◇Takatsuki Makoto's Recollections◇

Slowly close your eyes and open the lid.

What came into my eyes was a sacred, gentle light.

I looked around vaguely.


In my brain, I still have the crying faces of the Light Hero (Anna) and the Great Sage (Momo) who just dropped me off.

I thought it would be a thousand years before I woke up next.

With a black coffin, I must have had a long, long sleep.

But here...


There was a beautiful girl who looked at me in a grumpy mood.


"Oh... isn't Takatsuki Makoto?" What's going on? "

On the desk was the figure of the goddess destined to scratch her head in sleep.

"No, I didn't have any particular errands..."

"Ahh, maybe the fate of the goddess (I) has grown too strong, and the spirit body has come this way."Well, don't you think you'll be able to get back in time? "

”Hah... by the way, how long has it been since I had frozen sleep (cold sleep) a thousand years ago?”

Hmm, about 10 minutes?

It hasn't happened at all!

You just slept, didn't you?

By the way, you're free right now, aren't you?

Illa-sama keeps getting in my way.

”Well, well... I've only been asleep for a thousand years.”

"Please help me check this document!"Just look at the items here!Here...... in this sense, then...... this way...... "

"Wait, wait a minute!" I'll make a note of it! "

I'm in a hurry to record what Ira-sama wants to say quickly.

"Yes! This and this!" Can you do that? Ask me if you have any questions! ”

"... I'll try."

I'm going to help Yira-sama keep his swordscreen running.

I look at the paperwork that was handed over to Ira-sama.

It was my first time seeing a letter, but I understood the meaning for some reason.

Since it is the working space of the Goddess of Destiny, does it have special magic?

(... this document... is written about the talent (skill) of the person to be born... the original soul book?)

In other worlds, the Goddess of Destiny is said to be giving her skills.

Apparently, I'm checking for leaks in the Soul Book, which is a certificate of possession of that skill.

... that's a very important job!

As for those who struggled with weak skills at the beginning of the alien world transfer, the tragedy would be immeasurable if there were a child born with a skill failure.

Geez... I can't miss this.

I concentrated on my work using my [Mirror Stop Water] skill.

Incidentally - there were about two skill-granting leaks.

”Ira-sama... what happens if you miss your skill?”

If you come to the temple of the Goddess of Destiny (I), I'll follow you.

"Ahh... is that so?"

I'm glad.

There's no poor girl who can live without skill forever!

"But if you do that, your leftover skills will become weaker..."

“Don't miss out!”

Therefore, I checked it super intensively.

... I'm tired.

◇Half a day later◇

"Phew... thanks to Takatsuki Makoto, this job is over quickly."I think I'll be able to sleep a little today. "

Aren't you asleep?

”Hmm, I slept half a year ago (...)?”

Ira-sama said in a nutshell.


It went far beyond my imagination.

It's embarrassing that I used to proudly talk about San Toru.

Besides, I'm just playing games.

Isn't Ira-sama's life tough?

"Well then, it's time for you to go back to frozen sleep (cold sleep)."I'll let you go home. "

That's why I took the hand of Ira-sama who tried to put his finger on my head.

"I'll help you for a while." I'm free anyway. "

"... is that okay? I can't thank you for helping you out."According to the regulations of the divine realm, we cannot interfere excessively with the people on earth.Especially since I'm on the lookout..... "

Ira-sama looked at me with a little expectation that she seemed to be sorry.

“Don't worry about it.Besides, is there any job I can do while Illa-sama is sleeping? "

”I see... then, can I ask you to sort out this document?”

Roger that.

That's how I ended up helping the Goddess of Destiny with her chores.

A few days in a◇ dream.◇

"Yes, I have finished checking my documents.I've sorted them by delivery time. ”

Thank you, Takatsuki Makoto. Now, can I ask you to do this next?


As a mere human tribe, I can't do the main work for the goddess.

So, what I'm doing is a lot of chores around me.

Still, it seemed like it would be helpful for Ira-sama.

By the way, there are magical stuffed animals moving around all over the place, but they were just haulers when Ira went to submit the completed paperwork and brought the unfinished paperwork.

They can't do the same thing as me.

By the way, Ira-sama.

What is it?

I don't stop, I talk to Ila. [M]

"Before, I heard from the goddess of water (Eil) that normally the angel does the work for the goddess."Is there no angel in Ira-sama's place? "

When I asked Lord Eil, who often came to visit Lord Noah's undersea shrine, if he didn't have any work to do, he told me.

Yira-sama, I wish I had the power of an angel.

But in my words, Ira-sama had a grumpy look on her face.

"I was there before, but everyone quit..."

"I-I see..."

Maybe it was a question you shouldn't have asked.

"Those gutsless guys!" I haven't had a break in a week or so!Apprentice me! "

"It's too black..."

That's bad for my boss (Illasama).

"It's my fault!?"

"Please protect the foundation of my work."

I don't know if there is a labor standards law in the God Realm any more.

"But you work all the time."


I noticed it when I was told.

Speaking of which, I haven't slept in the last few days and I haven't eaten anything.

I don't get sleepy and I'm not hungry.

"That's because it's the space of the Goddess of Destiny."Because of my miracle, my sleep appetite and appetite are boiling away. "

"... it's convenient, but it's a little scary."

God has everything.

I won't lose my concentration thanks to my [Mirror Stop Water] skill.

As usual, Ira-sama was staring at difficult documents with a difficult face.

(...... Can I make some coffee?)

In the last few days, I've also grasped Yira-sama's spatial equipment.

It would be more efficient to take a few breaks.

I think so. I took my seat.

A few◇ more days.◇

"Hey, Takatsuki Makoto"

What is it?

I look through the paperwork and make a cold black coffee.

It's disgusting.

I wonder if I can fix the brew once I get there.

"You... are you checking documents while using water magic?"Please don't make a mistake. "

It's okay, I got the trick.

It's a one-pattern process, so I decided to train in water magic while doing chores.

In the space of Ira-sama, who is a sacred god clan in the flowing stone, spirits magic is not served, but there is no problem with water magic.

"You're a very dexterous man."

I don't want to be told by Ira-sama who works while she's asleep.

I'm telling you to go to bed when I have free time, but I'm still working while I'm sleeping.

This job is the goddess of addiction.

Because it's not over, right?

Let's hire them ~

We're looking for someone, but nobody's coming!

That's because it's been rumored that Ira-sama's workplace is black...

"I can't help it! The Goddess of the World's Destiny is the busiest!"That's common sense in the heavenly realm! "

"Well... sure."

War often happens, and it's time for history to move big.

I understood that the Goddess of Destiny had a lot of work to do.

I'll make you a cup of coffee.

"With a dark-eyed ant."

"Yes, yes."

I took a seat. [M]

Apparently, ants mean both sugar and milk.

... is this knowledge useful in other worlds?

◇Six months later◇

"You're tired of rocks..."

I was completely used to helping Yira-sama with his work, but this is 999 years from now.

I feel like I can't do it forever... "

Even with the [Bright Mirror Water] skill, I can't stand it.

Ira-sama turned around like she heard me mutter.

"I'm sorry. Makoto Takatsuki is a human race, so he has no spirit for a thousand years."I'll teach you the magic of destiny and oblivion. "

"The magic of oblivion...?"

Illa-sama's disturbing words scraped her neck.

Why are you doing that?

"This is the world of dreams for Makoto Takatsuki, so it doesn't make sense to have memories of dreams all the time."It also places a burden on the brain.So, use your own magic of oblivion to erase your memories moderately. "

"Isn't that... a waste of training in the corner water magic?"

"That's no problem." Even if I erased my memories, it didn't disappear until I had practiced water magic.I still have experience.Your proficiency in magic has risen. "

"I see. Now, teach me the magic of oblivion."... by the way, isn't it okay if Ira-sama erases my memories? "

“No, that would interfere directly with the people of the earth.”

"...... I think it's similar when I'm helping you with your work."

"Tch, it's okay for the people on earth to interfere with the Divine Clan in terms of the rules....."

Hah, is that so?

I think it's convenient, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

That's why I was taught [Fate Magic Forgetfulness] by Ira-sama.

It was a luxurious story of being taught directly by the goddess of fate and magic.

But in return, I'm helping Ilah-sama with his work, so it's a give-and-take.

While helping me with my work, I also continued my training in Water Magic.

Occasionally, it can be combined with fate magic, or it can be used to train at the beginner level of the sun magic that the sun goddess received.

Then, I regularly erased my memories and continued to work and train again.

Thus, for a thousand years of sleep.

I've spent most of my time in the space of the Goddess of Destiny in my dreams.

I noticed that my proficiency in Water Magic exceeded 1,000 precisely after I started to help.

◇Modern - Demon Continent◇

A giant comet covering the sky.

A once desperate magic in the kingdom of fire (Great Keith).

But now I'm looking at it in a calm way.

After all, I was the one who triggered the Comet Drop.

Actually, it's just a huge block of ice, so it might not be a comet.

The main thing was magic for clarity.

A magic technique that has been practiced for thousands of years.

I tried to choose flashy magic because it was a place to show off.

Did Lucy and Saul show you something cool?

And when I turned around, they both looked at me with their squinted eyes.


"Well... Mako... you..."

"Takatsuki-kun... let's see..."

Looking at Lucy and Sai-san's expression, she doesn't look like she's in love again.

It's the eyes that see the crazy one.

It's strange.

What did you do wrong?

When I was thinking about it.

"Hey! Spirit user!!!!"

I was called in a nostalgic voice.

It is the first time in a thousand years.

Slightly further afield.

A woman in a long white dress was floating in the air.

"Haku (Mel)! It's been a long time!"

It was a fellowship once upon a time.

Helmmerck, the white ancient dragon, who had travelled with her.

"I'd like to say that she looks healthy... but suddenly," dropping a comet "..."Speaking of which, it was your way of hitting the demon king's house with super destructive magic. "

Mel with a bitter expression.

It seems that he once dropped a comet on the Castle of the Immortal King.

Was it no good?

“I don't know what to say!

Well then, I'll pause it for a while.

I stopped the falling comet in the air.

A huge block of ice is covering the sky.

Well, you can stop it so easily.

It's just water magic.

"You idiot..."

Mr. Bai Long sighed heavily.

I missed this conversation.

"Hey, Makoto! Why are you talking to the enemy like that?"He's also an ancient dragon! "

Takatsuki-kun, who's that model woman?

Lucy and Saru came to my side.

"She is the white dragon who was taken care of a thousand years ago."In this day and age, should I call you "Saint Dragon"? "


For some reason, the two of them were surprised.

I told you that Mr. White Dragon is the daughter of the Ancient Dragon King, right?

"So, but you've become one of the Saviors!?"

After all, you turned to the Demon King's side?

"No, that's not it..."

I wonder how she explained it.

"Those are rude little girls." Who's going to turn around? ".

I heard Mr. White Dragon's voice from the immediate side.


Lucy and Sai-san were shocked.

The white dragon who moved with the spatial transition,

"I just became a companion because I was defeated by the spirit user."Without the spirit user, the human race will have no right to ally. "

Hmm, Mr. White Dragon snorting his nose coolly.

I flirted with the words.

”While saying that, you've been with me for Momo's training, right?”

"...... Well, for once, I trained myself until I was quite strong."You're my disciple. "

Of course, he was the strongest wizard on the continent.

White Dragon-san also feels a little uneven.

When I was having such a conversation.

"Helmmerck! What are you talking about!"In the first place, you told me that I could beat the messenger of the ancient god enough! "

The Black Dragon opened its mouth for the first time.

I feel uncomfortable with the tone.

Even if it was a quasi-godly magic, the world of Hell (Cocuitos) would not be able to pass through.

I can't afford to lag behind by this much magic.

"There's no way..."

Greetings, the giant black dragon led by the ancient dragons - Demon King Ashtarot looks confused by my [Comet Drop].

"My brother, I certainly thought that if you were a spirit user a thousand years ago, you would play a good game, but it seems that you are not the spirit that I know of"

In response to what Mr. White Dragon said, I looked at you instantly.

"Brother, isn't that Mr. Mel's dad?"

"Hmm? No, that's my brother, the [Ancient Dragon King]."

Ah, is that so?

It was a different person after all.

"No, that's not possible!" It matches the characteristics of the Ancient Dragon King we know. "

Yes, the Black Dragon destroyed the Knights of the Sun!

"Huh? My father has barely appeared before the humans since a thousand years ago?"You must have misunderstood on your own. "


Lucy and Saiu were absolutely exaggerating at the words of Mr. White Dragon.

I was surprised, too.

Everyone on the western continent misunderstood the ancient dragon king.

The Sun Knights were not defeated by the Ancient Dragon King.

So, Mel-san, where is the real King of Ancient Dragons?

"Ahh, my father is the only one who can meet the hero who defeated my brother..."

In response to those words, I once again confronted the giant Black Dragon.

"I see... but..."

I activate the [Right Hand of the Spirit].

The comet that had stopped falling slowly began to move.

"Well, wait! If they drop it, the whole area will be deserted!Helmmerck!! If you are also an ally of the Ancient Dragon Clan, take one of their spiritual companions hostage or kill them! ”

Oh no!


Lucy and Saiu panicked at the words.

But Mr. White Dragon himself.


I only laughed loudly.

“What are you laughing at!”

"Take a good look, brother.The great spirits of the water around me. "

Along with those words, the great spirits of the water, including Deer, who was disguising the atmosphere, appeared.

"It's been a long time. I thought you might betray my king."

"... I don't think so, brother!"As you can see, if you do anything suspicious, I will be killed by the Spirit of Water. "


Black Dragon - Mel's brother groaned regretfully.

But I think it would be quite dangerous if Mr. White Dragon was serious.

A glance at Mel's side made her smile.

(Thank you for stopping the comet...)Will you please stop dropping it?)

(I'll stop it as soon as I can.)

I dodge such a whisper.

At that time - the hot air blew.

The snow that covered the mountains evaporates in an instant.

The ground emits heat.


Lucy let out a small breath.

A huge pillar of light cleaved the heavens from the earth.

My [Comet], which covered the sky, was shattered.

The fragment disappears into particles.

At the same time, a black fog covered the area.

Then, for the first time in a long time, a "danger-sensing" warning sound (alert) resounds in the brain.

"Takatsuki-kun... this fury..."

Sae-san is shaking.

Usually, even a disaster-designated monster would give way with that domination.

"Spirit-user, it seems that this fuss has reached my father..."

She nodded tinyly to Bai Longsan's words.

I remembered.

The feeling of intimidation felt in the world of hell (Cocutes).

It was a different existence than the other demon kings.

Then Zusin and the ground shook.

An explosion occurs.

The mountains surrounding us have erupted.

The magma blows up.

From among them, a black dragon slowly appeared in plain black.

The other ancient dragons slowly separated.

And fear the appearance of a king.

Or don't be uncomfortable with the entanglement.

Maybe we should try to mimic ourselves.

"Lucy, Saiu-san. Stay away from me."

When I used my Spirit Magic, I was worried about its impact on my surroundings.

"Spirit-user, let's take care of your people." Don't worry. "

Mr. White Dragon undertook it for me.

"That's comforting..."

"Is that okay?" Mel-san is on the Ancient Dragon (over there) side, right? "

I don't think the White Dragon will take hostages.

Can I openly take my side?

"My father has been waiting for a thousand years to fulfill his promise to you."Please respond with all your might. "

I shrugged my shoulders.

Are you waiting for me?

Didn't you say that the Ancient Dragon Race is a race that keeps its promises?

Speaking of which, I feel like I've been told before.

Apparently, he waited for me in a proper manner.

"Lucy, take this."

I gave Lucy the communication props Mr. Gera had left.

"Um, yeah. Makoto!... it's okay, right?"

"Takatsuki, do your best..."

Lucy and Sao stare at me anxiously.

Yeah, I'll do my best.

I waved my hand in a flutter.

Then, he turned straight back to the black dragon, which was about the size of Koyama.

Looking down from the front is the most powerful Demon King----the King of the Ancient Dragons (Ashtarot).

Not a thousand years ago.

There was no help for Ira-sama's curiosity.

Instead, it was a thousand years of proficiency in the Destiny Goddess's space.

"...... it makes me wait a lot"

When a low voice was heard, it caused a storm.

Well then, unusually...

I turn my clear blue arm towards the King of the Ancient Dragons.

Thus, it was formed with the relapse of kinship from a thousand years ago.