Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 93

Huihara saw that Kogoro Moori and Natsue Kimoto were talking very happily, and his face was slightly cold: the damn uncle is provoke the girl again, this is the bride-to-be who is going to marry tomorrow, such a woman provokes. It's too bad.

Haibara jumped out of the chair involuntarily and approached Mouri Kogoro with his short legs.


Mouri Kogoro's shoulder gently rubbed the shoulder of Natsue Kamoto, she didn't seem to notice, and she was still immersed in the topic of Maori.

"Yes, Maori, I also think that the movie Titanic screened last month is very beautiful, but in real life, where would you be so lucky to meet true love?"

Maori's eyes were very empathetic, and he smiled gently, "Xia Jiang, you are such a kind and beautiful girl, you can definitely find true love!"

Kamoto Xiajiang heard such praise from Maori, her face turned red, her green eyes stared at Maori Kogoro: "Maori-kun, if I can meet you sooner, it will be fine."


Huihara, who was behind the two, couldn't help but the blue veins in his head bounced slightly. How long did he know each other?The two called Xia Jiang and Mao Lijun one by one, and how they became so close to each other, Haibara couldn't help being shocked by the ability of Kogoro Mouri to provoke women.

Maori watched Qiben Xiajiang’s favorability slowly climbed, and was about to continue to speak, but at this moment, Maori felt that her trousers seemed to be being pulled, turned her head to see that it was Huihara, she raised her head and looked up. To Moori Kogoro, a cute loli voice was launched: "Hug!"

Looking at such a cute loli, how could Kogoro Mouri couldn't bear it. He stretched out his hand to hug Huihara and couldn't help but kiss him. Huihara also habitually reached out and hooked Kogoro Moori's neck.

The disturbed Qiben Xiajiang's face gradually returned to calm, with a polite smile again: "Mr. Maori, is this your daughter? She looks so cute."

Kogoro Mouri touched Huihara's head and kissed him two more kisses: "No, this is the little girl I adopted. You know my job is a detective. This child is alone, so I will take her by my side and take care of it. "

A light appeared in Qiben Xiajiang's eyes: "I didn't expect Mr. Maori you to be such a kind person."

Qiben Xiajiang's favorability has soared again.

Upon seeing this, Huihara sensed that it was not good, and immediately said: "I am not Uncle Maori's daughter. My uncle's daughter is Xiaolan. I am eating salad over there." The little finger like lotus root walked over, and Xiajiang Qimoto followed.

Mouri Kogoro instantly understood Huihara’s intentions, but he was not worried at all, and said with a sigh of relief: "Yes, since my wife and I separated more than ten years ago, I have lived with my daughter for a long time... …"

Maori Kogoro's acting skills exploded, with memories and vicissitudes in his eyes, the uncle's temperament burst instantly, and Kamoto's eyes brightened again.

Chapter 0081 The Person Xiao Lan Likes

At this moment, Xiaolan's voice came from behind: "Dad!"

Xiaolan's face seemed to have a slight anger, Maori saw it, his eyes returned to normal in an instant, and said: "Miss Xia Jiang, this is my daughter Maorilan."

The two of them greeted each other before they knew each other.

Xiao Lan said, "I just heard Mr. Beilang speak, is Miss Xia Jiang the bride who will get married tomorrow?"

Qiben Xiajiang nodded and said, "Yes, with the help of my grandpa, I will finally get married. My fiance is Xiaowu who was just called by my grandpa."

Qiben Xiajiang looked at the sky, the sunset has quietly fallen to the sea level, and the sea breeze has become a little cold, and he couldn't help but say: "I'm a little hungry, let's go, let's go back to the restaurant and talk."

After talking about a few people, they walked into the cabin. At this time, the deck was already empty.

In the restaurant, the old Suzuki butler on the side is constantly busy, serving drinks to the Maori people, and the Maori people and Miss Xia Jiang are chatting.

Suddenly, Qiben Xiajiang asked with a smile on his face: "Xiaolan, do you have anyone you like?"

Xiaolan's face blushed, and Moori Kogoro's ears stood up quietly. Conan on the side couldn't help turning his ears, and Hui said that he gave Xiaolan a dead eye.

Xiaolan looked at everyone on the court, lingered on Maori for a moment before turning away, and said, "That's right!"

Everyone couldn't help but become more curious.

Xia Jiang immediately asked: "What kind of person is that?"

Xiaolan smiled: "That guy is very smart, with strong reasoning..."

When Conan heard this, he touched his head and laughed. Mouri Kogoro suddenly felt upset and gave Conan a burst of chestnut.

"...And much better than me, always protecting me..."

Conan touched the red envelope on his head and smirked.

"...Singing is also very good, he is the bravest person in the world, just like my dad."

Xiaolan shyly hugged Mouri Kogoro's arm when she said that.

Conan on the side only felt that a cold wind had blown, and his body seemed to have turned into an ice sculpture. A sentence echoed in his mind: "Singing is also very good, and singing is also very good..."

At this moment, the big red envelope on his head seemed to become more painful, and Conan’s eyes were full of tears:

who is it?Who is that person Xiaolan likes?Conan's calm appearance couldn't help being mad.

Only then did Kogoro Mouri show a satisfied smile.

Qiben Xiajiang immediately said in surprise: "Wow, it turns out that Xiaolan is looking for someone like her father to be her husband! Unexpectedly, Xiaolan, you still have an Electra plot!"

Xiaolan's face immediately turned red, and Moori Kogoro smiled and touched his head, with a complacent expression: "A good person like your father can't find a second person in this world!"

Conan could not help but snorted coldly when he heard these words: "Cut, stinky waste man." Conan couldn't help but utter another fresh big red envelope immediately appeared on his head.

But at this moment Conan didn't care, he made a decision in his heart, he must find the person Xiaolan liked!!!

Hui Yuan on the side saw this scene, his eyes fixed on Xiaolan, her light blue eyes narrowed slightly: she was indeed a woman not to be underestimated!


At this moment, people came one after another in the restaurant, the bald male Hachimoto Hokuro, the fat aunt Hachimoto Mariko, and the Mazilian son Ichiro Ichiro Ichiro’s family sat at a table;

The halter female flag Ben Qiujiang and the yellow-haired male flag Ben Tortoise sit at a table;

His second son, the burly Qiben Xianji, stood by and helped the Suzuki butler tidy up the dishes.

In the end, it was Xiao Wu, who was overdue, and as soon as he arrived, he sat next to Qiben Xiajiang.

Qiu Jiang couldn't help but said: "It's so late, why grandpa hasn't arrived yet, butler Suzuki, go and call."

The old butler heard the order to put down the cutlery, and then walked towards the room.

It didn't take long for the old housekeeper's screams to be heard from the direction of the room, and everyone's expressions changed immediately, and they rushed to the room of Qimoto Shibumu.

I saw the old housekeeper collapsed outside the door, and there was a wound in the abdomen of Shibuto Kimoto, who was wearing a kimono indoors, blood was flowing, his body was stiff, and his face showed an expression of disbelief.

Everyone's complexion changed immediately, and Xia Jiang screamed in disbelief and wanted to run into the room, but was pulled by Mouri Kogoro.

Maori Kogoro sternly shouted: "No one can enter this room without my permission." He went in alone to check the pulse of the Qiben Zangwu and found that he was already dead.

The bald male Kimoto Kitaro said quickly: "Mr. Mori is a well-known Tokyo detective. He will definitely help us find the murderer. Everyone listens to him."

At this time, everyone's expressions changed, and there was a detective on board!