Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 22

And beside him is a fat sumo wrestler, the big wooden saddle. In fact, this big wooden saddle is not too fat. This kind of figure can be regarded as thin in the sumo world. He is just one year older than Hattori Hizo That's it.

Mouri Kogoro glanced over, and suddenly he saw a familiar person in the crowd next to him, a guy who looked gentle, with gold glasses, and a book in his hand. He was Yusaku Kudo. .

Unexpectedly, Yusaku Kudo appeared here at Yoneba University. Kogoro Mouri turned his head and looked at Kiko. The two of them should meet in the future. Is it the butterfly effect?

Yusaku Kudo has just published his first mystery novel, and his fame is growing. Just when he heard that there was a martial arts convention held at Mikado University, he came to watch it, and he was also accumulating some material for his next novel.

Kudo Yusaku's perception is also very strong. He soon noticed that someone was observing him. Kogoro Mouri quickly turned around, blocking the line of sight between him and Yukiko, and said inexplicably, "Hiri, you and Yukiko go behind. Go and sit down, the draw is about to begin here."

"What? Obviously there is a position." You Xizi's face was uneasy, but Yingli, who was a new bride, was very obedient, and pulled You Xizi back.

The host on the high platform came on stage.

"It's finally this exciting moment. Our young martial artist with a big neon has finally grown up. Next, I invite Mr. Shiro Suzuki, our patron of this martial arts club, to speak for you."

Shiro Suzuki, Sonoko's father, is now in his 30s. He has established the Suzuki Consortium and is a leader in the business world. He wears an orange suit and looks like a successful person.

"Well, everyone, I’m Shiro Suzuki, I’m very happy. I have so many young and promising martial artists. When I was young, I also had a dream of practicing martial arts. Unfortunately, I This stomach can't live up to it."

Shiro Suzuki patted his beer belly, and the audience burst into laughter.

"However, our Suzuki consortium has been paying attention to the neon martial arts world. If we have the opportunity to contribute our own strength to the martial arts world, then we are obliged to do so. This martial arts club is an opportunity."

"As a reward, the strongest of this youth martial arts club will get a gift from my Suzuki Foundation."

The staff on the side opened a red curtain to reveal the contents inside. It was a knife with extremely sharp blades.

"Chidori, the sword of the famous general Tachibana Doyuki, the winner will get this sword."

Miyamoto Shintake, who was holding the sword and cherishing his spirit, immediately stood up, his eyes made no secret of greed: "That sword is mine."

When I said this, everyone around couldn't help frowning, but Kogoro Mori didn't react at all. He wasn't interested in this neon knife. He might only value it if he changed it to fish sausage.

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"Then you might have to pay to buy it with me." The thin Kuroba competed with each other.

"You." A cold light flashed by, and Juhedao drew his sword instantly, and a long sword stopped dangerously in front of Kurobaichi's neck.

At this time, the most majestic Omu Saddle stood up and waved his hand to persuade him to reconcile: "Don't be like this, don't be like this, we are here to communicate this time, not really fighting."

When Hattori Heizo and Toyama Ginjiro saw this, the two also stood up to persuade them to make peace. Shintake Miyamoto retracted the knife in his hand and looked at the big wooden saddle disdainfully: "Your figure and your courage are really real. It's not proportional."

After that, he took the lead and walked to the high platform, and the others followed suit.

The host on the stage wiped his sweat with a handkerchief, and he naturally saw the scene just now: "The personalities of the young martial arts champions are really different from ordinary people."

Seven people stood on the high platform, Miyamoto Shintake and Hattori Heizo stood together, each of them holding a sword and the other holding a sword, majestic.Shintake Miyamoto made a throat cut gesture to Hattori Heizo, and Hattori Heizo's fox eyes could not see the slightest wave.

The audience in the stadium saw this scene and cheered enthusiastically. Such an arrogant provocation was an excitement for them.

At this time, the host took out a black box from the side, and the lottery box contained two pairs of colored balls. The white balls represented byes.

In the audience, Kiko stared at the stage with his eyes, and Fei Yingri on the side was also very concerned. When Moori Kogoro took out the white ball from the box, Kiko suddenly looked depressed, while Fei Yingri's eyes were smiling.

A gentle voice came from the side: "Hello, this is Yusaku Kudo, is there anyone you know on this stage? It seems that the expressions of the two are so strange."

In this huge stadium, even if Maori had just tried to stop him, Yusaku Kudo saw Yukiko for the first time. His eyes were attracted by Yukiko like a magnet, and he couldn't help but come up to talk.

The two women encountered this situation more often, and when they looked up, this Kudo Yusaku was so gentle that he didn't feel sick.

You Xizi laughed mischievously and said, "This classmate, your way of starting a conversation is very old-fashioned."

Yusaku Kudo smiled indifferently: "With the different reactions of the two students just now, only Kogoro Moori who got a bye on the stage matched. That is to say, the two people I know are the knights of Tedan High School. The temperament of the classmates is so different, but I have heard that there is a queen and a princess in Didan High School. If you guessed right, the two are Concubine Hideri and Fujimine Yukiko, right? Yusaku Kudo, the author of The Night Baron, a novel Reasoner."

"Wow." Hearing this reasoning, Fei Yingli couldn't help but nodded slightly, and replied: "You are right, Kogoro Mouri on the stage is my boyfriend."

"What?" You Xizi suddenly exclaimed when she heard this, completely shocked. For some reason she felt like she had knocked over a five-flavored bottle. She didn't know what it was like, it seemed a little bit sour.

"Hidori, when did this happen? Why didn't you tell me." Yukiko turned around immediately, pretending to be an interrogator, and left Yusaku Kudo to dry next to her.

"Hey, keep your voice down." Fei Yingli's face flushed suddenly, "just last night, he confessed to me."

"Then you agree?" You Xizi had a weird expression and looked at the shy Yingli. She pretended to be making suggestions: "Hey, Yingli, you are too unsure, man, things that are too easy to get are often not Cherish, how could you agree to him so easily, you should give him some tests, or be careful that he betrays you in the future."

Fei Yingli instantly burst into the queen's aura: "He dare!!!"

Suddenly both Yusaku Kudo and Yukiko were frightened.

At this time, Kogoro Maori walked over from the side, and Fei Yingri instantly became tender and soft, and the little bird leaned against Maori.

This scene stunned You Xizi, like the first time I met this best friend, she felt an unspeakable sense of betrayal. You Xizi's mouth was pouted so that she could hang an oil bottle, and she glanced at the two of them with disgust: "Huh, I should play. I performed, and I will pack you up later."

After saying that, he walked to the stage without looking at Yusaku Kudo again.

Yusaku Kudo could only say goodbye to Mori and Hideri after seeing this scene.

With the sound of music, the young and energetic You Xizi came to the stage with cheerful steps as the lead dancer. Behind him was a huge group of female high school students, and the school's cheerleader was pulled over.

Yukiko has a different charm on the stage. She seems to have been born for the stage. She is thrown high, and the difficult movements are easy to do, just like an elf dancing, which is Kogoro. I couldn't help being caught in his mind, let alone the other men present, yelling one by one.

Suddenly a shout came from the gym: "Princess Di Dan, Princess Di Dan."

Kogoro Mouri glanced at it, and it was his karate members in the school who were making waves. Soon the entire stadium was cheering for the title of Kiko. This moment was undoubtedly a shining moment.

Concubine Hideri nestled beside Moori Kogoro: "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yeah, I didn't expect this guy to tidy up and look really good."

"Huh?" Hanman suddenly turned his back, Maori carelessly, but how could he capsize so easily after so many years of Taoism: "But nothing can be compared to my family's Yingli, this is like the difference between gravel and pearl, it is a world of difference. what."

Fei Yingli nodded with satisfaction.

Soon Xizi's performance ended, and the Budokai competition soon began.

They are Taekwondo·Kang Shincheol vs. Sumo·Damu Saddle.

Aikido and Ginjiro Toyama vs. Judo and Kurobaichi.

And Kendo and Hattori Heizo vs. Iaido and Miyamoto Shintake.

Karate's Maori Kogoro has a bye.

Shintake Miyamoto looked at Yukiko who was about to step down, like a ruffian: "This classmate, are you free to drink with me at night?" After talking, he laughed horribly, and Maori's eyes flashed cold. And pass.

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