Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 11

Bo'er clapped her hands and interrupted: "Okay, the show is about to start, let's go up."

This matter has only been turned over for the time being. Conan stared at Mori with resentment, and Kogoro Mori showed a sly smile of successful mischief.

Chapter 0015 The Golden Music Sacrifice Murder Case 2

The three followed Bo'er into the Kyoto TV station. This Kyoto TV station was built thirty years ago. Although it has been refurbished several times, it is still a bit old. Bo'er introduced the rooms that the three passed by along the way.

"This is the recording room, this is the dance studio, this is the place where the trainees practice."

Bo'er was running rampant like a boss in this TV station, and the trainees who passed by left and right kept saying hello to her, and she didn't bother to take care of it.

After the establishment of SM, the trainee system quickly became popular throughout neon. Even the old Kyoto TV station has a group of young trainees.

It turned out to be beautiful as a cloud along the way, and Conan's eyes were straightened, which made Xiaolan and Boer who were observing secretly by the side even more convinced of what Mouri Kogoro said before.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but secretly laughed: As expected, he is a vigorous 17-year-old boy, but he can't control himself.

The trainees who passed by looked back at Mouri Kogoro from time to time.

"Which company's artist is this handsome uncle? Sister Baoer actually accompanied him in person."

"It looks so graceful. I don't look like an artist. I might be a high-level entertainment company. I really envy Sister Boer."


The girls could not help but see the starlight coming out of their eyes when they saw Mori, while the little fresh meat looked envious and jealous when seeing Mori Kogoro.

The four soon came to the recording backstage of the Golden Music Festival, and under the leadership of Boer, entered the exclusive room of Yoko Okino, where the camera was facing Miss Yoko.

"Mr. Mori." Yoko Okino saw that Kogoro Mori hurriedly stopped practicing, and stood up with a look of eagerness.

"Miss Yoko is practicing a new song?" Maori and others approached.

"Yes, this is my secret weapon tonight. The song that Boa wrote to me is called Golden Glitter. I believe I will be able to enter the top three this time." Yoko Okino looked full of vitality.

Speaking of which, Yoko is quite poor in the golden music festival. There is a diva Hamasaki in front of Ayumi, the sexy goddess Lee Hyo-ri, and the warm male god Oda Kazumasa, these three mountains are pressed in front. She and Miss Yuko have always been there. Four, five or six people are hovering here.

However, Miss Yoko is better off than Yuko. She has been suppressing Yuko, and she is still in a safe situation. Only when the Philippine singer Asi is eliminated, Miss Yoko and Miss Yuko are in danger.

"I didn't expect Miss Bo'er to be so talented."

"That is." Bo'er raised his head proudly, revealing the white swan neck.

"Are these two?" Yoko Okino curiously looked at Xiaolan and Conan behind him.

"My daughter Mao Lilan also has a lecherous kid named Conan who borrows from my house." Mao Li pours dirty water on Conan all the time.

"Uncle Maori, why am I lustful?" Conan rushed towards Maori with excitement when he heard this, but instead he took a blow to the fried chestnut, holding his head and squatting down in pain.

Why is this feeling of bullying a child so cool?

Yoko Okino laughed: "Mr. Mori's family is really interesting. Speaking of today, in addition to the kick hall players, there are special performers. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see it later."

At this time, a man in a suit with eyes came in, and Maori and others recognized it at once. This was the announcer of the golden music festival and the chief planner of the show. Takashi Matsuo was a familiar face.

This guy was rated as the man most wanted to be beaten by the Neon people because it took too long for him to announce his ranking at the Golden Music Festival, and he had sex with his previous life Hong Tao.

However, he was very attached to the show and did everything himself. Before going on stage, he informed the singer that he would come in person.

"Ms. Yoko, the live broadcast is about to start, please prepare." Matsuo Takashi went out and notified the other singers after he said it.

"Sorry." Miss Yoko bowed.

"In that case, let's watch the live broadcast, Miss Yoko, come on." Mouri Kogoro got up to say goodbye, and Boer led them out of the room.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but be a little curious: "Miss Boa, do you know who the kicker is tonight?"

"Of course I know. After all, I also watched the rehearsal. It was the boy group member Quan Zhilong who sang Hippop. This guy has a very deep background. He plays with women with drug abuse and has no work. But there are people behind him. Squeezed out Mr. Yamashita and became the kicker this time."

"I think it's quite strange. For someone like Matsuo who has such a high pursuit of music, how many players who wanted to be included in the show have been pushed off. How can this guy come to kick the hall? It's better to let me sing That's it." Bo'er was full of complaints in her voice.

The four followed into the live broadcast hall on the eleventh floor, which was already full of audiences.

"Oh, that's not right, Miss Boer, this is not the direction of the audience."

Bao'er looked back and smiled: "Of course not. Let's go to the backstage, where we can see closer, hear better, and see the contestants, let's go."

Under the leadership of Bo'er, the four of them went unimpeded and came to the backstage screen. Ayumi Hamasaki was adjusting his breathing. The camera beside him was shooting, and Xiaolan's eyes lit up immediately.

Speaking of which, Ayumi Hamasaki is really not pretty. She is short and made up like a Barbie doll, but she sings really well, and even Xiao Lan is her fan.

There were a few sofa chairs next to the curtain, and the four of them were sitting on them and watching the comedians on the stage stirring up the atmosphere.

Soon, the comedians retired, and the golden music festival began.

Matsuo Takashi spoke in the audience: "The seventh session of the Golden Music Festival has officially started. Please ask last week's champion, the queen Ayumi Hamasaki to bring the song, Dearest."

The lights of the stage were all turned on, and the whole stage was immediately shining. The band on the side played, and the inspiring notes kept jumping. Ayumi Hamasaki's aura burst out and strode forward.


If except for the most important things

Able to abandon everything else..."

The whole scene suddenly became hot, Xiao Lan stood up excitedly, with little stars in her eyes: "It really is Ayumi Hamasaki, it sounds so good."

The high-pitched singing broke out from such a petite body, and the diva's aura was released, and the scene was suddenly screamed. It was heard by Kogoro Moori who has master singing skills, and Ayumi Hamasaki's singing is also Close to flawless.

Everyone listened to this wonderful music, indulged in it, even Bao'er couldn't help standing up and dancing his arms, holding a support lamp and lighting Call.

But suddenly there was a noisy voice on the side. Conan-kun, who was not full-tone, also sang along with his water bottle. This was polluting everyone’s ears. Even the gentlest Xiao Lan couldn’t help but yell: "Conan, don’t you It's noisy."

Conan was hurt in his heart.

Chapter 0016 Golden Music Sacrifice Murder Case 3

It really deserves to be the top-notch music feast of neon, and people can't help but indulge in it. Hamasaki sang, and the applause lasted.

The second one was Miss Ikezawa Yuko. Yuko Ikezawa was wearing a snow-white dress, under the psychedelic lights like Snow White, with dry ice constantly spraying out like a fairyland.

"May I ask Yuko Ikezawa to bring her latest single, Can Xue."

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