Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 44

Xiao Lan pulled away the towel on her body and jumped in front of Kogoro Mouri: "Dad, what do you think of my new swimsuit?"

Xiao Lan was wearing a blue-and-white swimsuit, standing in front of Maori happily, and a youthful breath came to her face.

Sure enough, this swimsuit is not exposed, but it outlines a domineering figure. It is exquisite and elegant, with the front convex and backward, the slender thighs shining in the sun, and the mermaid line from karate exercises on the abdomen. Full of vitality.

I couldn't tell that Xiao Lan, who wore school uniform all day, had such a mature figure.

On the side, Hui Yuan was wearing a sailor suit, looking up at Xiao Lan, and then looking at his chest at the moment Yi Ma Pingchuan, he couldn't help frowning.

Once I have created the antidote and recovered, I will definitely not lose to you!

"Yes, Xiao Lan, this swimsuit suits you very well," Maori swallowed.

"Xiaolan, Xiaoai, go, let's go swimming, Xiaoai, uncle, I will teach you to swim." Maori Kogoro took the beautiful women from left to right and ran to the blue sapphire beach.

Yingying laughter came along all the way, which attracted the attention of passers-by.

Hawaii’s beaches are really suitable for vacation, and the weather today is exceptionally good, there is no wind and waves, and the sounds of Japanese conversations are heard from time to time. This place is indeed the first choice for neon people on vacation, and it is very convenient to go back and forth.

As soon as she ran into the sea, Xiaolan plunged directly into the water, snorkeled for tens of meters, and then raised her head. She swims extremely fast, like a smart mermaid.

Xiao Lan, who is full of motor skills, is like a fish in the water, and soon swims far away. Maori is very relieved of Xiao Lan, so he doesn't care about it anymore.

He turned his head and looked at Huiyuan in a sailor suit, jumping hard in the water but couldn't swim out: "Little Ai, you must study hard."

Maori helped support Xiao Ai's body with one hand, and then raised it on the water.

"Xiao Ai, to learn to swim, you have to learn to hit the water with your feet, slap the water surface, and form forward strength. No, that's not good." Maori started directly, grabbing Huiyuan’s calf like a lotus root, and began to help rhythmically. Hit the surface.

Hui Yuan felt the big hot hand under his body, resting on his chest or abdomen, his small face flushed, and his two small white legs patted the water weakly.

What a strange feeling!

"That's not okay, you have to press your hands against the surface of the water, just like your uncle." Mao Li freed his hand to demonstrate.Looking at Huiyuan in his hand, he couldn't help but smirk.

This is a real legitimate loli.

It's a pity that Hui Yuan focused his skill points on scientific research. He was really not good at sports. After Maori taught for a long time, Hui Yuan was exhausted and couldn't learn to swim.

Maori, who had been with Huiyuan, couldn't go for a swim.

Seeing Xiao Ai's somewhat tired expression, Mouri Kogoro hugged him up: "Let's go, Xiao Ai, learning to swim is not something that you can learn at once. Let's go up and take a rest and bask in the sun. There is no such warm sun."


Located in the snow field on the outskirts of Neon, a coach in a samurai suit with a group of children.

The coach said: "In order to become a real samurai, one must not be afraid of any difficulties. Our first goal is to find your own katana. Children, are you willing to become a real samurai and believe in your own Bushido?"

"Yes, yes." A group of little fur boys roared hoarse, and Conan in the crowd couldn't help rubbing his ears.

"Now, remove all of your clothes. We have to accept gifts from nature, run to the red line, and get our katana."

The little furry kids kept removing their clothes. They looked at Conan-kun with a dumb expression, and quickly started to help. Not long after, Conan was also exhausted.

"Run." The coach blasted a gunshot in his hand, and then he held a knife behind him and drove the group of bare children like a sheep.

The chill immediately invaded Conan's bare body. Looking at the hideous coach behind him, Conan could only run forward, yelling, "Yeah, butterfly..."


Sitting on the beach chairs, Kogoro Moori and Huihara were lazily basking in the sun. They both wore sunglasses and looked the same.

Hui Yuanwei remembered that Maori's big hand had just applied sunscreen to herself, and in the end he even slapped her butt twice. Her face was a little red, and her big ice-blue eyes under the sunglasses kept watching Maori on the side.

At this time, Xiao Lan, who had returned from swimming in the sea, also came to the two of them. Her black hair was wet by the sea water, her head shook slightly, and water drops appeared. The whole person seemed to exude a different taste.

Wow, Xiao Lan has really grown up. Looking at Xiao Lan in front of him, Maori couldn't help but feel a bit of sourness in his heart. If Xiao Lan really wants to marry, he doesn't know what to do.

He quickly handed the towel up, Xiao Lan took it with one hand, and sat on the beach chair beside him and started wiping her hair: "Really, dad didn't say anything when he came up, let me look for it for a long time."

Xiaolan put her leg on the beach chair, then took the towel and started to wipe the water drops on her leg. The towel was wiped down to her calf. This action was like wearing silk stockings. This scene was too exciting.

Maori turned his face quickly, unable to read more, and began to recite the Vajra Mantra: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva...


"Hey, do you want to get some sun? I want too, dad, help me rub sunscreen." Xiaolan looked at Ge Youtan's two people, and quickly lay on the beach chairs.

My daughter has such a request, why would Maori refuse it?Sitting next to Xiaolan to block the sight of others, this is not enough. A primary psychedelic card was used, took the sunscreen on the side, poured it in his hand, gently lifted Xiaolan’s coat, and then slowly applied it. On Xiaolan's beautiful back.

Inexplicably, Maori thought of a chocolate.

Dove, enjoy the silky smoothness!!!

Xiaolan's skin has no blemishes at all, and it shines everywhere, making people love it.

From the neck to the back, to the two slender thighs, calves, then to the shoulders, arms, chest, and abdomen down, the gross profit is wiped without any omissions.

Xiaolan's face seemed a little red, but it was not obvious in the sun.

"Huh..." After the wiping, Maori was obviously relieved, and Xiaosao's face looked a little weird.

At this moment, there was a graceful figure next to her. It was wrong. The old and domineering woman was facing away from Kogoro Moori. Her figure was so good that she was afraid that wearing a bikini would cause crimes, so she only wore a women's one-piece swimsuit.

Kogoro, who was holding suntan lotion in his hand, saw this woman and couldn't help but confuse his words: "Beauty, do you want me to wipe suntan lotion for you?"

The woman turned her head, Dan Feng's eyes seemed to have a sharp cold light, it was the wife of Maori who had been separated for many years, Fei Yingli.

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Fei Yingli exudes a feminine taste. If Xiaolan is a delicious cherry, Fei Yingli can be called a peach that has been fully ripened, and people can't help but take a bite.

Even if she is only wearing a conservative one-piece swimsuit, it is difficult to conceal her style and her convex and concave figure. She is beautiful in everything, like a gift from heaven, like a perfect sculpture, and men on both sides cannot help but stare. Look at her.

She has brown hair, and the light brown in Xiaolan's hair is also derived from this, and the golden glasses she wears add a touch of imperial sister aura.

Maori Kogoro swallowed and swallowed his saliva. At this moment, his heart beats extremely fast. This woman is a treasure that he has always cherished for the first half of his life. He takes good care of it, but it is also the greatest harm he has done to this woman. At this moment, Kogoro Moori still can't figure it out, it must be this woman.

Recalling that the two went from childhood sweethearts to marriage, she gave birth to her own children, but now she only wants to be a single strong woman in the workplace.

Because he loves the woman in front of him so much, Maori appears to be in chaos, and he can't even say the greeting of reuniting after a long time.

Xiaolan sat up and patted her hands: "It's great. I didn't expect that Mom and Dad would be so connected. They even chose to come to the same place on vacation. It's so fateful."

Hui Yuanai couldn't help but glanced at Xiaolan. It's too fake, obviously you designed it!