Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 79

These three are the cute Ayumi, the chubby Genta, and Mazi-faced Mitsuhiko. The three children surrounded Conan enthusiastically.

"Conan, you have asked for leave again these few days, are you okay?"

"Are you going to another fun place without telling us."

"Not righteous."

Conan smiled bitterly to deal with the three.

Soon Mitsuhiko noticed Moori Kogoro and Haibara, and his eyes were quickly attracted by Haibara.

Yuantai turned her head and saw Hui Yuan, she couldn't help but said, "He looks so cute."

Ayumi exclaimed in surprise: "Ah, you're the Maori detective who has always appeared on TV, Maori Kogoro, so amazing, you don't even say that Conan, your family is so good, it's too unreasonable!"

Mouri Kogoro smiled: "Oh, you are Ayumi, Conan mentioned you to me, I will introduce you, this is Haibara. You will be classmates in the future. Haibara will trouble you to take care of it. ."

"Hi!" Bu Mei nodded immediately, her eyes full of kindness when she looked at Hui Yuan.

Yuan Tai was also awake, this little fat man had food in his head, and didn't think about anything else.However, Mitsuhiko's gaze kept staring at Huihara, and Maori felt a little unhappy. He turned around to cover Huihara and said to Huihara: "Sorry, I will go to school here in the future. You have to remember to protect yourself, call your uncle what happens, and don’t get too close with Conan and those horny little boys with pocky faces, you know?"

Huihara couldn't help but feel happy when he heard Maori say this. Is this jealous?

Involuntarily replied: "Hi!"

Conan had long been accustomed to Moori Kogoro's structure, and didn't react much to this. Mitsuhiko didn't know where Moori was talking about himself when he heard this, and his face flushed immediately, and he wanted to refute but couldn't speak.

Speaking of the guy Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko in anime, the feeling is that he is ugly, and he is full of pockmarks. The children are not pure at all, and they are extraordinarily flowery. At first they liked Ayumi, but later turned gray and felt gray. Yuan cute loves Hui Yuan.

The juvenile detective corps are all children under ten years old. Mitsuhiko does not have the innocence of Yuanta and Ayumi, and he is quite jealous. Such children are really not pleasing anywhere.

If it weren't for seeing him as a child, Maori would definitely have to teach him a lesson.

At this time, Yuanta suddenly jumped up: "Great, it turns out that Hui can join our Juvenile Detective Agency, and we can have one more person in our Juvenile Detective Agency." It's really hard for such a fat Xiaopang Dun to jump up.

Maori smiled: "Okay, okay, I'll talk about your detective agency next time, Conan, go to class with your friends, and Xiao Ai and I will go to Teacher Xiaolin."

Mouri Kogoro carried Haibara to Teacher Kobayashi's office. Teacher Kobayashi was working at the desk, and he was correcting some test papers with a pen in his hand.

She doesn’t have a bit of pink on her face, but she is still very beautiful. She wears glasses and is a spectacle girl. She has short hair fluttering in the wind and looks very energetic. She is wearing loose blue sportswear, which means that she is a high school student. Some people believe that her little face is looking intently at the test paper on the table.

The more Kogoro Mori looked, the more he felt like he really looked exactly like Mikako Sato. When he thought of this, an evil thought suddenly appeared in Mori's mind: Would it be exactly the same if the two were stripped naked and thrown on the bed?

Just as Maori's heart was surging, there was a sudden burst of pain in his ear, and he couldn't help but cried out: "Xiao Ai, what are you pinching me for?"

Hui Yuan turned his head, with a sulky look: It really was a pervert.

This call also awakened Kobayashi Chengko. She raised her head and saw Moori Kogoro suddenly surprised: "Mr. Mouri, you are here."

Only then did Kogoro Mori notice that Sumiko Kobayashi's eyes turned out to be dark blue, while Miwako Sato's eyes were purple. The difference between the two finally appeared.

"Yes, Teacher Xiaolin, this is the kid I told you on the phone, Huiyuanai, Xiaoai, say hello to Teacher Xiaolin."

Hui Yuan's expression remained unswerving, as if he didn't have a lot of affection for Kobayashi Chengko, he reluctantly said: "Hello teacher."

Maori opened his mouth and said, "This kid is a bit introverted and has a quiet personality. You need to take good care of Mr. Xiaolin."

Sumiko Kobayashi reached out and touched Huihara's brown hair: "Okay, Mr. Mori, just leave it to me."

However, Sumiko Kobayashi frowned soon: "But Conan is really naughty. He has missed more than ten days of class this month, and he always says to be with you."

"This kid always likes to lie. To tell the truth, because a friend is staying at my house, I am not good at discipline. I can only ask Sumiko for your help." When he said this, Maori put his hand on Sumiko Kobayashi. On the back of his hand, the index finger gently turned on the back of his hand.

Sure enough, it is useful to brush the liking degree several times, Xiao Lin Chengzi no longer resists Maori's actions too much, and her face without Fendai has a blush.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Don't show mercy when it's time to be punished. I don't want my friend to find Conan a bad boy when he comes back."

On the side, Huihara saw the two hands hooked together, and flames were almost sprayed from the light blue eyes, and the little hand hurriedly hit the hands of Kogoro Mouri and Sumiko Kobayashi.

Sumiko Kobayashi was taken aback. She quickly retracted her hand and turned her head to look at Huibara. However, her face was cold and her eyes seemed to be cold. She was a little embarrassed. She turned her head and looked at Maori and said, "Mr. Maori, I’ll be in class later, so I’ll take Hui Yuan to the class first. See you next time."

"Okay, don't let me pigeons on the next date." Maori laughed, watching the two leave the office and then left.

Item 0064

The next day was the weekend, which was the day of the full moon written in Keiji Aso’s letter. Early in the morning, Kogoro Mouri took Oran, and the two children took a boat from the pier and went to Tsukage Island in the direction of Izu. .

Facing the winter sea breeze, the coolness continued to invade, Moori Kogoro held Huibara, and the two shared a black scarf. Huibara, who came back from school yesterday, had a bad temper. She said she didn't like the teacher Kobayashi. Only persuaded her to continue school.

Conan looked at the invitation letter cut from the newspaper with a pensive expression.

On the waterway not far behind the Maori ship, Mikako Sato took her three-line subordinates and took the boat to Tsukisha Island. According to the clues given by Kawashima Yuichi, Tsukisha Island is the key to this new drug route.

However, Miwako Sato's expression was a little unpleasant, and Takagi Shibuya on the side touched his head embarrassedly and smirked.

If it weren't for the kind words of Police Officer Meguro, and his best friend Yumi Miyamoto was also persuading him, Mikako Sato would never give Takagi Shibuya any chance to let him participate in this operation.

She looked at Takagi Shibuya who was on the side, and she was angry. This guy is dumb and can't compare to Kogoro Mouri. Sato originally thought he could have a handsome partner who can play and drag racing, but he didn't expect it to be this fool. Head goose.

Recalling the idiotic face of Miyamoto Yumi yesterday: "Maori Detective, that is the man who was rated as the most wanting lover in Tokyo. Shun Oguri was under him. He was personable and possessed the smartest man in Tokyo. The brain, after going through many extremely dangerous cases, can retreat from the whole body, and every reasoning is extremely accurate, as if an arrow of judgment is inserted into the heart of every prisoner, like this extremely dangerous and extremely attractive character."

"If you can be with him, how good would it be?" Miyamoto Yumi folded her hands on her chest, as if immersed in a dream.

That guy is very nasty. Not only did he take his first kiss when he met for the first time, he also kissed himself three times. It was too much. You must show him good looks when you return to Tokyo.

However, after the actions of that day, Sato has made a significant change in the word detective, at least for the detective Mouri Kogoro.

Sato shook his head, summoned everyone on board, and said: "According to the clues provided by Kawashima Yuichi, the key to our action this time lies in his father, Hideo Kawashima, the biggest asset on Moonshade Island."

"I have a hunch that this time it will be a tough battle. The map distributed below is the map of Moon Shadow Island. After disembarking, everyone will move separately. Pay attention to hiding their identities. Pick a location and collect information first. It will be five o'clock in the evening. Reassemble at the hotel next to the public hall. If it goes well, launch an action tonight. This action must be successful."

"Hi!" Everyone nodded immediately.


Facing the sea breeze, Maori Kogoro and his party got out of the car. Because it is an island, the climate is very different from Tokyo. There is no snow on the island, and the plants are lush and green. The island is not too big, it is almost like a small village. However, it seems that the villagers on the island haven't seen outsiders for a long time, and they look curiously at Moori Kogoro.

The Maori group first arrived at the hotel to settle down. There was only one hotel on the island, and it seemed that there was no business for a long time.

"Hello, I want four rooms."

The receptionist glanced at the check-in register and said, “I don’t know why. Today, guests from Tokyo have booked a lot of rooms, so only three are left. Do you want more?”

Xiaolan heard these words and said: "There are only three rooms left, then Xiao Ai, shall we sleep together?"

Hui Yuan turned his head proudly: "Absolutely not."