Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 7

Washing the marrow of I Ching is finally over, and the water in the lotus keeps washing down, cleaning all the dirt on the body.

Maori Kogoro looked at the handsome middle-aged uncle in the mirror. His skin was tender and tender, his muscles were well-proportioned, and he exuded a charming light.

The original insignificant temperament that was unique to his predecessor was swept away, and he turned into a handsome and handsome man, which almost burst the girl's heart.

There was a ray of vicissitudes in the austere facial lines and clear eyes. Kogoro Mouri was extremely satisfied with this figure.

He played a roundabout kick, directly kicked out the violent sound, and his skills were restored.

Maori Kogoro only felt comfortable all over, and walked out of the bathroom wearing a bath towel after taking a shower.

Open the door and immediately hear Xiaolan's voice in the living room.

"Conan, you have to be good, you can't help being naughty."


What the fuck!!

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly walked to the living room and saw two familiar figures, a little Lan in a green Nizi coat, and a little devil in a blue suit standing next to him, that is, Edogawa Conan.

What am I missing, why did this little devil head appear in the blink of an eye?

"Dad." Xiaolan heard the voice and looked at Mouri Kogoro.


After all, they are close relatives who get along day and night, Xiaolan soon noticed that Moori Kogoro is different, this kind of breath has not appeared for a long time, and...

"Dad, what about your beer belly, why is it gone and turned into abdominal muscles?"

"Oh, your dad, I have been working out recently, and I didn't drink much, so I practiced back." Kogoro Mouri casually perfunctory, staring sharp eyes at this constantly selling cute Conan classmate.

"How could it be so fast, did you still have a belly yesterday?" Mao Lilan looked unbelievable, as if thinking of something, and soon blushed on her face.

"Who is this kid?" Kogoro Moori folded his arms and sat on the sofa with Da Ma Hengdao, looking at the Conan classmate.

Damn, the momentum is so strong, is this still the Xiaolan father in my memory?Such a person is not like a waste detective at all, I can't stand it anymore.

Kogoro Mouri had just washed his marrow through the I Ching, and he had completely restored the aura of a karate master, and he did not have the slightest aura. He stared at Conan, making Conan feel as if he was being stared at by a beast, and his heartbeat kept increasing.

"Dad, don't stare at Conan like this, it will scare him." Xiaolan showed sympathy, and said coquettishly to Maori Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro looked at Xiaolan with a puzzled look. Although he knew clearly, he still asked her about Conan's origins.

Xiao Lan didn't do what he thought, so he followed up with what happened today.

It turned out that this was the case. Xiaolan took a rest until noon and recovered from the cold, and then went to the amusement park with Shinichi Kudo to relax and experienced the roller coaster murder.

Later, Kudo Shinichi ran away, Xiao Lan went to the new house to find him, but unexpectedly met this kid Edogawa Conan, and finally, under the flick of Dr. Akasa, Xiao Lan brought the kid head home. , I want to stay for a few days.

Dr. A Li is also a ghostly horse to the extreme. Conan, who has been in love for more than ten years, refuses to live. A Huiyuan who meets by the water is like a granddaughter. Does this guy have other intentions?

"Dad, please, Conan is very poor. The family is not here, and Conan is very good. He also helped find a missing girl on the way back." Mo Lilan hugged Kogoro's arm and kept begging.

The missing little girl, isn't it the chairman's daughter incident? Damn it, I just went out to handle the case. Xiaolan and Conan have already experienced so much. Sure enough, the title of the death pupil is well-deserved. Cases happen wherever they go.

It's not impossible to live in. It's a pity that the trigger for such a case is gone. After all, the system started two missions the moment I saw Conan.

Daily task: Congratulations to the host for stepping into the main line. In the criminal steel jungle, countless cases are waiting for the host to resolve.Points and props will be rewarded every time a case is resolved, and the reward items depend on the situation of the case.

The main task: Detective duel: Please in the next case, the host must reason out the truth faster than the famous Detective Conan, and reward the Ten Thousand Realms lottery.

Under Xiaolan's continuous coquetry, Mouri Kogoro gradually softened his attitude: "It's not impossible to take in this little devil, but this little devil must meet my requirements."

Kogoro Mouri stared at the cute Conan-kun with sharp eyes like eagles: "Little Guitou, how old are you?"

Conan opened his eyes wide, and the little milk said: "Uncle Maori, I am seven years old, and I am not called Xiaoguitou, my name is Edogawa Conan."

"I'm seven years old, so you should be able to take a bath and wash your clothes yourself?"

"Well, I still don't know how to take a bath by myself." Conan looked at Xiao Lan and swallowed his saliva.

"Oh, Conan-kun doesn't know how to take a bath, so let Sister Xiaolan teach you." Xiaolan bent down and said softly.

"Absolutely not, Xiaolan, you must never take a bath with anyone other than the closest person." Kogoro Mouri's expression at the moment is extremely gloomy. If it is in anime, it must be full of black flames, with scarlet eyes and completely black..

Sure enough, the wolf’s ambition said that he can't take a bath. If you don't want to train you, you have to go to the house to reveal the tile!!