■ Makoto Takatsuki (Protagonist) <Skills> “Water Magic / Basic”, “Megumi Shusui”, “RPG Player” <Equipment> Goddess Noah's Dagger (Shinki) Water Country <Occupation> Wizard Apprentice & National Certified Hero < Status> Humanity's weakest / hobby is magical training. I like to improve my skills. Shyness.

■ A goddess worshiped by Noah Titan (old tribe) and Makoto. Evil god in this world. The final labyrinth, sealed in the "Undersea Temple"

■ Lucy J. Walker (Half of Elves and Demons) <Specific Skills> “Great Mage” “Fire Magic / King” ・ The great-grandson of the millennia-old hero Johnny Walker, the daughter of Guren's witch Rosalie. , Take off immediately (mainly book version)

■ Aya Sasaki (commonly known as Sasan) <Unique skill> “Action game player” “Change” “Evolution” Classmate from Makoto junior high school. Good at cooking. -Reincarnated as a Lamia in another world.・ Sometimes Yandere

■ Sophia Eile Roses (princess) The first princess of the land of water. The priestess of the goddess of water. Personality is serious and clumsy

■ White great sage (real name unknown) vampire ・ I've been a great sage in Highland for millennia ・ My favorite is Makoto (virgin) blood.

■ Leonard Aile Roses (prince) ・ The first prince of the country of water. I long for Makoto, "The Hero of Ice and Snow".・ It is only a girl, but a boy.

■ Eir Olympus (goddess of water) The guardian deity of the land of water. I hate fighting.・ I'm on good terms with Noah. My sister is younger than Noah.