Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 46

Xu Xian hurriedly said anxiously: "That's not good, let's just leave other people's housework alone."

Soon Xu Xian was strongly suppressed.

Jessica hurriedly asked: "Then what can you do?"

Yoona smiled: "We can invite Mr. Mouri and his wife to play the games we often play, and then... in the end, HappyEnding, we will take advantage of the trend to invite songs and we will definitely win."

Xu Xian quickly stood up: "I object!"

Before Xu Xian stood up, he was strongly suppressed by the other three women: "The opposition is invalid!"


Soon, the four began to work together. Lin Yuner, who was like a spy, was fascinated by her beauty, and immediately learned the room number of the Maori family. She quickly went upstairs and knocked on the door.

Xiao Lan opened the door, and Lin Yun'er was caught at one side of the corridor corner.

"You are Mr. Maori's daughter. Just now we accidentally ruined your plan. It was really not intentional. Please forgive us." Yuner clasped her hands and pleaded with Xiaolan in a pitiful manner. .

Xiao Lan was very kind and didn't resent them at all, so she quickly died out.

"In this way, in order to make up for the mistakes we just made, we thought of a way to help your parents get back together, just hoping to get your cooperation."

"What can I do?" Xiaolan's eyes lit up.

Seeing no one on the left or right, Yoona immediately let Xiaolan come over her ears, and then told her plans one by one. Xiaolan's eyes became brighter.

After the discussion between the two was over, Xiaolan nodded solemnly: "Okay, rest assured, you and I proceed as planned."


In the big suite that Girls’ Generation lived in, Jessica and Xu Hyun who were arranged to decorate the venue were in the room. Jessica was working hard to decorate the venue, spreading two large sheets on the ground and preparing props on the table. Lying on the bed, holding his head in his hands, he said, "Hey, it's definitely useless. A man as smart as Mr. Maori can definitely see through at a glance. Think about it, such a handsome uncle has been separated from that old woman for so many years. No recombination, it’s definitely useless for us to do this."

Jessica quickly knocked on Xu Xian's forehead: "Don't get mad, come and help!"


Kim Taeyeon, who was assigned to watch on the first floor, looked at the text messages from her mobile phone.

"Report sir, the task is complete!!!" This is from Lin Yuner.

"The venue is fully prepared!" This is from Jessica.

Very well, everything was under control. Little Ghost Captain Taeyeon watched Moori Kogoro return to the first floor of this hotel and hurriedly greeted him.

"What, did you invite me to play games?" Kogoro Mouri couldn't figure out what kind of routine this was.

The captain of the little ghost, Kim Taeyeon, seriously invited: "Yes, Mr. Mouri, our game is just one person short of it, and you can play together. Yoona and the others are waiting for you."

When Mouri Kogoro heard this, he couldn't help but think about it. What game is so bad that I can't play it?Don't use it for such a big gift if you want to apologize!!

I didn't expect you to be such a young time, I like it...

Item 0022

Kogoro Mouri followed Kim Taeyeon to the big apartment they rented with excitement. As soon as the door opened, Kogoro Moori thought he could see a lively scene. He didn't expect Xiaolan and Concubine Yingri to be too. In this suite, the flame in my heart was immediately extinguished.

"Jianjiang, welcome to the girls' generation game session, King's Game." Yoona and Jessica said the name of the game in unison.

Kogoro Mouri's eyes lit up immediately, which is not bad!Sure enough, full of sincerity.

Fei Yingli had already put on a capable white skirt, her hair curled up and she was full of aura. She saw this scene and said, "Lan, did you let me play such a boring game with these people? Forgive me. I can’t help, I don’t have so much time to watch a group of shameless women please a man."

After saying that Concubine Yingli was about to go outside the house, Xiaolan's expression immediately became very anxious.

At this moment, Lin Yuner immediately opened her mouth and said: "I didn't expect the well-known Queen of the Law, Yingli, to have such a strong thought. Our girl's generation is playing the pure version of the King's game. The highest standard is just Bo Bo, so you dare not play ?"

"I see, I'm afraid that Ms. Fei Yingli is afraid of losing! Losing to the young us, losing to your long-separated husband, tusk tusk, really a coward!!!" Yoona's mocking skills must be full. Now, the words spoken in the crocodile's mouth are in the heart.

Fei Yingli's complexion immediately became terrifying, and her aura was full: "I will be afraid of losing, or I will lose to you. It's a joke, let me go and let me see your skills."

When Mori Kogoro saw this look like Yingli, he felt a little hairy in his heart. He was inexplicably flustered, and quickly waved his hands and said, "Forget it, you guys play, I just watch it!"

Xiao Lan immediately came up and took Maori's hand: "Dad, you can play with me."

How did this plot go as far as it went? My daughter asked herself to play the game of king with her???

Fei Yingli was already sitting on the playing field. She glanced at Mouri Kogoro, who immediately sat down obediently.

Girls' Generation glanced at each other, everything was going according to plan, but Xu Hyun pouted slightly, a little unhappy.

The quirky Yoona was very excited when he encountered this kind of time, and hurriedly played host to the scene: "The rules of the game, the seven people present have seven cards from one to seven, and one card is the king. People can instruct the owner of any number on the field to do anything, but the king himself also has a number card, so he may be commanded. The upper limit of the game is Bo Bo Bo, and those who fail to do so will be fined. ......" Yoona opened the red cloth on the small table behind, and there was a box of red wine neatly arranged on it.

"Punish three glasses of red wine at a time, Ms. Fei Yingli, you won't be afraid anymore?" Yoona still did not forget to mock at the moment.

Fei Yingli naturally didn't bother to care about her.

"The game begins." In the first round, Xiaolan, who was trusted by both parties, began to deal cards. After the round, Maori got 7 cards.

At this moment, Lin Yoona appeared with the king card, with a look of ambition: "I am the king of this round." Yoona smiled very happily. She looked around for a week and watched the signals sent by the youth. , And the cheating signal of Xiaolan's stumbling, so that only 3 and 7 have not appeared on the field, which means that there are Concubine Hideri and Mouri Kogoro in it.

Yoona remembered the scene where she was despised by the big cow downstairs before, and she couldn't help but feel cruel: "Next, please use your chest to transport the can on the ground to the table."

Maori couldn't help but vomit blood when he heard this. He could only turn over the number seven card in his hand. Everyone couldn't help but burst into laughter and asked the only man present without breasts to do such a thing. Fei Yingli on the side saw this. I couldn't help but laugh secretly in one scene.

Mouri Kogoro stood up. He had just returned from the beach, wearing only a white shirt, but showing strong chest muscles. Although there is no chest, the two chest muscles are not small.

Everyone saw Maori leaning over, pushing his hands left and right, the shape of his chest muscles revealed, and immediately picked up the can on the ground.

The girls couldn't help exclaiming when they saw this blasting scene, wow!Wow!Wow!

Fei Yingli laughed and applauded happily, but Xiao Lan felt a bit savory.

At this moment, Maori Kogoro only felt that he was humiliated like a duck, being watched by a pack of wolves. He put the can on the table and quickly backed it back. He saw his eyes become serious in an instant, and he must take revenge!!!


In the second round, it turned out that Xiaolan got the king card. Xiaolan's pretty eyes looked around, while Maori's eyes followed Xiaolan's eyes all the time. Looking around the audience, Girls' Generation had their own very subtle little actions. , It turned out to be collusion and cheating.

At this moment, Xiaolan said: "Please eat a biscuit stick with No.3 and No.5, and gnaw it until only half a centimeter is left to succeed."

Kogoro Mouri flipped the card in his hand, it was No. 3, while Fei Yingli turned his hand out with a gloomy expression, it was No. 5. Xiao Lan couldn't help being excited when he saw this scene.

Fei Yingli was about to refuse this round of games to go to the wine area, but she heard Yoona's voice of making troubles, not too loud: "The famous concubine lawyer will not be afraid of such a small task, it is too timid. Yeah, tut tut..."

With this last tusk and shook his head, disdainful eyes, the taunting power level immediately soared, Fei Yingli stopped walking to the wine area and came to Kogoro Mori.