Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 74

Kogoro Mouri didn't expect Huiyuan to prepare an antidote by himself. It would be better to count on his own system than Huiyuan. At the very least, his own research is countless times better than Huiyuan's research.

Now Kogoro Moori's intelligence point is approaching forty, and the systematic evaluation is comparable to Einstein, and he is fully capable of creating an academic, highly intelligent businessman that has not been encountered in a century.

As soon as Huihara saw Moori Kogoro coming in, he hurriedly folded the piece of paper.

Maori smiled secretly: "Sorry, what are you writing, hiding so mysterious?"

Hui Yuan said with a panic: "Uncle Maori, it's nothing." After saying this, he stuffed this piece of paper into his pocket.

Huibara's cold was indeed a bit serious, and it was also caused by Moori Kogoro and her playing in the snow when he was in Blizzard Villa. The current Huibara state is a bit sluggish, with a runny nose all day long.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and stretched out his hand without disapproval. Huihara also habitually stretched out his hand and wrapped his arm around Maori's neck.

A peculiar smell hit Mouri Kogoro's nose.

"Xiao Ai, didn't you take a bath? Why is it so smelly?" Mouri Kogoro couldn't bear the smell.

A hint of shame flashed across Huihara's face, but she didn't let go even when Moori Kogoro smelled the stench, but her mood improved a lot. She opened her mouth and said, "Uncle Mouri, I have a cold." Dan The blue eyes blinked and looked really pitiful.

But when he smelled this, Maori couldn't help feeling that this loli scientist was really sloppy!

As soon as he got started, Kogoro Mouri found out the status of Haibara: minor injury (virus)

Just as Moori Kogoro wanted to use healing techniques to help Haibara cure a cold, he suddenly remembered the old Baigan left by Hattori Heiji, and couldn't help but tease Haihara: "I have a cold? I remember when Hattori Heiji came Bring a bottle of wine called Laobaigan, which is a very good Chinese wine. After Conan drank it, the cold would heal soon, Xiaoai, would you like to try it too?"

Hearing these words, Huihara immediately recalled seeing Conan's burst clothes turned into Shinichi Kudo at the diplomat's house. When he thought of breaking his clothes in front of Kogoro Mori after drinking, Huihara became an 18-year-old girl. Hara couldn't help but panic. She didn't want to face Kogoro Mouri with such a face, and hurriedly said, "No, absolutely not!"

But there was a hint of eagerness in Maori Kogoro's eyes. He carried Huiyuan to the living room, found Lao Baigan under the coffee table, and poured out a small bottle of white wine, making it look like he wanted to feed Huiyuan and drink.

To be honest, Kogoro Mouri didn't care about Conan becoming a new one, but he was curious about the process of Huihara becoming Shiho Miyano. From small to large, he was excited even thinking about it.

In panic, Huihara was struggling constantly in Moori Kogoro's arms, and the loliy voice kept shouting: "No, no."

This voice made people think that Maori had done something maddening to Huihara.

The gray original disease was shocking, but the strength to struggle was quite strong. A stench kept coming along with the movements of the gray original. Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but say, "Okay, okay, okay. Drink, but Xiao Ai, you are too stinky. If you don’t drink Lao Baigan, then you have to take a bath, okay?"

"Don't worry, taking a bath will not deepen the cold. Remember to dry your body and don't catch a cold. The cold will not deepen. The next cold will not be so sloppy."

When Huihara heard the two options given by Kogoro Maori, drinking Laobaigan or taking a bath, of course she chose to take a bath, and said: "Uncle Maori, I don't drink this thing, I'm going to take a bath."

But after saying this, Haibara was horrified to find that Mouri Kogoro actually carried her to the bathroom.

"Uncle Maori, what are you doing?"

Kogoro Moori made what it should be, and said, "Of course it is to help my lovely Xiao Ai take a bath. Xiao Ai has a cold. Of course I am worried about washing my uncle by myself, and you are too sloppy, it's me. Come and help you clean it up."

She was holding a legal loli in her hand. Kogoro Mouri wanted to do this for a long time.

The expression on Hui Yuan's face gradually got out of control: "But...but..."

"Don't worry, Uncle Maori has a very good scrubbing technique. Conan has tried it and found it to be very good. Don't worry, Xiao Ai." After saying that Maori hooked his foot and the bathroom door closed.

Huihara was placed on the bathroom floor, her little face turned red and her pale blue eyes panicked: What should I do?The door was closed and I can't get out!Do you really want to be naked in front of Uncle Maori?What a shame!Pervert!

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand and took off the top of Huihara's upper body. Huihara did not resist at all, and raised her arm obediently. Her body's response mechanism seemed to be completely paralyzed.

Then Moori Kogoro stretched out his hand to untie Huihara's skirt and took off Huihara's cartoon underwear. A naked little loli appeared in front of Moori Kogoro. Under the white light of the bathroom, the little loli was like a sheep. Like fat white jade.

Haibara stood timidly in front of Kogoro Mori, with his head down, his face flushed: What a humiliation!Maori pervert!!You wait for me!!!

His light blue eyes looked at Moori Kogoro from time to time, with a smile in his eyes, and he turned on the water source seriously, and the warm water from the shower head flowed down.

Maori Kogoro pulled Huihara's body with one hand. He didn't have any special reaction when he saw Xiao Ai's naked body. After all, it was the body of a six-year-old girl.

He is not a pervert who likes young girls, he just thinks it is very interesting, after all, it is not easy to molest a legal loli.

Obviously I was helping a little girl to take a bath, but in fact the little girl is already an eighteen-year-old sensible girl, and the elder girl didn’t know that Maori already knew she was the eldest girl. She obediently played a little girl. Take a bath obediently.

This kind of psychological satisfaction is the true meaning of legal loli.

Item 0058

Warm water flowed on Hui Yuan's body. Maori filled his hands with shampoo and began to wash Hui Yuan's hair. The brown hair was instantly wet, Hui Yuan quickly closed his eyes and foamed on his head.

Maori Kogoro looked at the flushed Huihara and couldn't help but find it interesting, but seeing Huihara's thin body makes it even more distressing. If you want to come to childhood, Huihara also suffered a lot. This figure is not like an ordinary little girl. So mellow.

The shower gel was accompanied by Maori's big hands all over Huihara's body, and Maori used his healing skills homeopathy.

The big hand kept wandering, and some private places were not let go. With her eyes closed, Hui Yuan felt her forehead buzzing, and she couldn't remember anything. She didn't want to open her eyes at all, just like an ostrich. , Buried his head deeply.

Su Su Ma Ma's healing technique energy acts on her. If it is normal, Hui Yuan would definitely record this feeling and conduct research, but now this little loli has obviously short-circuited her head.

Mouri Kogoro held the shower head in his hand, and the warm water rushed from top to bottom. A brand new loli appeared in front of Mouri, and then he took a towel to help Huihara wipe his body.

At this time, Hui Yuan dared to open his eyes timidly, his pale blue eyes were covered with mist, and a face of blood sprouted.

Maori immediately kissed him: "Mua, Mua, the fragrant little sorrow has appeared, I really want to eat you in one bite."

The frightened Huihara closed his eyes in panic again.

Upon seeing this, Maori smiled and helped Hui Yuan put on her pajamas and pajamas, then took Xiao Lori back to the living room, picked up the hair dryer and started blowing Xiao Ai's brown hair.

This feeling was as if the father was taking care of his daughter, and a honeyed smile appeared on Maori's face.

As the warm hot wind continued to circulate around her head, Hui Yuan’s soul gradually returned from outer space to her body. She was pleasantly surprised to find that the cold seemed to heal all at once after taking a bath. She couldn’t help but blink her big eyes and carefully Staring at Mouri Kogoro.

The hair was finally blown dry, and Maori patted Hui Yuan's little butt and helped her stand on the sofa: "Okay, perfect!"

He thought that Hui Yuan would leave and return to his room, but he unexpectedly fell into Maori's arms like a boneless body, with a nasal sound in his mouth.

Demon birthday!Gao Leng Lolita actually started acting like a baby!Haibara actually started to behave like Kogoro Mouri!

The gross profit at this time is really certain, this loli has been raised by herself.

But this kind of crookedness is really cool!!

Maori held the fragrant sorrow in his arms as if he was holding a rare treasure.

When the two were intimate, the door on the third floor opened, and Xiaolan's voice came out: "Dad, I'm back."


There was also a Conan classmate with a malicious smile on his face.

Conan secretly taped the bug to Huiyuan's shirt yesterday. He didn't expect to hear such a hot event today.