

"It's not true..."

It was a swarm of dragons filling the sky.

"Takatsuki, Ru-chan, these guys... they're all ancient dragons..."

I had the illusion that Aya's voice was heard from a distance.

I felt dizzy.

"I wonder if it's a trap. It looks like the Rock Dragon just put up a barrier across the mountain range as a sentry."So, when the intruders came, the dragons that were waiting would surround them all at once.It's quite organized, isn't it? "

Makoto's sober voice made me feel better.

I have to get away! I can't stand dealing with so many ancient dragons!

The plan to attack from as few enemies as possible failed.

"That's right, Ru-chan!" Teleport now! "

I cast a spell and Aya hurries.

(... ah, heh?)

I can't concentrate.

As usual, I didn't have the feeling that my magic power was gathered at one point.

"Ru-chan! What are you doing!?"

"Wait! Don't make me rush!"

I shouted back at Aya's scream.

At that time, my hand was placed on Pong's shoulder.

"Lucy, look at the sky."

With Makoto's voice, I looked up.

There was a 'gray' sky.

"Is that...?"

"It's a magic barrier."It seems like a barrier that makes the control of magic power (mana) worse, and delicate magic can't be used.I can't handle fine magic right now either. "

Makoto's voice darkened my vision.

"Oh, no..."

- Oops!!!

and several dragons attacked with their breath (brace).

Flames, thunder, rocks, and storms strike.

Oh, no!

I thought I had to prevent it or run away...

The Great Spirit of the Water (Deer), the barrier.

Yes, my king.

I heard the sober voice of Makoto and the Great Spirit of Water.

The thick ice barrier appeared over and over again.

The powerful breath of the ancient dragon was blocked by Makoto's barrier.

Oh, but!

Makoto's barrier was shattered one by one.

I have to help you!

But I can't knead my magic power (mana) well!

"Why! Why can't magic be activated!?"

Screaming in disarray!

I know why.

As Makoto said, it was because of the magic barrier.

I can't handle magic as usual.

And when I tried to force my magic.

...... Tong Tong was slapped on the shoulder.

Ru-chan, Ru-chan

"Aya! What should I do, Makoto isn't staying here"

"Ru-chan... look at Takatsuki's face."

"...... Huh?"

Aya told me and I noticed.

Surrounded by ancient dragons and panicking, I didn't notice.

"Makoto's expression..."

◇Aya's Perspective◇

(Takatsuki-kun, looks like you're having fun.)

The face I used to see since I was in junior high school.

It's the face when you're playing games, and it's the face when you come up with a prank.

That face of Takatsuki is planning something.

The lizard attacks are depressing.

said the Great Spirit of Water.

"Shall I do something for you?"

Takatsuki is talking to the public,

― ― Magic of Water and Destiny Sleeping Lightly (Blizzard)

As soon as I said that, (...) snow rose (...) from below.

At the same time, a thick cloud spreads in the sky.

"............ Huh?"

I can hear Ru-chan's voice.

It was a moment.

In the blink of an eye, the snow-capped mountain skin turned pure white.

It's freezing!

In a hurry, I hug HARU-chan.

Takatsuki, if you want to use such magic, say something!

"Ah, I'm sorry. Mr. Sai."

Did you hear my voice? I came here with an apologetic look on my face.

- The Great Spirit of the Water, come here.

A tiny blue girl appears in Takatsuki's voice.

I need you and Lucy to escort them so they don't freeze.

Yes! My King Sam!

Nice to meet you.

That said, Takatsuki turned to the ancient dragons again.

In the meantime, however, the herd of ancient dragons were trying to attack Takatsuki, but they weren't even able to get close.

On our side stands a little blue girl with a nick.

"Haha, it's nice to meet you. Are you the Great Spirit of the Water...?"

Unlike Dia, who is always near Makoto, right?

I talked terrifiedly to Toru-chan.

"No, no, I'm always close to you."Because we are the incarnation of all water. "

"Hah, hah..."

I'm not familiar with Spirit Magic, so I'm not crazy.

"But are you going to be okay without Makoto...?"

Ru-chan seems to be worried that one of the water spirits is our escort.

"Yes, my king sama is accompanied by my sister sama."

When I turned towards Takatsuki-kun, the beautiful blue-skinned women who had not been there before were gathered together in a straw.

"Full of water spirits (Undine)!?"

"... amazing"

Of course Ru-chan was surprised.

I knew it even if I was distracted by magic.

That's... a bad one.


When I noticed it, the attack of the ancient dragon that was so intense was gradually decreasing.

In the meantime, snow continues to build up.

It's not cold around us alone, in the strained barrier of the Water Spirit Girl.

If I lived out of the barrier, I'd be frozen in no time.

And the ancient dragons were slow to move.

But... it's weird.

Ancient dragons with tremendous physical abilities and vitality, I don't think the blizzard will be enough.

Have you noticed my idea? Ru-chan opened her mouth.

"I can feel the unpleasant magic power from the snow that Makoto is sending down..."I wonder... is it like a curse...? "


The creepy snow that seemed so beautiful was reflected as something creepy.

Cursed snow?

"It's the magic that my king Sama likes to use."It is a combined magic of water magic, destiny magic, and moon magic.It's just a simple (simple) magic that makes you sleepy when you touch the snow. ”

The water spirit girl told me.

That's easy, right? But I guessed it from Ru-chan's expression that it wasn't that simple.

"... what's going on?" Within the boundaries of the magic seal?Three kinds of combined magic on a scale that can't fit in my sight... and how much magic I think I need... "

Ru-chan is holding her head as she says bumps.

I turned my attention to the ancient dragons who were working hard to break Takatsuki's ice barrier.

Indeed, if you look closely, it's more sleepy than being attacked.

It looks like we'll be able to do something about it.

"Oh, what kind of a group of lizards is this for my king Sama...?"

The expression of the Water Spirit Girl who was nicking changed.


It was a roar of trembling, oppressive beasts.

The snow stops just in time.

Takatsuki-kun's magic was interrupted.

The air is shaking.

The ground was vibrating like a resonance.

It was bigger than the ancient dragons around it.

His whole body was pitch black, and he had vermilion eyes.

My body is overflowing with a burning fighting aura...

I was the first to see it, but its characteristics have been heard from time to time.

When we meet, we make sure we don't fight and run.

"Ru-chan! Look at that dragon!"

"... that's... I can't believe it..."

My throat rings.

― ― Ashtarot, King of Ancient Dragons

If it was one-on-one, the Sun Knight Commander, who was not an enemy of me, would be a monster with no hands or legs.

Even Sakurai-kun, who possesses an incredible skill called "Light Hero", is the most powerful demon king said to be dangerous if he fights properly.

My skin became stiff.

That dragon is bad.

Whether or not you can win with the invincible time of the [Action Game Player] skill...

Takatsuki came to me with a light footsteps.



Ru-chan and I were worried, but Takatsuki didn't move at all.

... what are you nervous about?

Hey, Lucy. Is that the King of Ancient Dragons?

"Of course! What are you talking about!"You'll see! "

Sai-san thinks so, too?

"Yeah! Because it's completely different from other ancient dragons!"It's definitely the Demon King! "

”Hmm... I see”

Takatsuki is twisting his neck.

What's the matter, Makoto?

"It's a little different from what I imagined when I last saw you..."

But that was a thousand years ago, right?

According to Takatsuki, he fought with the Savior against the Ancient Dragon King.

At that time, it seemed to have ended without a settlement.

I think we fought that kind of battle and we're safe.

Well, let's just ask ourselves.

Unlike the ancient dragon king and me, Takatsuki is calm.

Lucy, can you use loudspeaker magic?

Takatsuki asked me something strange.

"I can use it normally... but right now, it might be difficult because of the magic barrier..."

"I see. Hmm, I'm in trouble."

Takatsuki wants to speak to the King of Ancient Dragons.

Why is that?

"Hey, Takatsuki. If you want to speak up, shall I say it?"


Takatsuki-kun's face is very bright.

Even so, I am Queen Lamia.

It was an unexpected but disaster-designated monster.

Your physical abilities are much higher than Takatsuki-kun's.

You can make a voice that can be heard by ancient dragons in the distance.

Well then, could you say something like this?

The words I heard from Takatsuki were a little different.

Hearing that, I opened my mouth wide.


Raise your voice from the bottom of your stomach.

By the way, Takatsuki's ears are blocked by Toru-chan.

I think the eardrum is going to tear...

"King of Ancient Dragons!!! Takatsuki Makoto is here to fulfill a promise he made a thousand years ago!!!!"

"She shouted.

Apparently, Takatsuki had promised the Ancient Dragon King a rematch.

That's why, to be honest, it's normal.

I was a little stunned.

Takatsuki is waiting for a reply with an excited face.

However, there was no reply from the black dragon.

We only despise ourselves, including the dragons around us.

"......... ah, ah?"

Makoto, aren't you forgotten?

"It was a thousand years ago, so I guess I can't help it."

"Oh, no..."

When I told you, Takatsuki seemed to be in shock.

I'm coming!

"Makoto, what are you doing!"

The Ancient Dragon King leads the other dragons towards us.

I screamed, but Takatsuki's face was just a little angry.

"Alright, let's remind you then."Deer, let's do that. "

"Very well, my king." I'll give you back the humiliation of a thousand years ago. "

Takatsuki turned his right arm around.

The arm was blue and had a clear sea of colour.


"...... nh"

Ru-chan holds her throat as if she can't breathe anymore.

I also felt the illusion of drowning in the deep sea for a moment.

(The sea of magic power...?)

Even I, who was not a wizard, was full of dense magic power in the space.

...... Phew, hundreds of magic circles float around Takatsuki.

And it burst and spread like fireworks.

What kind of magic are you going to use...?

"Spirit's right arm - Comet (...) Star (...) Falling (...) and (...) Sharing (...)"


I can't hear Toru-chan's voice.

A comet?

"That's the magic that tried to destroy the kingdom of fire before..."

The view suddenly dims.

casually, I looked up at the sky.

The sky broke.

No, the sky (...) fell (...) and (...) came (...).

The snow clouds that were causing the blizzard.

Breaking through it, there is a huge amount of 'something' spreading across the sky.

"Hey!!!! Makoto! Why!"

"Takatsuki, Takatsuki, Takatsuki!We're going to get caught up too! "

Ru-chan and I fumbled in a hurry.

"Ahahah, that's funny. It's okay for both of you.You don't have to worry about anything because you're with me. "

The girl of the water spirits is laughing.


I make eye contact with Haru-chan.

And then I looked up at the sky again.


A gigantic comet with plenty of visibility.

A scene like [The End of the World] is looming.

Yeah... you're worried about this?

Oh, you're kidding.


And there were those who panicked more than we did.

Ancient dragons.

That's true.

If we stay like this, all our homes will be destroyed.

And among the ancient dragons who panicked, even the [King of Ancient Dragons] seemed confused.

"Hmm, it's nonsense..."

"Hey, Makoto... can I ask you something?"

Ru-chan said in a low voice.

What are you talking about?

Takatsuki-kun's face turned around, as usual, it was disgusting.

What's Makoto's current proficiency in water magic?

Ru-chan's question bothered me too.

The "Comet Drop" that once struck the Land of Fire activated the vitality of many slaves.

Takatsuki went alone.


Takatsuki showed us a piece of paper.

"Takatsuki-kun's Book of Souls (Seoul Book)...?"

It is a piece of paper that describes Takatsuki's physical abilities (status) and skills.

It's a personal information document from another world.

Incidentally, I - Queen Lamia's stats were high.

Strength and agility are more than 100.

This was comparable to the brave Olga.

Although I can't use magic, I was recognized as an Oriharkon adventurer because of the ability of the [Action Game Player] skill.

By comparison, Takatsuki's status is generally low.

There are only three or four muscle strengths and agility.

By the way, even though I was a wizard, I only had four magic powers.

Instead, only the item of "proficiency" in water magic jumped through, and Takatsuki became a hero through spirit magic.

His last 'proficiency' was 999.

Ru-chan said that there were no such wizards on the continent.

But it must have been even stronger a thousand years ago.

"I wonder how many water magic masters I've become..."

Gusha and Takatsuki's soul book edge was gripped.


Ru-chan is looking at Takatsuki's book of souls (soulbooks) and exaggerating.

I also peered into the Book of Souls - I could see the numbers.

"Proficiency" in water magic: 5 (·) 0 (·) 9 (·) 6 (·)

(............ Nanikore?)

I thought I saw it wrong, so I saw it three times.

But it wasn't a mistake.

I can understand the magic of the otherworld.

There is no such thing.

Five thousand over?

What do you want me to do with that stupid number?

Ru-chan is still hardened.

As the same wizard, I must have been too shocked.

I've been trying my best to catch up with Takatsuki at least for the past year.

In fact, it was supposed to be one of the most powerful wizards on the continent.


What's going on, Sai-san?

I turned to this lovely, airless man with a dazzling face.

"Takatsuki-kun's status is crazy (bug)!!!"