Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 92

And this cruise ship looks extravagantly luxurious. Resting on it for a night is like camping on a deserted island. Kogoro Mouri weighed it and naturally agreed.

This Kimoto Kitaro couldn't help but be overjoyed. He turned out to be like a fan when he was nearly fifty years old.

Xiaolan and the others couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. This kind of result is naturally very good. If you really want to stay on the island for one night, it will be really difficult.


The luxury cruise ship drove out towards Yokohama, and the afterglow of the sunset swayed on everyone's faces, making people feel very comfortable.

The flag family is really rich and powerful. It has covered the upper two floors of this cruise ship. The sailors, captain and shipping staff are all on the bottom floor. They are not allowed to come up and disturb. This also forms a private space.

Maori Kogoro and Kimoto Kitaro sat on the deck, and the two clinked glasses with wine: "So, your Kimoto family still has this kind of rules!"

"Yes, since the Edo period, anyone in the family needs to come to our ancestors to get married on Kimoto Island, so we specially arranged a cruise ship to hold an engagement ceremony on the island. Now, that’s my niece Kimoto Natsuya. Now I am studying at the Department of Business Management at the University of Tokyo." Kimoto Kitaro pointed to the past.

Maori turned his head and saw a beautiful woman in a light blue dress. She had slender black hair and a hint of sadness on her fair and beautiful cheeks. Looking at the sea in the distance, her eyes seemed to be slightly greenish. She has a quiet and beautiful temperament. This woman is the real lady of everyone, the daughter of the eldest daughter, completely in two styles with the crooked garden.

It's really beautiful. Kogoro Moori looked at the bride-to-be, and was a little disappointed. He didn't expect such a woman to get married.

Natsue Kimoto, who was leaning against the fence on the deck, seemed to perceive Kogoro Moori's gaze and turned his head.

With a smile on Maori's face, the mature man's demeanor spontaneously spread out, and he raised his glass in the distance as a greeting.

Qimoto Xiajiang also smiled at Maori, impeccable etiquette, she is really a woman who makes people feel good!

As soon as he turned his eyes, there was a young man wearing a suit with a pocky face on the side of the deck, who was also attending the engagement banquet. He was constantly drawing something with a paintbrush in his hand.

This bald fan just introduced him to his son, the outstanding young painter Ichiro Ichimoto.

The bald father spoke of his pockmarked son with pride.


At this moment, an old man with white hair and beard came down from the second floor of the cruise ship. He was wearing a kimono, and his beard and eyebrows were very thick. When he saw Moori Kogoro and others, he couldn't help but furious: "Bastard thing, this ship. Wasn't it taken by us? How come there are outsiders?"

Kimoto Kitaro immediately sweated on his head and stood up and explained, "Sorry, Dad, this is a celebrity from Tokyo..."

"I don't care where he is a celebrity. You are quite brave. You can make a decision without my pain. It's really good." This old man is the father that Kitimoto said just now. The head of the house, Hao Zang Kibmoto, he was so horrible, his face was full of violence.

Kimoto Kitaro kept apologizing.

Kimoto Haozo glanced at Kimoto Kitaro, and then at Kimoto Ichiro, who was drawing on the side. He couldn't help but say: "I'm useless, and my son is also a waste. I want to realize this unrealistic fantasy. It's just a dream. ."

Mazimian Qimotoichiro couldn't help squeezing the paintbrush in his hand, his head drooping.

He turned around and walked into the cabin on the first floor, and said, "I will call Xiaowu to come to my room later."

The old guy left, and everyone on the deck breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, a handsome young man appeared, that is Miss Qianjin’s fiance Xiaowu. As soon as he appeared, another yellow-haired man opened his mouth and said, "Xiaowu, the old man asked you to go find him in the room. ."

The Xiao Wu looked apologetically at the flag Ben Xiajiang, and then followed to the cabin.

Item 0080

The yellow-haired man leaned against the railing with a rather domineering woman in his arms. This is the brother-in-law of Kamoto Xiajiang, Kamoto Kameo, and the woman he was holding was Qimoto Qiujiang's sister.

In this cold weather, Qiben Qiujiang was wearing a backless dress, but he was not afraid of freezing.

This is the case for the upper-class families of Neon, which is the same as that of Huaxia. In order to prevent the outflow of property, these men married women from Qiben family, so they all changed their surnames to Qiben.

Including this bald fan of Kogoro Maori, Kitaro Kimoto, also changed his surname because he married the eldest daughter of Kogoro Kimoto, Mariko.

The two young women, Qiujiang and Xiajiang, are the daughters of Kimoto's eldest son, Masaichi Kimoto.

At this moment, the eldest daughter Mariko Kimoto and the second son Xianger Kimoto walked out when they heard the movement.

Kimoto Sangji was wearing a white suit with a burly figure. He spoke to the bald male Bei Lang and said, "Don't mind. Dad is in a bad mood after eating my cooking, so he becomes like this. I blame my cooking. It was not good, and I made the western food that my father hates most.

When Xia Jiang heard this, he walked over and gently comforted: "Uncle, your cooking skills are very good, everyone likes it very much."

Xianger smiled: "Xia Jiang, don't comfort me."

The eldest daughter of Haozo Kimoto, a fat aunt in a kimono, Mariko Kimoto spoke to the bald man and said, "My dear, you can bear it for a while. Anyway, Dad is getting older and won’t live long, wait. Once he leaves, the entire Qiben family's property will be yours."

She did not shy away from others and said it directly.

Qiu Jiang, who was hugged by the yellow-haired man, sneered and said, "Auntie, I'm afraid you are too naive."

Ma Lizi's face changed immediately: "What do you mean by this, do you know what?"

A smile appeared on Qiu Jiang's face, and he whispered near Ma Lizi's ear.

Maori Kogoro couldn't help feeling speechless when he saw this scene, and it was the kind of grievances of dog-blooded giants and the struggle for property, which was completely torn.


When the bride-to-be Xia Jiang saw this scene, she shook her head, left the crowd again, and approached the deck. The sea breeze blew her black hair, revealing melancholy eyes, and her eyes seemed to be filled with tears.

Upon seeing this, Kogoro Mouri took two glasses of red wine, approached Miss Xia Jiang, and said: "As a bride-to-be who is about to get married tomorrow, it is really puzzling to show such a sad expression."

"Maori detective!"

"You recognize me, um, let me guess, what are you worrying about?" Maori held his chin in thought.

Qimoto Xiajiang couldn't help showing curiosity. She wanted to see if the famous neon detective was as godly as the legend said.

"Well, do you miss your parents who died in a car accident last year? It seems wrong, is it because the various fights in the family make you hate? It doesn't seem right, oh, I think the bridegroom who gets married tomorrow is not a good match, right? !"

As soon as Moori Kogoro said one reason, Xia Jiang's expression of surprise on his face increased, and another, the expression of surprise was even worse. In the end, his small mouth was slightly open, completely incredulous.

Kogoro Mouri handed her a glass of red wine with a gentle smile on her face: "Cheer"

Kamoto Xiajiang couldn't help but smiled and shook his head, took the red wine, and took a sip: "It's amazing, Maori detective, is this the first time you and I meet? Just one glance can see through what I'm thinking."

Maori Kogoro smiled, his whole face was very tough in the setting sun, he turned his head and looked at Xia Jiang: "I am not that great, maybe I just have a connection with Miss Xia Jiang!"

At this moment, Qiben Xiajiang’s heartbeat speeded up, and his face became a little red, and he said, "Mr. Maori, you are so funny!"

Quietly, Kogoro Mouri and Natsue Kimoto got closer, and they began to talk and laugh in the sea breeze.


Xiaolan, Haibara, and Conan were eating fruit salad on a table in the distance.

Xiaolan was unaware of this. Conan saw Moori Kogoro hooking up with a woman again, and the single dog's resentment could not help but erupt, turning grief and anger into appetite, and dealing with the fruit salad in front of him with a sullen expression.