Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 39

"Okay!" Yuanzi immediately woke up when he heard this, picked up the head of Conan, and ran outside the door.

"Sister Xiaolan, I'm waiting for you at home." Conan's voice came from afar.

Only Moori Kogoro and Xiaolan are left in the martial arts field. This martial arts field is the property of the Suzuki family, and today it was borrowed to train Xiaolan.

Under Xiaolan's rapid attacks, Maori Kogoro fully revealed his master-level karate ability. His whole body looked like a fierce tiger, and Xiaolan was just a young tiger who just knew how to bark his teeth.

Maori Kogoro had a serious expression: "Xiaolan, you must have sensed it too. Every blow you make has become more and more powerful. Now it’s the critical point of advancement. Next, try your best to attack. to me."

"Okay!" Xiaolan nodded, like a white lightning, and rushed up instantly, the whip kick came up, Maori blocked it with one hand, and then punched it out.

This punch received seven points and hit Xiaolan's shoulder.

Xiao Lan frowned, but he didn't care about it. Karate's techniques were constantly attacking, and everyone else seemed to be fighting life and death.

Two white lightning appeared on the training field, the scene was extremely shocking, that power can be talked about breaking jade and gravel.

Maori Kogoro perceives that Xiaolan’s skills are becoming more and more sophisticated, his fist is getting stronger and stronger, and the smile at the corners of his mouth becomes more and more obvious. He constantly guides himself, completely acting as a big sandbag, and constantly bears it. The strongest damage.

Two hours later, both of them were exhausted, their pores were all opened, and they were constantly evacuating heat.

Maori sensed that Xiaolan's power increase had reached the extreme, so he slowly stopped.

Both of them sat weakly on the karate dojo and smiled at each other.


Maori gave two thumbs up, and Xiaolan laughed when she saw it.

Under the training of Kogoro Maori, Xiaolan’s karate has finally advanced today, reaching the level of Consummation. This is the ultimate that can be achieved in training. As for the master level, you can only advance between life and death. What the training can do.

The karate suit on her body has long been soaked in sweat, and it is really uncomfortable to wear. The whole karate dojo is only her own daughter, of course it does not matter.

Kogoro Mouri took off the undershirt that weighed three to five pounds, revealing a lean body, with eight packs of abdominal muscles neat and tidy, and two pectoral muscles look even more powerful, just because he was attacked too much by Xiaolan. There were bruises all over this body, and it looked rather unsightly.

"Ah, daddy, are you okay." Xiao Lan couldn't help being stunned when she saw this scene. There was no good meat on her body, which was terrible.

"It's okay, this kind of injury can't even be said."

Although Xiao Lan was very tired, she quickly got up after seeing this scene, ran to the outside of the dojo, and brought the medicinal liquor back.

Maori looked at Xiaolan's gracious appearance, couldn't bear to refuse, took the medicinal wine, and then began to apply it by himself. He originally wanted to use the healing technique, but he was afraid that the changes would scare Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan sat next to Maori, looking up at her father, just like watching her father's training when she was a child, just watching, Xiao Lan suddenly became a little fidgety.

Maori smeared the bruise in front of him once and was about to put away the medicinal wine.

However, Xiaolan took the medicinal liquor with one hand, then poured it into his own hand, and slowly pushed it on Maori Kogoro's back.

"Well, Lan, it's this position, I can't wipe it myself." Xiao Lan's plain hand pushed back and forth on Maori's back, but it didn't seem to be rubbing potion, but rather "touching".

"Xiaolan, it's not like that. To make the medicinal wine work, you have to work hard." When Maori said this, Xiaolan seemed to be frightened, and all the strange powers were used, even Xiaogolang couldn't bear it.

But this is his daughter's filial piety. Of course, Kogoro Mori couldn't refuse. He bit his teeth and endured it. It was so sour that it was a bit refreshing.

When Xiaolan applied her strength, she felt like she couldn't stop. From the back muscles, all the way to the front muscles, eight abdominal muscles, and finally two chest muscles, Xiaolan suddenly woke up like a rabbit. The same jumped away.

"Lan, your massage technique is really like this." Maori raised two thumbs up ignoring his conscience, then glanced at his state with a wry smile. After Xiao Lan's massage, he changed from a minor injury to a serious injury.

"It's just Lan, don't press it for other people in the future, just press it for dad." When Maori said this, Xiaolan's face immediately turned red, and she fixed her eyes on her dad, focusing on it. Nodding, she seemed to have misunderstood something.

Maori quickly put on his karate suit, and then performed a healing technique on himself, all over his body, his injuries healed soon.

Then Maori approached Xiaolan, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Xiao Lan's body was tight, and she was about to come again.

After the treatment started, Xiaolan felt like Su Su numb all over the damaged area, and the whole person became very comfortable.

But Maori didn’t explain to Xiaolan that he performed the treatment on her, but he would do it every time after training with Xiaolan to avoid her aches and pains for several days, so that Xiaolan can continue training, so these days Xiaolan's karate level can only improve so quickly, from proficiency directly to consummation level.

But this also caused a misunderstanding, that is, every time Xiaolan was put on her shoulder by her father, she was covered with Su Su Ma Ma, so she went online to find out why Su Su Ma Ma was, but the answer she got made her big For surprise.

These days she looked at Maori's eyes more and more weird.

Chapter 0014

"Xiao Lan, do you want to improve your strength again?" Maori asked.

Xiaolan looked surprised: "Dad, do you have any idea? Of course if you can."

Maori looked at Xiao Lan, who was so desperate for strength, not knowing whether it was sad or happy. What to do if he really trains this baby girl into a female tyrannosaurus, although it seems that it has already been, but it may be more violent if it continues.

It is true that Kogoro Mouri intends to teach Slante's advanced cosmic guidance technique to Xiaolan. This guidance technique is very powerful. To this day, Kogoro Moori has been practicing, and several attributes have been soaring, almost all of them have crossed the 30 mark.

Physique: 34 (Energetic, but can not sleep for three days and three nights, the resistance is greatly increased, the pistol will only cause minor injuries to you, you can already resist intermediate poisons.)

Force: 41 (Be careful not to be agitated, your casual blow may cause death.)

Intelligence: 30 (IQ like you will only come out in a hundred years. Maybe you can consider learning the wisdom palace, maybe you will succeed, or create a new science to defeat Einstein!)

Speed: 34 (Your speed can already dodge small pistols, congratulations. Non-human!)

It is a high-end product with 50,000 points, but Kogoro Mouri asked the system. If he wants to successfully practice this guidance technique, he must visualize a human astrological map in his body, and then practice meditation according to the astrological map.

This requires Kogoro Mouri to guide Xiaolan with his own cosmic energy.

To put it simply, it is to touch Xiaolan's body, condense it into a star node, and compile it into an astrological map.

But the problem is that the location of this star node is very embarrassing, there are many places, even the gross profit cannot be used.

Seeing Xiaolan looking desperate, Maori Kogoro could only play haha ​​and fooled the matter over.


Time flies. In these days, Conan finally exerted his death physique, and the wonder of wherever he went and died appeared.

When encountering these cases, Kogoro Mouri was of course happy, constantly submitting the truth in the system and completing daily tasks.

The points slowly climbed from 10988 to 31200.

Sometimes Mouri Kogoro would reason in front of everyone, and sometimes he would appear as a sleeping Kogoro.

Of course, this sleeping Kogoro was acting. With his physique, he would have been immune to this kind of low-level anesthetic.

Therefore, whenever Kogoro Moori noticed a slight tingling in his neck, he fell into a coma, and it was necessary to cooperate with Conan's performance, otherwise Conan would soon be dead.