Mu is ghostly on the edge of the window, the ear is attached to the wall, and the darkness of the black paint has been taking this simple house.

After a while, there was a footsteps, he rushed back to bed, and wrapped himself so hard.

Outside the door sounded: "Mu Shi, do you have a good rest? Pu Shi brother said that you will see you."

Mu Wu's head pinned the scorpion, I watered: "Don't worry, I want someone to be quiet."

That man said: "You don't be too sad, Pu Shi brother, he is not intentional to hurt you. Then I will not bother you, you have a rest."


After waiting for the outside, he opened the quilt and continued to go to the window. After determining no one, he whispered: "I am going to your mother!"

This room is very simple. In addition to a bed is a shabby bookshelf, some books are put on.

To say that this house has anything special, that is, dozens of paintings under the pillow, all of them, is "he" Master Pufang.

He looked at the words written by "Mu Wei'an's favorite Pu Fang", especially "Muanan", three big characters, Sudden life, not as good as the dog!

He Mu An, this is what kind of creative! I have worn it to a ** repair article!

He is a rich three generations, and the days are happy from the paper. However, unintentionally learned, there is a good man with the same name with him, he is curious to open the book.

When I saw Muanan, I was a buns, he had to smash the mobile phone, and then I saw this Mu to the protagonist's protagonist. When he was not allowed, he was angry to smoke, and he saw three points. One of them, I went to the article.

I don't know if it is a madness to be negative, he actually worn into the world in the book.

The original owner was originally a small child of a food, food, food, food, food, and the age of the lead, and fell to the Fengyangzong. However, he is highly purified and can participate in the Zongmen selection conference.

As a result, he defeated the protagonist, but did not expect people to be in love with the people who love it, and he took him with him.

The attack is very high. This palm has ruined the original Lord's spiritual roots. Since then, the original Lord does not dare to see the mother, only be sweeped in the outside, watching people to love.

And Muanan walked over, after being injured, he eventd a leg feet and felt that there was any body.

The aura. Probably through the relationship, his body is not a matter, he is a mortal.

However, he has to leave this ghost, just don't be sad here! He wants to go back to do it! Eating and drinking is a goal of his life!

He took out rouge powder from the bed and a set of pink skirts. This is what he just found himself, looking for a variety of reasons to buy.

There is no mirror in the room, he has only feeling, give your face, paint red. I put it on the skirt, pull the pillow bag on the head.

Several people have passed away, he immediately hit the sound, after waiting for someone, he opened the door and went out.

Fengyangzong is the first big door, corresponding, the land is also very large, and his a waste that is recuperating, naturally, no one is guarding, because everyone is busy holding the people of the river.

The moon is coming to visit today. There are not many such amenities, it is a female disciple. So he dressed as a woman, did not cause too many people to pay attention, then find a small path, and ran all the way.

When I ran to the half-mountain waist, he was really tired, hiding in the grass and rest, took out a hoe. From time to time, there are gods and Yu Jian's monks, and fortunately, it is very far away, and some people don't notice him.

Adding physical strength, he continues to run down.

I don't know how long it is running, my legs are like a lead, I have to give yourself a breath in my mouth: "Dry! Waiting for me to go back, I must lying for three or five years, Shan Zhen Hai is coming, the beauty is gathered! "

He is painting a blueprint of the future, but he didn't pay attention to his feet, accidentally step on the stone, and fell a dog to eat.

"Ah, ah!"

Just when he was knees, a foot fell on his body, and then a female voice was loud: "How can I work together."

Mu is looked up, and the woman is shocked at the same time.

No him, only because this woman is too ugly, the left cheek has a very conspicuous scar, almost occupying a small half face.

Who knows that the woman is low, watching him smile: "I didn't expect to be more ugly than me."

"Who do you want to be ugly, ugly eight strange!" Mu Wei turned a voice, although it is not too much, but the voice is still neutral.

The woman is amazed, waving the sword waving: "The voice is more difficult than me, saying, why why is this ghost?"

Muanan looked at the sword in her hand, and he said: "Female gods, I am just a village woman, not small

I have a mistake to break into this place. "

The woman picks up his chin and avoids the eyes: "You have not been thrown out of them, and it is also unfortunate."

Muanan also couldn't stand close to her appearance. The two were disadvantaged with each other.

He asked: "Who are you?"

"To manage!"

Mu was looked blinking, I plan to smash it, who is a lot of clouds in a hurry, and then a big bird suddenly called, he has not responded, the woman has got up and riser. The mountain running: "Ah! Best!"

Mu Yuan didn't make trouble, seeing her, seeing her, and worried that someone chased it later, climbed up and rushed with her.

The two ran for a long time until the mountain was stopped.

The woman holds a penny, and the sword pointed to him: "Why do you want to follow me!"

"Obviously, you have to run me, old ... the old lady has not blame you! It is also a pair of pairs of goods in half a day, and a bird will scare you away." Mu Mu Apisted .

"You know a fart! Who knows that the bird is!" The woman glanced at him. It seems that I want to scare him, so I am in Yin, "that is the spirit of the devil!" "

Muanan is now in the heart of this, nor is it to be entangled with this woman, just go forward, this is not far from Fengyangzong's site. He found a home inn, but the shopkeeper did not entertain him.

"Girl, we are all full, you are still going back, this is not safe."

"Is there anything unsafe? I still dare someone to rob that?" Mu Yuan did not understand, from the reaction of the woman just, he knew that his makeup did not vote!

The shopkeeper whispered: "No, it is the person there, I heard that they have recently caught their own women, and many people go to Fengyang Zong asylum."

If you don't want to say anything, he asked if he or not. But what else, he will not return to Fengyang.

He dragged the tired body, and found a few families. If you can't take a decent, I have found a clean place directly on the street, and then use the headscarf to put yourself strict, this begins to calculate After the road.

However, he did not notice that there were very few pedestrians on this street.

Suddenly a wind blows, I don't know where a woman's scream, he looked around, didn't find anything, when I turned back, I stopped a big in front of him.


In the next second, he felt that he was controlled by a power, and it took air. He was surprised that Zhang Dazhao had not been able to have a lot of time, and he was thrown into the carriage.

He screamed in his pain, but found that it seems to be bigger than outside! There are still two or 30 women inside, and they are hugged into their arms.

"What is this ghost?" He asked, but no one answered, he stood up and patted the carriage and shouting.

Finally, there was a person who came to stop: "It is useless, this carriage uses a commemoration, and the people outside have not heard."


He just fled and won it unfavorable, quite unlucky. When he was looking to the situation with the other party, he heard a scream. After a while, there was a woman in the carriage.

He looked at your front and smiled: "It's really a good."

That woman obviously didn't expect him to meet him, looked at the four weeks, asked him: "What is these people going?"

"I am still asking." Mu Wei's woman also looked at the woman, "Do you know what is going on?"

That woman was got well, at this time, I fell a few tears. I really saw that I saw it, just listening to her small voice: "This is the people of the devil, saying that we have to catch us. "

Mu is an eyebrows, looking at the big beauty of these water spirits. According to the story of the dog's blood old case, they are going to be sent to the hometown?

It's just that he and the girl can be selected? This demon is too much to avoid too much!

The woman suddenly glanced at him: "How to hit you twice, you are so unlucky, do you not reincarnate?"

"Ah, what kind of aging, the old lady, I am the brightest star in the night sky!" Mu is touched his face, looking to everyone, "Who is you with mirror?"

Woman is sighing: "The ugly person is strange, do you still want to dress up and hook those people?"

"I'm really right, I have to enter the wolf nest anyway, and I have to be a little." Do you say this. "

Mu Wei saw she was swept away, he turned to see the beautiful woman: "Girl, I know you must have a small mirror, can you borrow me?"

The woman looked at him and asked to say that it would like to persuade him, and finally touched a small bronze mirror.

Mu Wei'an saw his appearance, and his face was red and white, and he painted himself a clown makeup. It is also a cow.

In addition to this strange makeup, this look is like himself, it is very beautiful!

Fortunately, I went out to make up, should he be charged into the hometown?

Just when he was secretly fortunate, the carriage suddenly stopped, and the driver opened the curtain and the cold channel: "It is."