Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 29

"Yu Kiko, what's wrong with you?" Mouri Kogoro asked with a puzzled look.

The breath held by You Xizi's chest disappeared in front of Maori.

Hearing this, he immediately broke out: "Mao Lijun, you ask me what's wrong, don't you know what's wrong?"

You Xizi stretched out her hand and said with an angry face: "Did you forget? At the abandoned wharf in the west, did you forget our kiss?"

"After only a week, you have forgotten them all, but I have not forgotten them all."

"I didn't forget that on the speedboat, Maori Jun held my face, wiped away my tears and said to me,'Don't worry, I will take you back safely.'"

"I have not forgotten Maori Maori held a shield in front of me, and firmly protected me under him."

"I have never forgotten that even if it was the last second before the explosion, Maori, you did not forget to give me the carefully prepared doll. Although this doll is ugly, it is the best gift I have ever received."

You Xizi held out a gray little doll from behind, and she also bought a new clothes cover for the little doll.

Hearing these words, Kogoro Moori couldn't help but touch his head: "Yu Kiko, this doll was not carefully prepared by me..."

"Shut up, listen to me."

Yukiko interrupted Maori with cold eyes. She held the doll, her temperament gradually changed from aggressive to soft.

"Although I am a little sorry to Yingli, the emotions in my heart cannot be suppressed at all. I have been troubled for a long time in the past few days, but I still can only choose to talk to Maori."

Maori opened his mouth, but couldn't bear to interrupt the girl's confession in front of him.

"Mao Lijun, although sometimes he is very arrogant and stinky, and he likes to bully me, in fact, you are really a good person, Maori!"

"Mau Li, you are upright, brave, and clever, and the Emperor Dan Knight is right at all. In the gymnasium, he was the first to point out the murderer, so handsome when reasoning; and just when I was in despair. It was also Mao Lijun who gave me the courage to continue to fight; when I was tied to the bomb speedboat, Mao Lijun stood in front of me completely regardless of his own safety. At that moment, I felt that even if I died with Mao Lijun, It doesn't matter."

"You Xizi..."

"What to do, Mao Lijun is so good that you are the only one in You Xizi's eyes? Mao Lijun, what should I do?"

Maori Kogoro swallowed his saliva, seeing the love in Kiko's eyes in front of him, he really didn't know how to respond.

Yukiko stepped forward again and got close to Kogoro Mouri.

"Also, although the martial arts conference failed to continue, in Yu Xizi's mind, Maori will always be the strongest person in this martial arts conference." You Xizi looked up at Maori, then lowered his head, as if embarrassed to say the next thing. .

"So, the gambling agreement between us, I gave up, and I, Teng Feng, have a wish to speak, and I am willing to accept the gambling, no matter what Maori asked me to do."

You Xizi's face flushed red: "Even H's request doesn't matter!!!"

How could a girl express her unreserved thoughts to herself, saying, "Even H's request is okay." How could Maori be able to bear it.

He held up Fujimine Yukiko's face and kissed it affectionately.

Maori reached up from the waist of You Xizi's Xiaoman with one hand, and touched the absolute realm of You Xizi with the other hand.


The black belt around his waist fell on the ground, and the white karate uniform was flying over the martial arts arena.


Seeing this scene before him, Maori couldn't bear it anymore. He leaned down and began to test the depth. In the empty karate dojo, a rhythmic and rhythmic voice began to sound.

The third volume of Huiyuan Ai debut

Chapter 0001

Nearly nine o'clock in the evening, Moori Kogoro sent the limping Yukiko home, and Yukiko looked at Moori Kogoro's away figure with eyes full of despair.

In the system space, the backtracking card flashed, and the small V opened his mouth and said: "The backtracking task has been completed, is it back?"

Unexpectedly, the key to the return mission was Yukiko. It was still such a task. Kogoro Mouri turned around and waved to Yukiko, saying goodbye to him, thinking to him: return.

The backtracking card in the system space once again shined with a ray of light, turned into particles, rushed into Maori's mind and wrapped his soul, and re-crossed the 20-year long river to return to the present world.

The traceback card disappeared.

Once back to the Cangshan Mountains, I realized that it was neither me nor me.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the backtracking task, the backtracking task reasoning is correct, the true self is perfected, and 30,000 points are obtained, a lottery draw in Ten Thousand Realms, and the card [Destiny Choice].

Card [Fate's Choice]:????

It was this kind of props that were too imaginary. Kogoro Moori shook his head and put away the card.

Sure enough, the task of backtracking is the same as my own reasoning. All of this is me.

At this time, Xiao V said: "While the system was engulfing the host’s soul and blood to cross the void, he was hit by the turbulence of the void, and the system ran out of energy to protect the host’s blood from passing through and was born into this world. The soul has already been integrated, but the baby cannot bear the huge past life memory, so the host's past life memory and the system fall into a deep sleep."

"Until the arrival of the main mission, the system awakens as a result of absorbing energy, and the host’s past life memory also returns. At that time, the host’s physique was extremely weak and could not carry the memories of this life and the past life at the same time, which caused partial damage to the memory of this life. When repairing the host's memory, only the memory of the previous life is guaranteed to be intact, and the soul has a defect."

"The retrospective card is an extremely rare special item. It takes the host back to twenty years ago to find the damaged memory and make up for the soul's shortcomings."

As Xiao V continued to explain, deeper memory fragments in Kogoro Moori's mind continued to emerge.

It’s no wonder that at the beginning of the journey, I found that the memory of Kogoro Moori was very strange. It was not the same as the uncle Moori in the anime, and there was also the illusion of looking in the mirror. It turns out that the people who lived in the front for nearly forty years, although they were The whitewashed trumpet re-starts, in fact, it is also influenced by itself, rather than completely interpreted according to the animation script as initially thought.

As the hidden memory fragments continued to emerge and began to assemble, Mouri Kogoro felt that he was complete.

If you haven't reached Consummation, you will never feel that you are lacking!!

I used to think that Mouri Kogoro in this life is another person, but in fact it is just amnesia. Now that I have really recovered the memory, I found that Moori Kogoro in this life and Chu Feng in the previous life were the same from the beginning. A complete person.

At this time, he remembered the reason for the separation from Fei Yingli, What the fuck.

How can it be so bloody??

After the terrorist attack in the rice flower market, Kogoro Moori was in a relationship with Yukiko while he was in love with Yukiko. He couldn't part with the two girls, so he kept secretly hiding from Yukiko.

Later, after graduating from high school, Kiko got the opportunity to enter the entertainment industry, and started to get busy. Because of the guilt for her girlfriends, she aggrieved herself to be Moori Kogoro's underground lover.

Kogoro Mori sits on the blessings of everyone, but when he was in college, he and his wife Hideri made their lives and finally entered the marriage palace.

While Fujimine Yukiko is a big star on the surface, but in fact continues to maintain a lover relationship with Kogoro Mouri.

But in the end, the paper still couldn't contain the fire. Fei Yingli, who was pregnant with Xiaolan at the time, discovered that her best friend seemed to have an unusual relationship with her husband. She was furious and even wanted to kill the child.

In desperation, Yukiko had to seek the help of her friend Yusaku Kudo. The two pretended to get married to dispel Concubine Hideri’s doubts, and adopted a child, saying that it was the flesh and blood of the two. Concubine Hideri felt that she had misunderstood. Up.

The crisis barely disappeared. The Maori couple and Kudo, the superficial couple, restored the old one. Xiaolan and the new one and two children grew up together.

But the good times didn't last long. Just when Xiaolan was six or seven years old, Fei Yingli finally discovered the true relationship between Moori Kogoro and Yukiko. This time she caught the rape in bed.