Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 63

When Xiaolan and Ayako passed the back door, they saw Chikako Ikeda's shoes at the entrance of the back door. They couldn't help but wonder: "Did Miss Ikeda go upstairs to rest? Why does it seem to be out again, Sister Ayako, have you seen where she went? Up?"

Ayako said, "I didn't see her going downstairs, hey, since Atsuko's death, Chikako's character has become more and more withdrawn."

Heiji Hattori, who was helping, heard it and asked, "Who is Atsuko?"

Ayako replied: "Atsuko is a member of our film agency, but she hanged herself two years ago. Hey, if Ayako is still there, it would be great!"

Ayako picked up the dishes: "Forget it, let's not say so much, let's go to eat, I believe everyone is hungry."

In the living room, the photographer Hiroki Kakutani was still playing with the camera, and said to Xiaolan and Kazuya: "Come on, come closer, smile, yes, perfect."

He Ye turned to Xiaolan and said, "This guy's gaze is very strange, it makes me feel a little bit that."

"Yes." Xiaolan nodded, and she also felt the unkindness in Kakutani's eyes.

Hiroki Kakutani smiled and said, "It's been a long time since I met a beautiful girl like you. Why don't I find time to accompany you to take pictures, my photography skills are very strong." He laughed to himself.

Xiao Lan and He Ye hurriedly laughed, and declined: "No, Mr. Kakutani."

The expressions of Kogoro Mori, Heiji Hattori, and Conan were a bit bad.

Fortunately, Kakutani Hiroki quickly shifted the target and took pictures of other people, otherwise he would definitely have to eat a spell exchanged for Maori.

Knitted hat playwright Morita Masaichi and chef Yuuji Ando walked over and said, "Can you eat? I'm so hungry!"

Ayako put the dishes on the table and said, "You can eat, everyone, come here."

The photographer Hiroki Kakutani said, "Why didn't you see Chikako? Go upstairs and call her."

Xiaolan replied, "Miss Ikeda seems to have gone out, hasn't she returned yet?"

Hearing this, the doctor in a white robe Okada came in and said, "It doesn't matter, anyway, she said she didn't eat, Takahashi, have you repaired the roof? Come down to eat!"

The chubby Takahashi Ryoichi said quickly: "Okay, okay, I will come down now."

Takahashi turned his head and looked out the window, and couldn't help exclaiming: "Hey, hey, there seems to be someone outside with a bandage, hey, no, that's Chikako, who was kidnapped."

Kogoro Mouri glanced at this guy, what a clumsy acting!

But everyone else was immediately attracted by the words and looked out the window one by one.

But seeing a man in a cloak seemed to really hijack Zhikako, and flashed past the window, everyone couldn't help but become anxious.

Kakutani Hiroki quickly shouted: "Go, I didn't expect that there are really murderers here. Let's go and save Chikako and go."

Everyone quickly picked up their flashlights and chased them outside. At this time, the ground outside had already been covered with snow.

Hattori Heiji and Conan ran the fastest, followed by Xiaolan and Kazuha, followed by members of the film agency and the reasoning agency.

Mouri Kogoro deliberately pretended to be exhausted, and ran behind, watching the fat Takahashi Ryoichi also chasing after him. As for Ayako and Haibara, they stayed in the villa.

Chapter 0044: Panicked Xiaolan and Heye

Sure enough, Ryoichi Takahashi saw that everyone in front of him didn’t pay attention to him. He quickly turned a corner and ran into the bushes. He took Zhiyako’s head from under the coat on his stomach, and then quickly threw it into the snowy grass. A look to help find.

In the dense forest, everyone is constantly looking for flashlights.

At this time, the long-fever boy, Ota Masaru, suddenly saw something in the snow. He quickly stretched out his hand and pulled it, his face suddenly became terrified, and a scream came out: "Ahhhhh... this It's Chikako's feet."

The crowd gathered around, and when they saw this foot, they couldn't help but screamed: "Zhi Jiazi, Zhi Jiazi, where are you, we are here to save you."

When Xiaolan and He Ye saw this scene, their faces immediately became hard to look.

The bald male lawyer and Kusaka Kosuke also found another part of the body: "Look, everyone, it's Chikako's foot again, and her legs were cut off."

Finally, Hiroki Kakutani saw Chikako's face in a bush, he hurried forward and said: "Chikako, hold on, everyone, come soon, I found Chikako."

The light was so dim that Hiroki Kakutani could not see clearly. He stretched out his hand and touched Zhi Kako's face, but he did not expect that the head was turned away. The light of the flashlight came up. Zhi Kako's head stood on the snow, staring hard. Looking at the middle man.

Seeing this terrifying scene, everyone's souls were flying, their pupils kept shrinking, and one by one stepped back.

Xiao Lan even screamed: "Ahhhhh..."

Kogoro Moori hugged the panicked Xiao Lan, turned her back, turned her back to the head of the deadly Zhi Kako, and whispered comfortingly: "Xiao Lan, don't be afraid, it's okay, Dad is here."

He Ye's trembling was also constantly trembling, Moori Kogoro stretched out his hand to hold He Ye's cold little hand, and pulled her over, letting her lean gently on his shoulder, stretched out his big hand, and hugged He Ye's. Little waist.

Xiaolan's face was extremely pale, her teeth kept bumping together, she was obviously terrified: "Ghosts, bandage weirdos..." Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but feel distressed when he saw this scene. Toyama and Ye kept shaking after hearing this. .

The three gathered together, and Kogoro Maori comforted softly: "Don't be afraid, this is not a ghost, this is just a murder case, Xiaolan, and Ye, please cheer up."


Conan and Hattori Heiji in front of them didn't notice the three people in a group behind them. The two quickly recovered from their shock, with fighting spirit burning in their eyes, and quickly approached the head of the person and began to survey the scene.

The rest of the people looked terrified, and anyone who noticed the sudden appearance of their heads couldn't keep calm, except for the two bold detectives who looked down for clues.

Hattori Heiji and Conan bumped their heads together, and Hattori Heiji couldn't help being annoyed, and picked up Conan: "You kid, are you owing to you? What are you doing here? Go back to the villa."

Conan completely ignored him, and whispered to himself: "There is no temperature on this head, and the chopped neck wound is also condensed, and there is no bleeding. If it is really killed after being hijacked, then the corpse There should be a bit of warmth."

Hattori Heiji couldn't help being surprised when he heard this: Hey, this kid?

"Boy, how do you know so much?"

Conan reacted immediately, touched his head and smirked, and then said: "I like to play detective games. I learned this from Uncle Maori."

Heiji Hattori was convinced when he heard it: "It is indeed a great Maori detective. Any kid who teaches it is so good." He couldn't help turning his head to look at Maori Kogoro, wanting to know the Maori detective's opinion on the matter.

But Hattori Heiji suddenly saw his childhood sweetheart, Toyama and Ye Zheng leaning on the arms of their very respected Maori detective.

Seeing this scene, Hattori Heiji's pupils continued to shrink again, his hands and feet swayed, completely panicked, and even the greenish hat on his head was about to fly, and his mouth suffered from aphasia: "%*#@& )!"

Hattori Heiji was about to rush toward Heye, but was caught by Conan.

"Look, the rest of the decomposed corpse is covered under the heavy snow." Conan pointed to the abdomen of Zhijiazi that others had just found in the snow and dug out. It had already frozen.

Seeing this tragic situation, Hattori quickly left He Ye behind, holding his chin and began to think carefully: "If this is the case, Zhi Jiazi must have died long ago, and then he was divided by the murderer and abandoned here. Yes, then the scene of the bandage weird kidnapping we just saw is the murderer's suspicious group. The real murderer should be among the group of people in the villa."

Conan and Hattori Heiji finally determined that this was a homicide. The two kept staring sharply at everyone present, and began to think carefully about the time they were absent today.

At this time, Moori Kogoro let go of the two girls in his arms, and said firmly: "Xiaolan, Kazue, don't be afraid, I will find the murderer."

If you dare to scare my baby girl, then you won't be able to keep you!!!

After saying that, Kogoro Mouri turned and walked in the direction of everyone.