Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 51

"That's because love makes people blind. Miss Guihezi found out that her fiancé didn't care about hugging and hugging another man. She was not sure how much Mr. Yahiko loved her, so she colluded with Miss Xiaochun. Director A drama of drowning, I want to test whether Mr. Yayan really cares about her."

"Maori detective, how did you know that Kiwako was pretending to be drowning?" Itoyo asked.

Maori smiled indifferently: "Because I was the first to reach Guihezi at that time, I just took Miss Guihezi with one hand, and she followed me back very obediently, a little nervous about drowning. nothing."

"You know, the fear of ordinary people drowning will make his hands and feet cling to the rescuer unconsciously, and it is more likely that the rescuer will also be dragged into the bottom of the water. But at that time, Guihezi was a little bit like this. There was no response, even the choking was fake, and it was very natural."

Kogoro Mouri looked at Takakako who opened his eyes on the bed, and looked at Itoyo with no problem, and then said: "Miss Takakako invited us to a restaurant with a view of the sea. In the middle of the way, he said that he wanted to go swimming. The plan started, presumably your code at the beginning was the phrase'Xiaochun helped me go to that towel.' So after that, Miss Xiaochun kept staring at the sea. She was also the first person to find Miss Guihezi drowning in the sea."

"But Miss Guihezi, you wouldn't have expected it at all. On the contrary, Miss Xiaochun's plan for yourself and Miss Xiaochun will be used by Miss Xiaochun. She will use her plan to kill you in one fell swoop."

"I think Miss Xiaochun prepared the extremely poisonous sea snake during yesterday's snorkeling, and fixed it to your waist bag with tape. When Guihezi drowned and rescued, everyone rushed forward and she took it out of her waist bag. The sea snake bite on the back of Guihezi’s hand, and then threw the murderer into the sea. If Xiaolan was scared by the sea snake, I happened to see the tape on the sea snake, I’m afraid we would not know This sea snake was deliberately released."

"There must be residual tape in Miss Xiaochun's pocket, and even residual sea snake body fluid. These are enough evidence."

On the side, Huihara looked at Moori Kogoro who was constantly reasoning, his eyes could not help but light up. I didn't expect that Uncle Moori was so strong in martial arts, even his head was so good, but it was too lustful.

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Matsuki Masahiko looked at his sister on the side, and did not refute a confession of guilt at all. He still did not give up and asked: "The Maori detective, why did Xiaochun do such a thing? It doesn't make sense. Guihezi will be hers in the future. Sister-in-law, why is she doing this?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled and showed his life mentor's style: "I have said that love can make people blind, because Guihezi is about to become Miss Xiaochun's sister-in-law, so I must start immediately."

"In my opinion, Ms. Xiaochun probably has an unspeakable affection for Mr. Yayan. Although you two are brothers and sisters, but you are at the same level, Mr. Yayan has not stayed. It is very likely that you two have two Brothers and sisters of different surnames made up of the family, this makes sense."

"However, even if you are carrying a forbidden emotion, Miss Xiaochun, you are not qualified to deprive others of their lives at will. If Miss Guihezi was rescued, then Miss Xiaochun would be a murderer."

Matsuki Masahiko looked at his silent sister, where he didn't know the truth as the Maori detective said.

He lay anxiously on the edge of Guihezi’s bed, and said: "Guihezi, Xiaochun, she did something wrong for a while, Guihezi, can you forgive her? Let’s not tell the police about this. I will take good care of her from now on, so let her go!"

Yayan immediately interceded with Guihezi on behalf of his sister. Guihezi looked like crying but not crying, smiling but not smiling.

Kogoro Mouri said to the silent Matsukiharu: "Miss Xiaochun, although it is not allowed for the world to fall in love with your brother, although you two are brothers and sisters, there is actually no blood relationship at all. Competing with Kiwako uprightly, instead of doing such a despicable thing with the intention of depriving others of their lives, the final result is not known. After all, Mr. Yahiko also has a good impression of Miss Xiaochun who dare not be an outsider. ."

Song Qichun's eyes lit up immediately, she looked at her brother who kept begging for her, yes, he always protected me like this.

Song Qichun finally couldn't help but speak: "Enough, brother, I admit that I did all this! I just don't want my brother to marry Guihezi as his wife, brother, you don't have to help me plead, no matter what. I am willing to accept punishment."

"Brother, no, Yayan, you used to stand in front of me. Since the first time I saw you, you have been taking care of me. I transferred to another school. The only warmth I can get comes from Yayan. A good person like Yayan is not something that Guihezi can have. She has any qualifications to test you."

Yayan glanced at his younger sister: "Xiaochun, shut up, Guihezi, Xiaochun talking nonsense, don't take it to heart."

At this time, Guihezi, who was lying on the hospital bed, spoke: "Matsuki-kun, don’t worry, I won’t pursue this matter anymore. To be honest, Songqi-kun seems to care about Xiaochun more than me. I’ve never seen Song Qi Jun being so excited for me."

"In fact, I already have a feeling in my heart. Maybe the person Songqi-jun really likes is actually not me, but Xiaochun. Therefore, even if I want to enter the marriage palace with Songqi-kun, my heart is still playing drums. !" Guihezi shook his head.

"I'm so stupid, I use lies to test others, and naturally all I get are lies, Song Qi-jun, let's stop the matter of our marriage, Xiaochun, I can forgive you, but I hope the three of us will tidy up ourselves. In any case, I still hope everyone can be happy!"

Kogoro Mouri frowned when he heard this. Song Qichun almost killed Xiaolan, and Guihezi didn’t even plan to call the police for investigation. He couldn’t help but say: "Miss Guihezi, this is an attempted murder and is a criminal case. Just let it go so easily?"

At this time, Xiaolan reached out behind him to stop Maori: "Dad, this is someone's private matter, so leave it alone, and Miss Xiaochun looks pitiful. Falling in love with someone you shouldn't love makes me so painful. "

Since even his daughter, Xiaolan, began to intercede for her, Maori Kogoro could only give it up with a secret hatred.

Seeing this scene, Ito Yoo and Kawazu Kunsheng didn't know how to respond, so they could only say haha: "Kiwako, you are best to deal with it this way. After all, this is Hawaii. If you find the police, you may not even be able to return to Japan."

Kogui Hezi obviously didn't want to talk anymore: "I want to rest, you all go out."

The patients said so, and everyone walked out of the ward, Song Qi Yayan took Xiaochun and went to a place where there was no one.


While Hui Principle was walking with Xiao Lan, Hui Yuan said, "Xiao Lan, let me see your thighs."

"Xiao Ai, this is no good, you have to call sister Xiaolan."

"Xiao Lan, let me see your thighs." Xiao Ai repeated.

"Really, it's too rude, Xiao Ai, there is nothing to see in my thighs, I was just fainted by the scare."

Huihara glanced at his eyes: "Really? I was just frightened and fainted. Does Uncle Maori need to lie in the middle of your thighs, put his head in an M shape, and lie on his stomach for several minutes, is it Maori? Is Uncle looking for something? But there is nothing but peeing there?"

Xiaolan's face turned red when she heard this, and heat came out of her ears. She quickly covered Hui Yuan's mouth: "Sai, you, you should keep your voice down. Do you want to make the whole hospital feel so loud? do you know?"

Xiaolan began to think hard about how to avoid the past. There, the child was very deceived: "That's because my father is helping me to check my body. Yes, it is to check my body. This kind of thing is very common in our neon. Just don't care."

When Hui Yuan heard this, countless grass-nimas rushed past in his heart: Chi Le, check your body, you might as well say to give you an injection, and children can't fool like this.

She took a few deep breaths, calmed down, and continued to ask: "But I saw Uncle Maori suck out red, red and black things from Xiaolan, and then spit it out on the beach, even her mouth became swollen. ."

Xiao Ai immediately put on a shocked look: "Hey, did Uncle Maori drink Xiaolan's urine? Xiaolan, is your urine poisonous? Why is it black? No, I'll call a doctor. Ask." After saying that, Hui Yuan wanted to run to the doctor.

Xiaolan's blush began to spread under her neck, and she felt anxious to breathe. Xiaolan, who has always been gentle and calm, is no longer calm: your urine is poisonous, and it's black. Where did this little girl come from? Why is the mouth so poisonous? It must be because of this that I was abandoned. I am going crazy, how can it be so difficult!

But Xiaolan couldn’t ask Hui Yuan to ask the doctor. In this case, he couldn’t explain why dad was so embarrassed that he was lying between his legs. Even this is Hawaii, which belongs to the United States. Don’t hurt Dad. Caught in prison.

Xiao Lan picked Hui Yuan in a hug, and then went to the direction of no one.

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The two hid in the corner of the hospital. Xiaolan carefully watched the surroundings. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, she squatted down and whispered, "Little Ai, this is a secret. You promise me, you can't Tell anyone again."

Hui Yuan’s light blue eyes lit up immediately. A woman was born with strong curiosity, especially the shrinking female scientist, Hui Yuan, who was even more curious. She nodded heavily and looked at Xiaolan expectantly. .

Xiaolan saw that there was no one on the left and right, and then she said: "This should be my dad's unique skill. He never told anyone before. He also thought about teaching it to me, but then somehow he stopped teaching it. , He thought I didn't know?"

"What stunt?" Huihara became more curious.

"I can't talk about it. It should be a kind of energy. It's warm. My father is a karate master. Every time my father and I train in a karate dojo, my father will use this energy to treat me. After the treatment, my whole body will not be sore. I was able to fully recover my physical strength. Later I went to train by myself and my muscles were sore for a long time."

Xiaolan recalled her experience in the karate dojo. Although she had misunderstood at the beginning and thought she had awakened some strange physique, it was only after eavesdropping at school that some senior seniors in high school talked about it, and then she realized that she was mistaken. Up.

"What kind of energy?" Hui Yuan still asked.

"I don't know too much. Just as Dad will, he puts his hand on my shoulder, and there will be a warm energy coming from the place where I touched it, and then the whole body will be more numb than a hot spring. It's still comfortable. After I was bitten by a sea snake, my father helped me finish the poisonous blood, and then healed me with this energy. I recovered and the wound disappeared. Don't tell me otherwise. I'm worried that Miss Xiaochun will blame herself."

Xiao Lan is still so kind, disregarding herself and thinking of others.

"It turned out to be like this. I thought you had an orgasm on the beach." At this moment, the gray belly black attribute completely broke out, and the knife pierced wildly.

Xiaolan's face was immediately congested, as if steam boiled, all pores opened, and her body was constantly steaming: "Hui Yuan, what are you talking about, you, you are a six-year-old girl, how can you understand this? , I can say such ugly words, who taught you, me, me, me, how could I be that?"

Xiao Lan turned madly embarrassed, grasping the iron fence beside her with her bare hand, unexpectedly grabbed a handprint.

"Huihara, you are so rude!"