Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 5

Officer Mumu has a question mark on his head: "Suicide, how is this possible, brother Maori, are you kidding me."

"That's true. I was originally commissioned by Ms. Yoko to investigate who was harassing Ms. Yoko recently. It seems that the guy who has been spying on Ms. Yoko in secret is him." Kogoro Moori pointed his finger at the one on the ground. Male corpse.

Officer Mumu is already a little impatient: "Just like the Maori brother you said before, if the deceased really committed suicide, how could he stabbed himself in the back? Normal people can see that this is absolutely not Possible thing! Brother Maori, don't make trouble."

Officer Megumi's stern gaze on Yoko Okino, Yoko Yamagishi, and Yuko Ikezawa patrolled back and forth. He cast his gaze more on Yuko Ikezawa who looked strange. Years of police experience told him This woman definitely has a problem.

But Mumu was interrupted by Mouri Kogoro before he could think about it.

"But if you add an ice pit and a dagger, this suicide technique can naturally be realized."

The words fell on everyone's minds like a horror, as if torn a layer of mist.

Kogoro Mouri didn't give too much explanation. Instead, he gently helped Yoko Okino, who was crying on the ground, up: "Miss Yoko, don't be sad, this will not blame you at all. You graduated from high school. After breaking up, a young and beautiful plunged into the entertainment industry, smoothly, and even known as a girl singer of the Heisei generation. The stars are shining on all screens, while the other is stunned by everyone, doing a mediocre job. , Eating junk food, watching my body getting fatter, gradually became reluctant to go out."

Maori glanced at the deceased who was paralyzed on the ground like a dead pig. "The good times of childhood gradually turned into poisonous snakes, and they began to invade his heart. Watching Miss Yoko on TV, Tengjiang Mingyi felt both upset and Resentment, why did the two people who fell in love together have become so different now, jealousy is sprouting in my heart."

"Tengjiang Mingyi could no longer bear the bitter hatred in his heart and began to become a voyeur of Miss Yoko's life. He spied on Miss Yoko secretly, and always didn't want to work with Miss Yoko. If I guessed correctly, Miss Yoko should I refused him."

Yoko Okino immediately exclaimed: "It turned out to be him. At the Golden Music Festival, a fan came up to confess to me. I didn't recognize him at the time. I didn't expect it to be him. He has become too fat in recent years. ."

Maori Kogoro's eyes were full of trial light: "So, the next thing went smoothly, Tengjiang Mingyi compounded to no avail, and felt hopeless in life, so he came to Miss Yoko's house alone and fixed the dagger in the ice. , Then turn on the air conditioner, stand on a chair, and commit suicide by falling backward."

"He wants to sue others in the most tragic way, so that Miss Yoko can't forget him, but also has the evil desire to ruin Miss Yoko, and wants to drag his own death into the bottomless quagmire. ."

"The temperature of the air conditioner is extremely high. Not long after the ice cubes dissolve, an extra puddle of water appears on the ground."

Officer Mumu heard this reasoning and his eyes suddenly radiated light. Such suicide technique is completely feasible.

At this time, a police officer hurriedly walked in and reported: "Officer Mumu, the identity of the deceased has been ascertained. He is named Fujie Akira, 22 years old this year, graduated from Konan High School, and graduated from the same high school as Miss Yoko. Yes, now I work at Jiaohong Commercial..."

In this way, everything is self-evident, Officer Mumu looked at Yoko Okino who was still crying, sighed, and greeted the officer to retreat.

Item 0007

After Officer Mumu left, Tengjiang Mingyi's body was also taken away. The case was solved. Officer Mumu no longer asked the three of them to go to the police station together, but let them have time to make a transcript together later.

Yuko Ikezawa watched the police officers leave, and her hanging heart was relieved. She looked at Yoshiki Yamagishi with a look of disgust, and quickly returned to her cold and arrogant expression. She stepped on high heels, her body trembling. Leaving the apartment.

Mouri Kogoro looked at Yoko Okino, who was crying, and supported her shoulders with both hands: "Miss Yoko, cheer up. Next, you need to prepare the golden music festival. There is no need to be sad for such a person. When you get back together, this guy chooses to commit suicide and frame you, trying to ruin Miss Yoko's life. Miss Yoko, your ex-boyfriend is not a good person and it is not worth crying for him."

Under the comfort of Kogoro Mori, Yoko Okino soon stopped tears. She looks like a pear blossom with rain, which makes people very distressed. If this scene is seen by her fans, I don’t know how many people are interested in it. Broken: "Sorry, Mr. Maori, I just thought that someone who was so close to me would want to treat me like this, so I couldn’t help but feel sad, but, Mr. Maori, you are right. I still have my fans. I also need to prepare for the music festival, I will definitely cheer up."

Ding dong, ding dong.

The door bell rang, Shan An Rong opened the door, and a tall figure rushed in.

"Yoko, Yoko, are you okay." This woman appeared to have just returned from dancing, wearing a pair of hot pants, showing a slender thigh, well-proportioned muscles, dazzling white under the light, and wearing a denim shawl. A pure white vest was placed inside, revealing his belly button. This person is the treasure of the Dream Team.

"Yoko, I heard that you have a life case, are you okay, who is this uncle, why let him be next to you?" Bo'er has a hot character, seeing Moori Kogoro's hand on Bo'er's shoulder, immediately Uncomfortable.

"Boa, I'm fine. This is the Maori detective I invited. If it weren't for him today, I would be arrested by the police officer to the Metropolitan Police Department." Yoko Okino explained repeatedly, and Boa's expression improved.

"That said, the detective you hired has some abilities."

When Mori Kogoro saw the two women hugging and talking, Okino Yoko's mood stabilized, so he stood up: "Since the matter is resolved, it's time to leave."

Yoko Okino immediately raised her head. She saw Kogoro Mouri’s eyes. The two looked at each other. There was a sudden change on her face. She picked up a piece of paper and wrote the number: "Mr. Mouri, this is my private number. Hope Save it well."

Bo'er on the side looked stunned: "Yoko."

The two women quarrelled immediately, and this scene was really kind and pleasing to the eye.

Kogoro Moori walked out of the apartment room under the respectful farewell of Yoshihiro Yamagishi. Yoshihiro Yamagishi took out a white envelope from his arms: "Mr. Mouri, this is the cost of this commission. I didn't expect so many twists and turns in the middle. If it is not Mr. Mori, Yoko The lady’s reputation will be hit hard, so we doubled the cost this time, and I hope Mr. Mori will laugh."

"It's easy to say, it's easy to say, I'm still counting on Mr. Yamagishi to introduce more business." Maori took the thick envelope and waved his hand and said goodbye to Yamagishi.

Kogoro Maori, who got into the elevator, smiled with eyebrows. Two million yen is a big deal. It is about 120,000 yuan in conversion. It finally solved the urgent need.

But these are subsections, the key is the task of the system.

"Congratulations to the host, turn on the Friendship Degree achievement, raise the Friendship Degree to 100, and get lucky draw opportunities and points."

Okino Yoko: Favorability 70

Yuko Ikezawa: Favorability 75

Boa: Favorability 12

(One-sided acquaintance: 10, nodding acquaintance: 20, general acquaintance: 40, gentleman’s acquaintance: 50, bamboo grove: 60, irresistible acquaintance: 70, deep love: 80, love is stronger than gold: 90, life and death: 100

Mo do not know each other: 0

Contempt: -10, bad intentions: -20, concealing evil intentions: -40, holding grudges: -50, deep hatred: -60, incomprehensible hatred: -70, bone-cutting hatred: -80, unshakable hatred: -90 , The enemy of life and death: -100)

I didn't expect to have this thing, the strategy system, I like it.

This Yuko-san is cold on the outside, but very hot on the inside. The feelings that can be achieved in a single shot are so deep, and she is already in the relationship between irresistible friendship and deep affection, and a few more shots will definitely go up.

Xiao V continued to speak: "Congratulations, host, the rookie first flight mission has been successfully completed. You have a chance to cleanse the marrow of the Book of Changes, earn 588 points, and a chance to draw a lottery in Ten Thousand Realms. Do you want to draw a lottery immediately?

"Wait a minute, I have some doubts. This time the murderer should be Yuko Ikezawa. When I finally reasoned, I pushed the truth to Tengjiang Mingyi's suicide. Why did I succeed? Thinking of putting on a rookie Buff?"

"The host has made a mistake. This system aims to train the strongest detective. As long as the host can find out the truth, whether or not the truth is shared with others, the host will be judged to be successful."

"In other words, as long as I find out the truth of the matter, the following reasoning, as long as I am willing, what I want to say?"

Little V hesitated for a moment: "In principle, it is correct."

"I know, my system is not like other coquettish bitches. It is really considerate. Okay, let's draw a lottery."

Kogoro Mouri interrupted V's words directly and held a lottery.

A big bright turntable appeared in his mind immediately. Before Kogoro Moori could see what was on it, the turntable began to rotate continuously.

Soon the turntable stopped, and a stream of light shot into the sky spirit cover of Kogoro Mouri.

"Congratulations to the host for getting the perfection-level peak disguise technique and three master-level disguise masks that cannot be seen through."

Master-level disguise mask: Disposable items, injecting ideas, can change the appearance, in this world, no one can see through, the items are automatically stored in the system space, if necessary, you can take it at your fingertips.

Note: The system space is only allowed to store things in the system, not other things.

Mouri Kogoro dragged his chin. This disguise technique frequently appeared in Conan's world. Although this draw did not draw anything from other worlds, this draw was not bad.

As for the opportunity to cleanse the marrow of the Book of Changes, wait until you get home.