Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 65

The heavy snow continued to fall, gradually covering Zhi Jiazi's body, but the place in front of him still felt terrifying.

Everyone was covered with a thin layer of snow, and Kogoro Mouri said, "Let’s go back, and call the police when the signal is restored." After saying that Kogoro Moori hugged the visibly frightened Xiaolan, toward the brightly lit Walk towards the villa.

Kazunari on the side followed closely, and Conan looked at Moori Kogoro with different eyes. This was the first time he noticed the gap between himself and Moori.

Conan pretended to be nonchalant, and asked in a low voice, "Uncle, when did you discover that Takahashi Ryoichi was the murderer?"

Maori looked at the curious but pretentious little devil head in front of him, couldn't help but laugh in his heart, and started to whisper, "I found out from the beginning that Takahashi Ryoichi is a bandage weirdo. You know, uncle, I am a karate master. I kicked him when he attacked He Ye for the first time. This kick happened to be between his ribs in the third and fourth quarters."

"He will get angry when he walks a few steps, and he will stop without knowing it. When I saw Takahashi walking in the villa later, I knew he was a bandage weirdo. I didn't reveal that he thought he was going to do some pranks. But I didn't expect it to be murder in the end."

"Hey, I am also to blame, otherwise Chikako Ikeda will not die, and there will be no murders today."

Xiaolan's face was pale, and she still comforted Maori: "Dad, you can't be blamed at all. Bad people will always want to do evil. Even if you stop him today, next time he will definitely kill Miss Ikeda."

Conan's eyes lit up when he heard this, so I just said, Uncle Maori is just a martial artist, how could he understand reasoning!

Kogoro Mouri continued to explain in a low voice: "After that, shall we come out to chase the bandage weird? I know that the bandage weird is Takahashi Ryoichi, so I deliberately ran very slowly and kept watching him in secret. This guy is too arrogant. I thought I couldn't see him, and blatantly took out his head from my stomach, so this criminal technique is very simple!"

"Boy, don't let your mouth go, otherwise they blame me for not telling me the identity of the bandage weird first, what should I do if I killed Chikako?" Mouri Kogoro directly gave Conan a bursting chestnut and threatened him to shut up.

Conan touched the big red envelope on his head and glanced at Mouri Kogoro blindly: I am afraid you are afraid that after I say it, you will destroy your image of wise and martial arts this time!Hey, sure enough, the uncle is the blind cat and the dead mouse, or the familiar waste material and lustful uncle!

Conan thought of this, stroking the big red envelope on his head, and a sense of superiority in IQ appeared.

Mouri Kogoro looked at Conan who had been crippled underneath, and smiled inwardly.


Everyone returned to the villa, and Ayako took Huihara and stood at the door waiting for everyone: "How? Did you catch the bandage weird? Did Chikako save it?"

The cameraman Hiroki Kakutani said with a sad face: "Chikako is dead, and the bandage weird is Takahashi. After being exposed by Mr. Mori, he jumped off the cliff and committed suicide."

Ayako immediately looked shocked: "What's the matter, how could this be?" Huihara still looked indifferent, and did not take the death of these two people to heart.

"Takahashi said he avenged Atsuko. It turns out that Chikako's film was plagiarized by Atsuko." The long-haired sorrowful boy Ota Masaru also looked sluggish: "A word is hard to say, let's go in and talk."

Everyone returned to the living room, the members of the reasoning club, you said, I told Ayako what just happened. After Ayako listened to it, she looked incredible: "I didn't expect Zhiyako and Takahashi to meet. Do something like this."

The playwright Morita, wearing a knitted hat, said: "Sure enough, we can only regard reasoning as an interest, and we can't make a living from it. Today I have really met a famous detective, Mr. Mori, you are really too It's amazing, we are a well-deserved detective in Kyoto." Morita gave a thumbs up, and Maori smiled but did not respond.

Conan curled his lips disdainfully when he heard this, and cut.

Everyone's compliments along the way, Kogoro Mori has listened to too much, almost immune to such flattery, he is now studying an old radio.

The radio can finally be used after replacing the battery.

"According to the latest report from the Mihua City Meteorological Bureau, affected by the Qiandao cold current, there will be heavy snow to blizzards in Mihua City in the next three days. Partial heavy snow will occur in some areas of the western suburbs. We hope that citizens will take measures to prevent cold and snow... "

When everyone heard the news, their faces changed. This is the location of the western suburbs of Mihua City, which means that the next snow here will become even bigger.

Now because of this heavy snowy day, the mobile phone signal is completely gone, and then it becomes a bigger Blizzard. There is no way to get in touch with the outside world, and you can't go back to the rice flower market, which means that everyone will be trapped in this unfortunate In the villa.

Mouri Kogoro frowned when he heard the news: "Ayako, is there enough food in the villa? I'm afraid we will stay here for a while."

Ayako nodded and said, "There is no problem with the food. When we came here, everyone thought they were on vacation, and maybe how long it would take to stay, they bought a lot of food, but, are we really unable to get out?" Ayakowang Outside the window, the dark clouds in the sky became thicker, and the snow became enormous.

The bald male lawyer and Kusaka Kosuke said, "I'm afraid that's the case. Fortunately, the Maori detective has found the bandage weird, so there is no danger. Although this place is not very lucky, as long as you don't go to the place where Zhikako died in the dense forest, It's nothing?"

Ayako looked sad: "But let Chikako bludgeon the corpse outside alone, is this really good?"

The long-haired sorrowful boy Ota Katsushika quickly replied: "Ayako, that's not a person, but a few dollars. That scene is too horrible, I believe no one would dare to go back. This matter should be left to the police. , We just need to stay here, hey, Takahashi is really a pervert."

"Well, Ota, don't talk too much, after all, he is already dead." Kazuo Kosuke quickly stopped.

Listening to these people, Moori Kogoro held Huibara and looked at the heavy snow outside the window. He vaguely felt that this villa was a little ominous.

Kogoro Mori checked the time, it was already late, and he said: "Let’s check the doors and windows of this villa together, and then prepare to rest and sleep. Remember to close the doors and windows before going to bed, you know?"

"Hi." Moori Kogoro, who had established enough authority, said, and everyone immediately followed his instructions and got busy.

Everyone quickly inspected the villa, closed the doors and windows, and then went to their own rooms.

Item 0047

All the rooms are on the second floor. There is a corridor. The rooms are distributed around. Ayako’s room is the first one on the right. Next is the room of the film club members. In turn, it is the actor Masaru Ota and Ryoichi Takahashi. Yes, photographer Hiroki Kakutani, and Tomoko Ikeda.

From the left is the room of the members of the reasoning club, the doctor Okada Shin, the playwright Masaichi Morita, the bald male lawyer and Kusuke Kosuke, the chef Yuji Ando, ​​and then the room of Kogoro Mori.

Heye, Heiji, Xiaolan, Huihara, and Conan also each looked for the next room. They said good night to each other and closed the door to sleep.

The lights in each room of the villa gradually dimmed, and Kogoro Moori was lying on the bed, a little unable to sleep. This villa always gave him a strange feeling, a bit like a French Gothic building, but a little bloated, and the decoration inside is very Quaint, without heating, each room is quite large, and it is equipped with a small fireplace.

The blizzard was getting heavier outside, and there was a crackling wood burning sound from the indoor fireplace. Moori Kogoro gradually became sleepy. He turned off the light and lay on the bed.

The dark clouds in the outer sky continued to condense, and the higher-level dark clouds converged with each other, clicking, lightning flashed through the window, thunder continued to strike, and the sound of thunder continued.

Kogoro Mouri murmured: "The thunder of the snow and snow is really an ominous omen."

At this moment, there was a round of knocks at the door, and Kogoro Mouri was immediately alert and quickly turned over and came to the door.

Because this villa has been built for too long, there is no cat's eye to see outside.

Although Kogoro Mouri thought that no one in this villa could hurt himself, he took out the Desert Eagle from the system and put it in his hand, which opened the door.

Seeing the people outside the door, Maori couldn't help but took the Desert Eagle back into the system.

Standing at the door was Xiaolan in pajamas. She was hugging the pillow, and there seemed to be a layer of mist in her eyes. Seeing Moori Kogoro opening the door, she hurried in.

"Dad, I'm afraid." Xiao Lan hugged the pillow, looking timid.

Mouri Kogoro immediately remembered that it was the same with Xiao Lan when he was a child. When he was thundering, he ran to knock on the door between himself and Hideri in fear, and then wanted to sleep with himself.

Later, Maori added a layer of soundproofing material to Xiaolan's room so that she could not hear the thunder, so that she could sleep peacefully.

What Xiao Lan feared most in her life was ghosts and thunder. It just so happened that these two things were encountered by her today, so it's no wonder that she would knock on her door.

Only then did Maori realize that although Xiaolan has always been brave when facing cases and murderers, she is actually just a 16-year-old girl.

Looking at the pitiful Xiao Lan in front of him, Maori couldn't help but hugged him up and comforted him: "Lan, don't be afraid, Dad is here, Dad will protect you."

Knowing the security of Maori's warm chest, Xiaolan's trembling body gradually calmed down.

"Dad, I want to sleep with you tonight, okay?" His timid eyes looked at Maori again. Of course Maori would not refuse her baby daughter's request. Looking at the Xiaolan who was afraid of being like this in front of him, Maori regretted taking it for the first time. This commission brought Xiaolan to this place.

Maori Kogoro put some firewood into the small fireplace, and turned around to see Xiao Lan lying on the bed. Fortunately, the bed in this villa was big enough to lie down on three or four people.

He also lay back on the bed soon, and it was strange to say that, lying on the bed this time, all the previous disturbing thoughts disappeared, leaving only a piece of peace of mind, smelling the fragrance coming from Xiaolan next to him, and then Looking at Xiaolan's angel-like profile, Maori said, "Lan, good night."