Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 71

Although I don’t know what your next move is, but this is my meager power to help you, Doctor Okada.

The snow is still flying down, and the ugliness seems to be blooming.


Soon, Conan and Hattori Heiji found the elevator to carry the corpse in the secret road, as well as the dark inflatable air cushion and dummy that were originally intended to rescue Takahashi.

They also found a signal jammer in the secret tunnel and turned it off.

Ayako immediately called the police and also called his father.

Before long, the wind and snow became smaller, and the helicopter from the Metropolitan Police Department and the helicopter from the Suzuki Foundation flew over. Officer Megumi and his subordinates and lawyers from the Suzuki Foundation arrived at the scene, and the people from the Suzuki Engineering Team He hurriedly rebuilt the suspension bridge.

In the evening, the Maori detectives who had finished recording their confession walked back along the new suspension bridge.

The paparazzi who received the news drove over in the wind and snow long ago, and saw Kogoro Moori and his party walking down, hurriedly taking pictures, and the shining spots kept lighting up.

Kogoro Mouri reacted very quickly. Before everyone started filming, they covered Conan and Huihara. The group got into the car in a panic and headed for the rice flower market.

The snow clouds in the distant sky gradually dissipated, and the afterglow of the setting sun swayed down and fell on everyone, seeming to drive away the coldness from everyone.

Conan sat on Hattori Heiji and asked curiously: "Uncle Maori, when did you find that Dr. Okada Shin was not dead."

"Idiot, I said that I am a martial arts master. I have very strong five senses. You can't hear it, but I can hear the rapid breathing of Okada behind the mirror. It is easy to see through his technique." Flickered casually.

Hattori Heiji said: The Maori detective is too humble.

Conan had a dead fish eye: As expected, it was a mistake, and Uncle Maori's luck was also very good.


Published in the evening newspaper.

"Famous Detective Kogoro Mouri solves the serial corpse case again!!"

"Who is the bandage weirdo? Stay tuned for this Maori Reasoning Show!"

"The Shatterer Okada Shin VS Tokyo Savior Kogoro Mori!"

"Campus bullying is again heatedly debated whether it is to promote legal reform!!"

"Blizzard Mountain Villa, bandage weird, horror is coming!!"

The newspaper published photos of Kogoro Moori guarding two children, showing only half of his face.

Chapter 0054

The next morning, Yuanshan and Ye wore orange turbans, high ponytails, and light blue short skirts, revealing a slender waist and slender thighs. The crystal clear toes on the slippers kept turning. So cute and playful, she was sitting on the sofa flipping through the newspaper.

"Wow, that's amazing, Mr. Maori, all the newspapers today are talking about your reasoning."

"Everyone says you are the most powerful detective."

Mouri Kogoro was expressionless. He sat on the office chair with his head in his hands, looking at the sky outside, thinking about something.

There are only Moori Kogoro and Toyama and Ye in the office. Xiaolan and Conan went to school. Huihara was a little uncomfortable and was resting on the third floor. Hattori Heiji, the free labor sent by Maori Kogoro sent to solve the commission that he had just received today. It seems that it was some kind of incident of a'John' dog biting to death.

At the moment, Kogoro Mori is rather distracted.

But at this moment, Toyama and Ye spoke again: "Ah, how could this happen, Mr. Kakutani, Mr. Morita, and Mr. Ando were killed in a car accident on the way out of the police station, Mr. Mori, will this happen? Could it be Doctor Okada?"

Hearing the words with Ye Ye, a smile appeared on Kogoro Mori’s face facing outside the window. It was finally very happy. This should be done by the gentleman in Okada’s mouth. Although the head is hidden and the tail is exposed, it is counted as done. Something good.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Maybe this is retribution. It was the ghost of Doctor Okada who took them away. A scum like this is best to die."

Hearing Maori Kogoro talking like this, He Ye immediately showed a look of fear, and Nizi was also afraid of ghosts.

Maori turned around and swept away his depression. He glanced at the vitality girl in front of him. The slender thighs came into view, and Maori's eyes could not help but flashed with heat.

"He Ye, this matter is over, don't mention it again, you go and bring your martial arts uniform, we are going to the martial arts venue."

Yuan Shan and Ye immediately stood up when they heard this, eyes full of expectation, and Gao Mawei kept shaking: "Hi."


At this moment Hattori Heiji is lying in a kennel, staying with a golden retriever named'John'. I don’t know if there is something on the kennel. Originally, only the brim of the hat was green, but now the whole hat has changed. Green.

Hattori Heiji touched the golden retriever next to him, but he still couldn't understand.


Only Moori Kogoro and Toyama Kazuha stood in the white martial arts arena. Moori Kogoro was wearing a white karate uniform. He was tall and tough, showing no masculinity.

Yuanshan and Ye put on Aikido suits, their white shirts and black pants, revealing two plain white wrists, and their tall ponytails changed into black headscarves. They looked heroic and completely different from just now.

Holding a staff in her hand, her amber-green eyes stared at Kogoro Mouri, and an eager expression hung on her vigorous face.

This martial arts venue is a private place provided by the garden to Kogoro and Ran. The key is always in Maori's hands, so no one else enters.

"He Ye, try your best offense first." A gentle smile hung on Maori's face.

Yuan Shan and Ye rushed up with sticks in their hands when they heard this, their small faces were full of fighting spirit.

Frontal hit...cross-face hit...stick take...

The martial arts that belonged to Aikido were displayed on the stick, and the stick blew a gust of wind, but it couldn't even attack Mouri Kogoro standing in front of Kazuha.

Maori is like a walk in the garden, anticipating the enemy's first opportunity, and often only slightly moves to avoid He Ye's attack.

In the end, Kogoro Maori saw it almost. He stretched out his hand and grabbed He Ye's right wrist. With a slight force, He Ye couldn't help letting go of the stick in his hand, and the stick was snatched by Maori empty hand.

Seeing this, Yuanshan and Ye did not get discouraged, clenched fists with both hands, and struck again.

Kathand take...back shoulder take...shoulder take front...

Just as Heye was about to perform a frontal blow with his shoulders, Mouri Kogoro gently pushed his hand, breaking the center of gravity under his hips, and Heye immediately fell onto Maori's body.

Full of nephrite!!!

"That can't work, He Ye, you are too anxious, but you can't hit me."

Perceiving the two majestic chest muscles in front of them, and smelling the strong masculine aura of Maori, Yuan Shan and Ye Xiao's face immediately blushed and were about to get up.

Unexpectedly, Mouri Kogoro’s big hand directly embraced Heye’s small waist and turned it over. Mouri Kogoro’s body was attached to Toyama Kazuha, and the other hand directly held Heye’s right hand. Help with the offensive of Katatori.

He Ye was stunned, and then it was realized that Moori Kogoro wanted to guide herself. She quickly curbed her mind and wanted to follow Moori Kogoro's guidance, but found that there was no way.