Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 30

Seeing the two people on the bed, Fei Yingri did not make a big quarrel, no hysterics, but separated from Kogoro Mouri on that day.

At that time, Xiaolan and Xinyi were both young, so the two children didn't know why.

Yukiko only feels that she is sorry for Concubine Hideri and broke the marriage between her and Kogoro Moori. Under her guilt, she escapes from the United States and declares to the outside world to enter Hollywood.

On the other hand, Moori Kogoro, who stepped on two boats and fought for nothing in the end, became more and more decadent since then.

Mouri Kogoro looked at himself in this life because of the two girls and he shook his head and said: You are too disappointed, sure enough, without the memory of the previous life, how could it be possible to carry the audience like me and Hold everything.

Little V couldn't help but look at the host who was so crazy that he even scolded himself, and couldn't help being a little speechless.

Remembering this uncomfortable memory, Kogoro Moori was in a bad mood. Who caught and scolded him: "I haven't said you yet, the rubbish system, why the configuration is so low, your routine, is it the system that has been pirated after a hundred years? The routine of awakening, isn’t it just awakening, can you still mess up your memory and disappear your soul?"

Xiao V novel explained: "That's because the host's physical fitness declined after decadence, and the configuration was too low."

"Oh, I dare to talk back and say, is there anything else you can do to sorry me?" Mouri Kogoro glared.

At this time, if Xiao V had a human form, countless cold sweats would surely emerge from the back of his head. Replaying the scenes recorded when he was awakened, Moori Kogoro’s thoughts were confused and his body was drunk when his memories were fused, but his biological daughter Mourilan who came to take care of As a concubine Yingli gave a half-push and half-hearted sex.After all, it is not the original Maori Kogoro, so Maurilan is slightly different from the original. Although it is still so beautiful and kind, she has always admired and relied on her father before decadence since she was a child, and she also regarded Kudo Shinichi as a younger brother. I have always hoped that my parents will be resurrected and that the wise and martial father will return again.

The system seems to be stuck, and it took a long time before flattering and replied: "No, of course not. This system aims to train the host as the strongest detective on this plane. How can it be sorry for the host?"

No one knows how much energy that the artificial intelligence of Xiao V spent to tell this lie.

At this time, Kogoro Mouri's focus shifted again, because two characters were parachuted in the achievement of Friendship Degree.

Fei Yingli: Favorable rating 92 (in frozen state)

Fujimine Yukiko: Friendship Degree 95 (Frozen State)

"Little V, what the hell is this frozen state?"

Xiao V despised Maori: "Did you forget what you did yourself? This requires triggering an unlock task to release the frozen state."

"Oh, I'm going, your scum system dare to taunt me, how did I find that you have been a little bit flirting lately, do you want to go to heaven?"

Little V immediately withered again, and replied: "Little V didn't flee! The host retrieved the missing soul, and the system just found the missing component, so the artificial intelligence has improved."

Data 0002

"Dad, daddy, what's the matter with you, staying at the door for so long?" Xiao Lan looked concerned.

Kogoro Moori completed the retrospective task. It seems that only a second has passed in real life, but for him it has been a long time since he saw Xiaolan, so he could not help but reach out and touch Xiaolan's hair.

"It's okay, let's enter the house." After saying that, he hugged Xiaolan and returned to the warm upstairs.

In the Mercedes-Benz's speeding car, Edogawa Fumiro held his chin in one hand: That guy, he was more energetic than the one he saw last time.

Seeing this action, Conan-kun was a little familiar but couldn't remember, and couldn't help asking: "Who are you?"

Fumiro Edogawa looked at Conan with a serious appearance, and a cold light flashed through his glasses and said, "Didn't I say that? I'm your mother!"

"You lied, my mother is..."

Fumiro Edogawa talked: "Fujimine Yukiko, the actress who can charm the whole world, won the international award at the age of nineteen, and was a superstar popular throughout the neon. After that, she and the famous mystery novelist Kudo Yusaku got married and gave birth to her only son."

"Later, for the actor's dream, he went to Hollywood to develop and left his only son in Neon. I am not wrong, Kudo Shinichi!" The coldness in Edogawa's eyes almost penetrated.

Conan's face changed drastically, he opened the door and ran away along the snowy road.

"Hurry up and catch that kid for me." Aunt Edogawa saw Conan disappeared, her little hand covered her mouth, and her face showed a successful mischievous smile.

This action must be cute for a beautiful woman to do it, but letting this big aunt Edogawa Fumi do it out of appetite.

"Okay, next Shinichi should go to Dr. Akasa, go there and wait for him." Edogawa Fumyo didn't get out of the car to chase after him, and drove directly to Dr. Akasa.

In the cold snowy day, Conan, wearing shorts and a blue suit jacket, ran on the side of the road.

"I really found this place, the black man's accomplice, what should I do? I can't go back to the office and hurt Xiaolan. By the way, Dr. A Li." Conan turned around and ran to Dr. A Li's residence.


Conan running outside is in a dire situation, but Kogoro Mouri at home is very happy.

Xiaolan deserves to be the representative of the neon gentle woman. She wears an apron and hums while cooking food.

"Xiao Lan, do you seem to be in a good mood? Is it because you sent away Conan this little devil?" Maori was curious.

"No? Dad, don't keep talking about Conan. He is actually a very good child." Xiaolan smiled, Suhua's uncle Kogoro Moori's heart, this Nizi, looks faster than Yingri Still pretty.

"I just haven't been with my father for a long time." Xiaolan muttered to herself, but Maori Kogoro didn't hear it.

"Wow, I'm making miso soup, it looks great!" Maori took a look at the pot. There are kelp and vegetables in the pot, which looks great.

"Xiaolan, you should also pay attention to nutrition when practicing karate recently. It's not enough to just eat vegetables. Come on, dad will show you a hand today." Moori Kogoro rolled up his sleeves and took out the ribs from the refrigerator, ready to start cooking Chinese dishes—— Give Xiaolan a taste of braised pork ribs.

Xiaolan was surprised to see this scene, knowing that Kogoro Mouri never entered the kitchen before.

Really, dad has really changed, do you know mom?

The scent of food wafts in the warm kitchen, and the Maori father and daughter are cooking in the kitchen, overflowing with the taste of happiness.


Conan, who was outside Dr. Aha's villa, shivered, holding himself in a grievance, constantly shaking his legs to protect against the cold, and staring anxiously at the street outside Dr. Aha.

"Doctor, where have you been?"

Seeing Dr. A Li approaching slowly under an umbrella, Conan was about to move forward in surprise, but suddenly one hand was holding a white sweatshirt and covering his mouth. The smell was ether.

Conan turned his head, but saw Edogawa Fumyo's cold face, and fainted with great fear in his heart.


"Soy sauce, I'm going to start." Xiaolan was full of energy and began to eat, Moori Kogoro opened a can of beer and drank it in. It was refreshing.

"Dad, don't drink too much alcohol." Normally, Xiaolan would definitely prevent Moori Kogoro from continuing to drink, but today Xiaolan is in a particularly good mood, so I didn't say any more.

"Well, it's delicious, dad, this pork ribs you made is really delicious!"

"Eat more, look at you, you don't have any more meat." Maori is a very precious little Lan, and kept helping her pick vegetables.

"Why, it's obviously long!" Xiaolan straightened her chest, chewing on her bones, her mouth full of sauce, her head sideways, and she looked super kawaii.

"Okay, there is a long, there is a long, such an adult, I still have a mouthful when eating." Mouri Kogoro quickly took out a tissue to help her wipe the sauce from her mouth.

Xiao Lan's face was slightly red.