Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 17

At this moment, butler Sato, who had appeared once before, came here again. He was followed by President Miyamoto who had just awakened. President Miyamoto followed the butler Sato with a pleading expression: "Mr. Sato, please also Say something nice to the princess. Please give me another chance. I will definitely manage the Kyoto TV station. There will be no such mistakes."

This old guy was so embarrassed, where there was the power before, he didn't even dare to squeeze a cane, and limped behind the butler Sato.

But Butler Sato didn't even look at him straight.

Butler Sato came to Kogoro Moori with a gentle smile on his face: "Hello, detective Moori, I am Sato Sato. The reasoning of the detective Moori just now is really wonderful. I will invite him to meet on behalf of my host."

Sato Sato's courtesy is impeccable, whether it is a bow to say hello or an invitation, it is like measuring with a scale.

Seeing Sato Sato’s respectfully inviting Kogoro Mouri, Miyamoto Takeichi’s expression changed from time to time, as if he had overturned soy sauce. At last he could only put on a bitter gourd-like smiling face, looking at Mori beggingly. Kogoro.

Kogoro Mori was even more relieved when he saw President Miyamoto's expression. He ignored the embarrassed old dog and followed Sato Sato to his master's box.

Item 0023

Kogoro Mori followed Sato to the box on the eleventh floor of the live broadcast scene. The people at the scene were walking around in a hurry. Xiaolan wanted to follow in but was stopped by Sato.

"Xiaolan, you can just wait outside for a while." Mouri Kogoro was quite curious about who the princess was in the steward's mouth, so that President Miyamoto could be scared to this extent.

The two entered this box, which was decorated extremely magnificently, high-end and grand, facing the stage of the golden music festival, which is the best viewing position.

Sitting on the two lavender sofas in the middle is an elegant and noble woman. She is wearing a white tight-fitting dress, blooming like a lark flower, outlines round and slender thighs, and a gold blouse is on her chest. With a tulip flower, there is a slap-sized and exquisite face under the European-style cap.

The woman held a glass of red wine in her hand and drank it gently, her lips turned scarlet.

She is a woman with an extremely prominent identity in this country, the princess born by the emperor's son and the prominent Han family in Seoul, Princess Akisomamiya Yoshiko.

Kogoro Mouri has an impression of it. The princess has been exposed to the spotlight. Now she is representing the country at major occasions. She is often seen on TV. She has begun to enter the political world and is known as Neon’s political star represents the declaration that it wants to build a real bridge between Seoul and Kyoto, so that South and North Korea and Neon can truly be integrated.

As soon as Princess Kako waved her hand, Butler Sato went out honestly and guarded the door.

"I saw Mr. Maori's reasoning just now. It was really wonderful. I didn't expect that I would watch such a good show in the pastime today."

"Princess Jiazi is too acclaimed, it is my duty to find the truth, nothing can be said?"

"Mr. Maori is too modest, please sit down, sir." The two took their seats again, sitting on two opposite sofas with a small round table in between.

Princess Kako got up, picked up the iced red wine on the side, and poured wine for Kogoro Maori. Her movements were extremely elegant, and she deserved to be a character trained by the royal family.

"Mr.'s demeanor in the live broadcast just now is so fascinating, please don't blame Jiazi for being abrupt, and invite him to meet."

Maori Kogoro's expression was quite useful. Looking at the neon princess, he couldn't help but start to talk, "Why is it strange, Princess Kako is so beautiful, I don't know how many people in Kyoto line up to meet Princess Kako."

Princess Jiazi was quite surprised when she heard this. In her capacity, no one dared to speak to her like this, and couldn't help covering her mouth and laughed: "Mr. Maori is really funny."

"Hehe, beautiful skins are the same, interesting souls are one in a million. I think Princess Kako is not only interesting in her soul, but this skin is one in a million." An inexplicable light flashed in Maori Kogoro's eyes.

This princess Akishomiya Yoshiko is not a simple character. Kogoro Mouri also opened up her favorability achievement, but when the two people were talking, the favorability level fluctuated at +-40, even for most of them. Time is in negative numbers. Although she laughed at Yan Yan, she actually didn't have enough kindness to Kogoro Maori, which shows the depth of her intentions.

"Mr. Mori deserves to be a detective. He speaks so humorously, but sir, condescending to a small office would be too overkill."

When Maori heard this, he felt that someone was making a small gesture. He looked down and saw that it was Princess Jiazi's jade feet, gently rubbing Maori's calf, but Miss Jiazi's face looked serious.

"The situation in China is very tense now, but it is also full of opportunities. With Mr.'s wisdom, why waste time in a small office, Mr. Maori, why don't you help me?" Ms. Jiazi smiled like a flower on her face. A blooming blood rose.

Only then did Mouri Kogoro understand that this Princess Kako was interested in her own wisdom, and wanted to recruit herself as an assistant, so she politely refused: "Maori is only a mere student. I'm afraid I can't help Princess Kako for anything, so forget it."

"With Mr. Mouri's wisdom, I'm fairly talented, and I'm afraid that no one in Kyoto can be considered resourceful." Upon hearing Moori Kogoro's refusal, Akisinomiya Kako immediately withdrew his lower calf, and his momentum changed suddenly.

The smile gradually disappeared, his arms folded, coldly like a queen descending, this is a side that has never been revealed before, so it seems that this princess Jiazi is really ambitious.

Princess Kako picked up a document in her hand and started flipping it: "Mr. Mori, it’s not a smart decision to reject me. Let me see, it turns out that Mr.’s office happens to be in Mihuacho 5-chome, and it seems to belong to Xiao Hiroshi. local."

"Are you threatening me?" Mouri Kogoro's face gradually cooled.

"You also have a daughter named Mao Lilan, who is sixteen years old. She is very cute. Don't you fear that she will suffer misfortune for such a cute daughter?" Qiushimiya Kako didn't know that she was dying.

When Maori Kogoro heard that the princess threatened him with Xiaolan, he couldn't bear it anymore. The dragon had inverse scales and he would die if he touched it.

He pounced on the princess Jiazi, the two immediately rolled onto the sofa, and Maori instantly controlled the princess Jiazi.

Akashomi Miyoko was panicked, screaming repeatedly, shouting: "Presumptuous, how dare you offend the royal family."

She wanted to get the alarm in her handbag, but she was thrown out by Maori before she got it.

"Your Royal Highness? Do you know that I hate people who are more pretending than me? It doesn't matter if you threaten me, but you shouldn't use Xiaolan to threaten me. Maybe you only know that I Maori is a detective, but In fact, I like to do it more than to start the brain." Maori is unscrupulous, and he does not think anyone can afford to offend anyone who relies on the system.

Moori Kogoro took off the golden tulip on Princess Kako's chest with one hand, and the proud figure was hidden under the gold sleeves.

Where did Princess Kako have seen this kind of battle, shouting to the housekeeper, but it didn't work, Mouri Kogoro had already crushed a primary psychedelic card and put down a small psychedelic array, and the sound could not be heard at all.

The strong Moori Kogoro dealt with the emperor's granddaughter, and Princess Kako simply caught it.

At this moment, where is the elegant temperament of Akishomiya Kako, she felt that Moori Kogoro was real, how can such a bold person dare to offend the princess, and immediately knelt on the sofa and begged for mercy: "No."

But just a few basic psychedelic cards, and some of them, Mouri Kogoro, who is rich and powerful, has no scruples at all.

The pupils in Miss Kako's eyes kept shrinking: Damn it, my virginity that I have kept for many years, the capital of my future marriage, has disappeared like this, it is ridiculous, I am a queen, how could this be???

In this magnificent box, the red wine had already been overturned and scattered all over the floor.

At this moment, he was like Dong Cunrui, Qiu Shaoyun, Yang Jingyu, Zhang Zizhong possessed his body, the gods descended from heaven, and the Chinese soul of the previous life was constantly stirring.

He is not fighting alone at this moment, he is not fighting alone.

"Fuck you little jap!!!"


Xiaolan and the others outside the box were a little impatient. Sato looked at the time and said to Xiaolan: "Princess Kako and Mr. Mori must have a very good chat. They have been in for two hours. They talked. It’s a big event, so we can’t bother."

Little Ghost Head Conan took a fisheye glance: "Sister Xiaolan, I'm sleepy, let's go back to sleep first."

"Mr Conan, hold on again, dad will come out soon." Xiaolan calmed Conan gently.

At this moment, the door of the box opened, and Kogoro Moori came out of the room, followed by an elegant woman, and the two were chatting with smiles.

"Mr. Maori, I really benefited a lot from talking to you this time."

"It's also the first time I have met a good person like you, Princess Jiazi, you have to take care of your body, but I look forward to our next meeting." Maori smiled evilly on his face and walked towards Xiaolan and the others.

"Xiao Lan, wait a long time, let's go home."

Looking at Kogoro who was going away, Akishomiya Kako's face became cold again, and she hurriedly shouted: "Butler, let me prepare the car. Also, keep your mouth tight."

Sato Sato immediately broke into a cold sweat behind his back, and then went downstairs to prepare the car.